Infertility, take Chinese medicine to regulate

Mom and dad and children, such a family is considered complete. But many people think that pregnancy is a luxury thing, because they are working hard and their stomachs are still moving. Three points of medicine, seven points of support , then, have you ever tried tonic? Traditional Chinese medicine points out that there are many medicated diets for infertility. In principle, they can nourish liver and kidney, fill the essence, or nourish the heart and spleen, regulate qi and nourish blood . Let s take a look below:

How to cook: Wash the pork, cut into 4 cm square cubes, boil it first, and remove the fishy. Add pork, huangjing, wine, salt, spring onion, ginger, pepper, monosodium glutamate, etc. in a stew pot, simmer in water, and eat edible glutinous rice, pork and soup.

Function: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and tonic. This meal uses Huang Jing, tonifying the kidney and qi, filling the essence, filling the coke; pork, can nourish the kidney yin and fill the liver yin. It is suitable for infertility and infertility due to insufficient liver and kidney essence blood and rare menstruation.

Method: Wash the sheep kidney, cut it apart, remove the glandular glands, put it in a pot, boil it with water, add a small amount of garlic particles; wash the Cistanche, put it in the soup, use gentle fire, slow cook, about 2 ~ 3 Hours, add MSG, salt, pepper, etc., season, drink soup, eat sheep kidney.

Function: warming the kidney and tonifying the yang, filling the lean and marrow. This meal uses hibiscus to fill the essence of the kidney; sheep kidney is a kind of flesh and blood and has the power of nourishing the kidney. This meal can cure women s wear, menstrual scarcity, vaginal dryness, cold sex and infertility and infertility.

How to cook: Wash the chicken and cut into large pieces, add water and cooking wine to the pot, and boil over high heat for 2 hours. Cordyceps sinensis, soaked in water, cooked chicken and soup, poured into a stew pot, seasoned with Cordyceps sinensis, monosodium glutamate, salt, etc., cover and simmer for 1 hour to get delicious chicken soup.

Function: Tonifying the kidney and invigorating the kidney. Cordyceps sinensis is used in this meal, liver and kidney are supplemented, and yin and yang are in the same tone; chicken contains protein and a variety of essential amino acids. This meal is beneficial to liver and kidney deficiency, infertility and infertility due to inadequate intercourse.

How to make it: Wash the mutton, cut it into 4 cm square pieces, and simmer it with boiling water first to remove the clams. 500 ml of water, add angelica and ginger, fry about 200 ml of medicinal juice, remove residue and set aside. Lamb, add water to the pot, simmer over low heat, simmer the meat, add medicinal sauce, mix well, add salt, shallot, monosodium glutamate and other condiments, boil slightly and serve immediately.

Function: warming the blood and nourishing the kidney and regulating menstruation. Angelica is used in this meal to nourish the blood; ginger is used to relieve cold in the middle; mutton is rich in protein and can make up for the lower yuan. Therefore, it is suitable for infertility and infertility caused by deficiency of kidney yang, insufficiency of essence and blood, and irregular menstruation.

Method: Dried deer tails are swelled with boiling water. Remove and clean the dirt. After boiling in the pot for 10 minutes, remove the scallops and remove the hair. If not clean, blanch and simmer until clean, rinse with cold water and rinse with cold water. 30 Minutes, put it into the pot again, and then boil over low heat until it is cooked and set aside. Chop the cooked deer tail into short pieces, cut the mushrooms into small pieces, and cut the bamboo shoots into slices. Put the shallots and ginger slices into the pan, stir fry into golden yellow, add chicken broth, lard, Shao wine, deer tail, winter bamboo shoots, white mushrooms, seasoned and simmered with medium heat, cook with sugar and monosodium glutamate until the juice is collected, pour in sesame oil, Serve.

Function: Wenyang Yishen, warming the palace to promote pregnancy. This meal uses deer tails, which can warm the Yang and strong governors, fill the lean and beneficial marrow, warm the cell palace, and promote fertility; mushrooms, which contain protein and amino acids; bamboo shoots, which have dietary fiber. Can be used to treat women with more, backache and infertility caused by palace cold.

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