TOP fitness tools TOP5! Home Girl Winter Slimming Essentials

In the winter, to resist the cold, the house girls who stayed at home couldnt help but have an appetite. With the arrival of Christmas, New Years Day and the Spring Festival, the temptation of food was really hard to resist. Do we have to let the fat rag on our bodies and grow everywhere in the winter? Will the fat that we have lost so much come again?

Of course not. How to prevent those fats from returning to the body? Exercise is undoubtedly the healthiest and most effective method. But as soon as we opened the door of the room, a cold wave blew on our heads and immediately extinguished our passion for sports by 5 minutes. For us otakus, its hard to go out in the usual way, let alone in the cold winter?

Dont worry, the house girl has a house trick. Who said that sports must go out? At home, you can exercise and lose weight, and for the house girls, the most comfortable and easy way to lose weight is of course at home! However, the effect of bare-handed exercise alone is not great. With a little laziness, laziness, and impatience, it is easy to give up the exercise. Therefore, it is recommended that house girls can help with some trendy home fitness exercise equipment, so that you can easily achieve weight loss.

Dancing blanket is a blanket that can be connected to a TV or a computer to dance. The gameplay is quite simple. Basically, you listen to music. When the arrow moves to a specified position, use your feet to enter the corresponding instructions. The songs in the game are different in difficulty. The larger the number of big feet under the song name, the more difficult it is. Generally, each song has three difficulty options: high, medium and low. Divided into USB dance blanket and TV dance blanket, USB and TV 2-in-1 dance blanket.

原理 Slimming principle: Dancing blanket is a good aerobic exercise. Because it is performed indoors, it is not restricted by weather and time. People who like computer games are more suitable for practicing. The most important point for exercising with a dance mat is to choose a rhythm that suits you. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to control the heart rate at about 100 to 120 beats per minute. Dance blanket exercise should be at least half an hour to achieve the effect of exercise. If you want to lose weight through this exercise, you need to exercise for more than 45 minutes. Dancing blanket can bring more fun than running, it allows you to cooperate with music and exercise, can achieve the purpose of heart relaxation, and help release stress. It should be noted that windows need to be opened for ventilation during exercise to maintain good indoor air.

Experience: As long as you have a computer or TV at home, you can spend more than 100 yuan to buy a dancing blanket to exercise, which saves more money than going to the gym; you can exercise at any time, it is convenient; you can also listen to your favorite music while exercising, Very happy; the amount of exercise is not small, you can lose weight! In short, I like it very much, and you can jump when you have time!

Exercise effect: sweating after 10 minutes of jumping, one hour can consume more than 1200 kcal, and the amount of exercise is about the same as riding a bicycle! (PS: One hour of cycling can consume 180 kilocalories, which is equivalent to 32 rice.)

A new generation of indoor fitness equipment, a new type of fitness equipment for fitness, entertainment, weight loss and weight loss. He can swing up, down, left and right at the same time, increase the moving parts, and achieve the burning of fat in multiple parts of the body on the same device.

If you are busy, you do n’t have to spend special time to exercise in the gym. You can watch TV and listen to music while doing stepping exercises. You can also exercise your waist, hips, and legs at the same time. To achieve the purpose of fitness, bodybuilding.

At the same time, an electronic watch is attached, which can display the exercise time, the cumulative number of steps, the number of steps per minute, the calories (calories) at any time to grasp the amount of exercise to maintain the best state of exercise.

Slimming principle: Combining the two exercises of twisting and stepping at the same time can exercise more parts and consume more calories in the same exercise time. It can also simulate mountain climbing, aerobic exercise, enhance heart and lung function, exercise legs, feet, abdomen, chest, and more bodybuilding effects. Equipped with a powerful puller for training The powerful puller can train arm strength and back muscles, making your upper body lines more fit.

Experience: The right and left swing stepper suitable for men, women, young and old is very convenient to use. Place the device directly in front of you, put one foot on the pedal completely, keep the legs vertical, and step down slowly. Tilt the pedal completely toward the direction of the foot until the pedal cannot move downwards. You can move with the music or use it while watching TV.

初期 In the early stage of use, it will be more strenuous to step on it. You can try to mediate or step slowly. When you are proficient, you can speed up the step and add upper body movements to achieve the exercise of all parts of the body.

Nowadays, some domestic professional sports fitness publications regard elastic rope as one of the most potential fitness exercises in the future. As the most popular new fitness darling nowadays, elastic rope has unique charm.

