Snow Solar Health Precautions

November 22 is Chinas traditional solar term Light Snow. The arrival of Light Snow means that the winter snowfall is about to begin. Light snow solar terms

Custom: It started to rain because the temperature dropped sharply, but it was not yet snowy season, so it was called Xiaoxue. The end of the lotus is no longer covered by rain, Jujuan still has a proud frost branch. At this time, it was already an early winter scene. As the saying goes: Xiaoxue doesnt see snow, he will take a long break in the next year. Xiaoxue will be full of snow in the next year, and the harvest will be abundant in the next year. The orchard will be clean and free of diseases and insects in the coming year. After Xiaoxue is the best time to process bacon.

Living: In Xiaoxues solar terms, the weather is often cold and gloomy. At this time, peoples mood will also be affected by it, and it is particularly easy to cause depression. Therefore, you should adjust your mentality, maintain optimism, and often participate in some outdoor activities to enhance your physique. Get more sun and listen to music. Qing Dynasty medical scientist Wu Shang said: The disease of the seven emotions, seeing flowers to relieve boredom, listening to music to relieve sorrow, is better than taking medicine.

Traditional medical theory in China attaches great importance to the role of sunlight on human health. It is believed that solar energy is often used to boost the bodys yang, especially in winter. Because nature is in a state of yin and yang, and humans should be no exception. Therefore, often basking in the sun in winter can play a role in strengthening the yang and warming the meridians. In addition, you must keep warm from the cold to prevent colds.

Diet: Sun Siyun: Essence of self-reliance must be funded by food … I dont know how to eat and it is not enough to survive. Reasonable diet can make a person healthy and prolonged life. Improper diet can lead to disease and premature aging. One of the important reasons. To avoid blood stickiness, eat more foods that protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, such as salvia, hawthorn, black fungus, tomatoes, celery, red radish, etc.

It is suitable to eat hypolipidemic foods, such as bitter gourd, corn, buckwheat, carrot and so on. This season should eat warm tonic food and kidney food. Warm tonic foods include mutton, beef, chicken, dog meat, antler, etc .; Yishen foods include cashew nuts, coriander, yam porridge, chestnut stew, ginkgo stew chicken, big bone soup, walnuts and so on. In addition, eat more stews and black foods such as black fungus, black sesame, and black beans.

The small snow of the 24 solar terms starts every year on November 22 when the sun reaches 240 degrees in the longitude. It is a sign of the beginning of the cold. Generally, it has begun to snow in the Central Plains, but it is already obvious late autumn in our southern area.

Xiao Xiaoxue, Wang Wenshengyi, indicates the time and degree of snowfall. Snow is the product of cold weather. The folk once had: in October snow rose, fighting against himself, Si Shitian has accumulated overcast, the cold is not deep and the snow is not heavy, hence the name snow. At this time, the north of the Yellow River has reached the north wind, and the snow is falling in the middle of the winter. At this time, the first snow will appear in the northern part of our country. Although the amount of snow is limited, it still reminds us that it is the season to keep warm.

Before and after Xiaoxues solar terms, the weather is often cold and dark. At this time, peoples mood will also be affected by it, especially those with depression are more likely to aggravate the disease, so in this solar term I will focus on and suffer from depression Friends talk about how to learn to nourish themselves in a day with little light. At this temperature, it is better to use the lotus root to boil the carp, which has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, nourishing yin and kidney.

Autumn is the season for lotus root harvest. Modern nutrition believes that lotus root is a food with a high iron content and a lot of vitamin C and fiber, so it is suitable for all physically weak people such as diabetes. Autumn is also the time when carp is the most beautiful, so lotus root carp is one of the health soups in late autumn.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine etiology, Thousands of calamities, no more than three That is, there are no more than three reasons for the disease: internal causes (injured by seven emotions), external causes (injured by six sex acts), not Internal and external causes (atrioventricular, golden knife, fall injury, poisoning). The occurrence of depression is mostly caused by internal emotions, which are seven emotions. The seven emotions include changes in seven emotions: joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, fear, and shock. People often have seven emotion changes in their daily life. This change is a different reflection of objective external things. It is a normal mental activity and a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body. Generally, it does not cause disease.

Only under sudden, strong or long-lasting emotional stimuli will it affect the normal physiology of the human body, cause disorders in the function of viscera and blood, and lead to the occurrence of diseases. Sorrowful for the lungs and the kidneys. It shows that a persons mental state reflects and reflects a persons mental and psychological activities, and the health of the mental and psychological activities directly affects the occurrence and development of mental illness, and can also be said to be the key to mental illness.

Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that mental activity is closely related to depression, and it is not unreasonable to attribute the cause of depression to the seven emotions, so recuperating health is especially important for friends with depression.

Su Wen · Ancient Innocence states: Evil and thief winds, avoid it sometimes; quiet and empty, true energy from it, mental inner guard, never being safe? And Su Wen · Angong Tongtianlun cloud: Quietness But the meat is closed and refused, although strong winds are poisonous, Evangelism can do harm. The ancients explained from both inside and outside that to the outside, they must conform to changes in nature and avoid the attack of evil spirits; inside, they must be cautious and quiet. That is, the mind is pure, the emotions are unobstructed, and the essence and spirit are kept inside without losing, and the physiological state of the body and spirit unity is maintained.

From this solar term, the northeast wind has blown much. Due to the cold weather, it is not yet winter, and many people dont pay much attention to wearing hats and scarves. The head is the meeting of Zhuyang, that is, the head is the place where all the yang classics converge, and it is the least to be protected from the cold. Everyone must wear a hat, and must pay attention to preventing cold and protecting yang.

In this solar term, the indoor heating starts to heat, the outside is cold, and people wear tight clothes. If the heat in the body is not emitted, it is easy to have an internal fire, which is often said to be easy to get angry. I often hear that people around me have oral ulcers, and even have more scabs on their faces than usual. These are the manifestations of internal fire. Although people like to eat hot foods on cold days, Professor Jiang cautions everyone that too much It is best not to eat spicy food, which will further promote the internal fire in the body.

In addition, in cold and dry rooms, most people feel dry mouth and nose, as if it is about to catch fire. It is recommended that you drink more hot soup, such as cabbage tofu soup, spinach tofu soup, mutton white radish soup, etc., which is warm and nourishing. . This season, cabbage and radish are all seasonal foods. They are rich in vitamins and various trace elements. In addition, white radish can clear the fire and reduce gas and digestion, which is very suitable for eating in this solar term.

The old saying is that snow will definitely change before and after the solar term, the sun seems to be hidden by dark clouds, and the temperature is a few degrees lower. In addition, light snow began to fall in most parts of the north, and there would be rain in the south. From this solar term, the winter feels stronger and the weather is colder. The cold weather has a great impact on peoples body and mind. So how to maintain your body in the cold winter? Too!

Before and after snow solar terms, the weather was often cold and bleak. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the internal circulation of the body is at this stage of yin and yang.

The weather is gradually entering the real cold. It is necessary to wear more clothes to protect against the cold. Keeping warm is essential. For people suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the most important thing is to protect the heart.

For seniors who have the habit of doing morning exercises, during this time, it is best to schedule exercise after sunrise or in the afternoon. Due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor at this stage, when outdoor activities, pay attention to warm-up exercise in advance.

Yin and cold seasons are also prone to depression, which can cause liver dysfunction and induce adverse reactions such as blood pressure fluctuations. Therefore, experts also remind citizens, especially elderly friends, that during this period, it is best to have family members accompany them, and if discomfort occurs, they can be sent to the hospital for treatment in time.

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