How to treat colds without taking medicine

Colds are a common and frequently-occurring disease, and there is no effective treatment so far. At present, they can only be treated symptomatically so that they can gradually heal themselves. This article introduces several peculiar treatments, readers may wish to try.

Two clinical medical centers in the United States have reported that drinking chicken soup can suppress throat and respiratory tract inflammation and is extremely effective in eliminating symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, and sore throat caused by colds. Because chicken contains various amino acids necessary for the human body, it is rich in nutrients and can significantly enhance the body s resistance to cold viruses. Chicken also contains some special chemicals that can enhance the blood circulation of the pharynx and the secretion of nasal fluid. This has a good effect on protecting the unobstructed respiratory tract, removing respiratory viruses, and accelerating the healing of a cold.

Practice has proved that radish in radish has a unique effect on the prevention and treatment of colds. The specific method is to chop the sweet and crispy radish, squeeze out half a cup of juice, mash the ginger, squeeze out a small amount of ginger juice, add it to the radish juice, then add sugar or honey, mix well and pour into boiling water as a drink Drink it three times a day for two days, which can clear heat, detoxify, dispel cold, and prevent colds.

Because colds are mostly the evil of exogenous wind and cold, they often have headaches, stuffy nose, runny nose, and joint pains, and are even afraid of cold and fever. Available brown sugar, ginger, black tea in appropriate amounts, boil soup , drink 1-2 times a day, not only warm up and cold, but also has a good cold prevention function.

Experiments show that eating less salt can increase the content of lysozyme in saliva, protect the oral and throat mucosal epithelial cells, and allow them to secrete more immunoglobulin A and interferon to combat cold viruses. Therefore, controlling the amount of salt eaten within 5 grams per day is of great benefit in preventing and treating colds.

Honey contains a variety of biologically active substances, which can stimulate the body s immune function. It can be taken twice daily in the morning and evening, which can effectively treat and prevent colds and other viral diseases.

Professor Dasgupta of the University of California in the United States found in experiments that the yeast used to make bread contains a component that prevents the cold virus from multiplying in human cells, which can treat common colds but is not effective against influenza.

A study by the University of Wisconsin in the United States suggests that ginger and dried peppers help the body expel cold viruses and relieve cough and phlegm. The American Cancer Institute recently revealed that garlic can enhance the body s immune function. Adding seasonings when cooking dishes can make colds heal early.

Dilute vinegar with cold water and make it into a 5% -10% solution for nasal drops, 4-6 times a day, and 2-3 drops on each nostril. It has a good effect on treating colds and influenza. Especially in the early stages of a cold, the effect is better. Vinegar can kill cold viruses that lurk in the nasopharynx. Nasal drops with vinegar have a reliable preventive effect during cold epidemics. In addition, vinegar fumigation can also treat colds. That is, 100 grams of vinegar is put on a stove for fumigation. Not only is the fragrance in the room instantly, but vinegar molecules are scattered in the air to kill indoor cold viruses, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of colds. During a cold epidemic, it is best to fumigate vinegar 1-2 times a day.

Because the root of the thumb (medically called the big fish) is rich in muscle, when the palm is stretched, it is obviously protruding, occupying a large area of ​​the palm. The big fish is closely related to the respiratory organs. Daily rubbing is great for improving your cold-prone physique. The method is: rub the two big fishes on both hands until they are hot. The rubbing method is like rubbing the skin of peanut rice with both palms. With one hand fixed, turn the big fish on the other hand, alternating between hands. Rub the two big fishes in opposite directions, rubbing for about one or two minutes, and the entire palm will become hot. This can promote blood circulation and strengthen the body s metabolism, so it can enhance physical fitness, so it is not easy to catch a cold.

MicroSmall fists with both hands, massage the sides of the nose up and down with the back of the flexed thumb. Morning and afternoon and massage 15-30 times daily with local redness and heat as the degree. One method can improve blood circulation in the nose, promote secretion of mucosal cells, and excrete cold viruses and their harmful metabolites through the directional swing of cilia.

Massage the points of the nasal passages, Yingxiang, nasal flow with the thumb, index finger and middle finger of the two objects (any finger), and then use the muscle area around the Yuji point to rub the sides of the nasal cavity from Yingxiang point to Yintang Acupuncture cold sensitive area. Massage the Yongquan point and the heart of the foot until the fever, so that the meridians in these two areas are unblocked, and the qi and blood are running normally. This can prevent the invasion of wind and cold, and resist the enemy outside the gate.

Acupuncture in China is quite effective for colds. When you have a cold, go to acupuncture as soon as possible, which can reduce nasal congestion and headache immediately, and can increase the body temperature to gradually return to normal after a day and night. Because acupuncture and moxibustion regulate the meridian, the immune function in the body is enhanced, so the curative effect is reliable. The effective points for treating colds are: Shangxing, Yintang, Fengchi, Yingxiang, Hegu, and Waiguan. Leave the needles for 15 minutes , once a day, usually 2-3 times.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that when people sleep, bacteria in the body can create a substance called muramic acid, which can enhance the body s immunity and accelerate the recovery of colds and other viral diseases. Therefore, it is proposed that sleep is also a treatment method, especially for colds.

In a large-mouth tea cup, put a cup of boiling water, with your face on it, and take a deep breathing exercise against the hot steam rising from 袅袅 until the water in the cup is cold, several times a day. This method has a good effect on treating colds, especially onset colds.

This method generally starts in summer and never falls in autumn and winter to enhance the appropriateness. Every morning and evening, insist on washing your face with cold water, which can increase blood circulation on the face, improve disease resistance and cold resistance, and prevent colds.

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