First of all, this rope is not an ordinary skipping rope, but an elastic rope with good telescoping ability. Secondly, because the elastic rope is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to use, it has also become a very popular fitness equipment. In a word, a small elastic rope can help you perform whole body exercises such as strength, flexibility, stretching, bouncing, etc., and it has a good fat-reducing effect. The most important thing is that there are no restrictions on the venue. You can practice in a small area, and it ’s so convenient to put it in your bag after practice! It just meets the needs of modern peoples daily rhythm and limited exercise time.

Frequency of use: The elastic rope is used for 30-45 minutes every day to exercise the bodys sculptural figure. The elastic rope or elastic band is used mainly to ensure that the two ends are firmly fixed, whether it is held by hands or with feet. Step on it, be sure to keep it safe. The length can be adjusted according to the movement part. Holding it shorter can make the resistance stronger. If you want to practice more easily, you can lengthen the length.

Experience: In addition to being convenient and lightweight, the elastic rope also makes fitness and weight loss exercises more fun. The elastic rope can be practiced horizontally behind the body, or can be fixed down and pulled down. The training mode is rich. It can also increase strength according to the length and quantity of the rope, which is very challenging and interesting. In addition to fun, the elastic rope can make exercise lose weight more changes, more freedom is also one of the benefits of the elastic rope.

House girl JMM, is your fat going to drive you crazy? May wish to practice the elastic rope fitness exercise, as long as you pull and lift to a rope, you can easily gain weight while talking and laughing! Quickly use the elastic rope to leash the fat to the law!

Hula hoop is also called fitness circle. It is light and beautiful, and it doesnt occupy much space for practice activities. The hula hoop is made of plastic or rubber, and its specifications and weight are not strictly regulated. Practitioners can choose according to their own needs, or they can use the circle of artistic gymnastics, which does not have high requirements for the venue equipment. The exerciser moves the hula hoop around the body by moving around the limbs or other parts of the body. The longer it takes to make a circle around a part of the body, or the greater the number of circles a person can make at the same time, the higher their level. According to the body parts of the practitioner, the hula hoop can be divided into: neck movement, waist movement, leg movement, knee rotation, ankle rotation, hand rotation and arm rotation.

Frequency of use: 4 ~ 6 times a week, 2 ~ 3 groups each time, 2 ~ 3 minutes per group, 2 ~ 3 minutes rest between groups, generally no more than 45 minutes. The basic requirement is to exercise 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time, and the heart rate to 130 times per minute.

Slimming principle: The weight selection of the hula hoop can be determined according to personal tolerance. The key point is to bend your feet slightly when you shake the hula hoop to show a little squat position, and you can also sculpt your hips and legs. The skilled person can obtain better exercise and development of the lumbar abdominal muscles, hip muscles, and leg muscles, which can effectively improve the flexibility and flexibility of the human waist, hip, and knee joints. Regular participation in hula hoop exercise can maintain a good posture, making the bodys waist, abdomen, and buttocks muscles not stiff and not degenerate. Bodybuilders can perform a variety of hula hoop waist and abdominal exercises according to their physical strength and experience.

Experience: This sport does not have high quality requirements. The range of motion of the joints of the body does not exceed the normal range of physiological activities. It is a natural action and suitable for people of different ages. When beginners begin to practice, the number of hula hoop rotations is small and easy to fall. It is recommended not to be too hard, or to twist the waist too quickly, which is easy to cause waist injury. After you are proficient, after turning your waist clockwise, it is best to do it again counterclockwise to keep your body in balance. Finally, a variety of actions are formed to form a routine to make the body load even, and do not overburden the local area.

In particular, you should not exercise immediately after a meal. People with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and pulmonary heart disease, and weak people should not play hula hoop.

Dumbbells, one of the simplest and most affordable fitness weight-loss equipment. It is like a hammer and chisel, which can sculpt every muscle of the body. As long as you have a pair of dumbbells and a bench, you can do all kinds of bodybuilding training as you like. Practice dumbbells, not restricted by the venue, and easy to learn. Using dumbbells scientifically can really get good weight loss. Some materials say that Schwarzeneggers bodybuilding muscles were mainly obtained by exercising with dumbbells.

Slimming principle: Dumbbells need a smart user. Fitness experts especially remind that due to the different muscle structures of different parts of the human body, for different parts of the exercise to lose weight, you must use dumbbells of different weights and different postures, and must not treat them rashly.

Experience: Many housewives JM are afraid to exercise dumbbells to build muscles. In fact, women do not need to worry about building block muscles. On the contrary, reasonable strength training can also train very beautiful muscles! However, there are also many housewives JM report that simple dumbbell exercises are very boring and easily boring. It is recommended that house girl JMs may wish to put on some music while practicing dumbbells and try fun dumbbell exercises.

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