The fundamentals of TCM health and market development

Traditional Chinese medicine is an important part of the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine and the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. In the fast-paced modern life, the reason why TCM health care can arouse widespread concern in society is that this culture is closely related to peoples physical and mental health. Correctly understanding the nature of health care in TCM and enabling the public to establish a materialistic and dialectical view of health is the responsibility and obligation of TCM health care workers.

TCM health is an important part of TCM. Doctors tend to treat illnesses and maintain health. Health care does not cure disease, the focus is on treatment is not disease, that is, to prevent the occurrence of disease or promote physical recovery. The emergence and development of TCM health culture comes from the people and from practice.

TCM health culture originated from the health practices of ancient Chinese people, not laboratories. Emperors Century wrote: Shennongs began to teach the world to cultivate grains and eat them to save lives, taste herbs, treat medicine with diseases, and save the lives of wounds. Shen Nong … Taste of Baicao, there has been medicine. For thousands of years, the Chinese people have relied on the conditioning of a piece of bark and a handful of grass, so that although the Chinese nation has suffered from natural disasters and wars, it has no modern medical technology. Health care is still endless. Similarly, the traditional Chinese medicine regimen is convenient and easy to practice, and has undergone thousands of years of clinical practice without losing results. One of the criteria for scientific experiments is repeatability. These methods have been repeated by thousands of people for thousands of years and the results are consistent, which fully illustrates the correctness and scientific nature of TCM health, and the authority to verify this conclusion is the people.

The Yellow Emperors Canon is the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine. It not only lays a solid theoretical foundation for traditional Chinese medicine, but also runs through the content of health care from beginning to end and occupies an important space. It was written in the Warring States Period, and the author put forward a restricted to ghosts and gods, and cannot speak with virtue in a dialectical and materialistic standpoint, and pointed out that people are on the earth and the earth is suspended in the atmosphere, revealing man and the universe earlier. Objective relationship between them. Its theory still has great practical value.

Based on the incisive discussion of life generation and maintenance, The Emperors Canon of the Yellow Emperor explains clearly: The health of the wise man must also be suitable for cold and summer, and live in a moody and angry place. Rigid and soft. If so, then the evil will not last forever, and it will last a long time. In this classic language that is enough to be a principle of health care in Chinese medicine, the Yellow Emperors Internal Classic first defines those who can participate in health as wise men, and then proposes health The three harmonys are harmony between man and nature, mentality and body. Among them, the harmony between man and nature is the general outline, emphasizing that mans mentality and physical regulation must conform to nature.

From the original source, the health theory and theories of the Yellow Emperors Canon have developed from the Warring States Period to the present. It has been an important theoretical basis for the mainstream TCM health scholars to put it into practice. It is a crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation and a cultural treasure. It has contributed greatly to the prosperity and development of the nation. Its scientificity and practicability determine its rich vitality, which is admired by medical doctors of all ages, and even recognized and studied by some modern medical scientists.

The first is to synchronize with the sun. The earth revolves around the sun and forms the climate of the four seasons. The Yellow Emperors Internal Classics reveals the regularity of the changes in the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. It is said that the yang is born in spring, grows in summer, converges in autumn, and lurks in winter. Human beings harmonize with the four seasons (seasons) and adapt to the cold and summer seasons live in harmony with nature and can become a part of nature, gaining the power of nature and being vibrant.

The Yellow Emperors Internal Classic says: There are four oclock in a year and four oclock in a day. Calculated by the method of equal distribution, 3 oclock to 9 oclock (in Beijing time, the same below; other regions need to consider the time difference factor) is a day of spring, 9 oclock to 15 oclock is a summer day, and 15 oclock to 21 oclock is a day In the fall, 21: 00-3 oclock is the winter of the day. Everything is hidden in winter, and everything recovers in spring. Therefore, traditional Chinese culture encourages people to go to bed early and get up early. Even the nursery rhymes sing, Early to bed and early to get up is good. Unfortunately, contemporary people generally sleep late and get up late, contrary to the rise and fall of the sun, causing many people to enter a sub-health state.

In the practice of health care in traditional Chinese medicine, I let some sub-healthy people go to bed at 21-22 pm in the evening and get up at 5-6 pm in the morning. Most people got good results. Some people even get rid of their depression and have a cheerful mood.

Second, there is a diet. The Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor says: eat less tonic and eat more upset. In the practice of keeping in good health, some people with big belly have a proper reduction of their meals, their stomachs are small, their looks are good, their mood is good, their bodies are strong, and they walk lightly. I used to eat a lot without feeling it, but now I eat a little more and I will feel spleen and stomach upset.

People are the spirit of all things, and have a system of early warning. Eating a diet will give a normal warning to the mechanism, which will make peoples diet meet the needs without causing waste accumulation.

Thirty-three is peace of mind. The Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor states that the heart is the official of the monarch, and the monarch and his allies are safe. In an extremely fiercely competitive contemporary society, learning Chinese health culture and reducing excessive desires, and residence with mood and anger is also one of the important ways to reduce social conflicts and promote social harmony. In the practice of keeping in good health in Chinese medicine, after a period of recuperation, some irritable people obviously lose their tempers, work harmoniously and smoothly, and even some divorced couples return to good health.

In the final analysis, TCM health is a world view and methodology, and its core is materialist dialectics. Chinese medicine speaks of the three causes principle, which means depending on time, place, and person. Different people have different causes for the same disease; even if the same person gets sick at different times or in different regions, the reasons are different. It is the scientific materialist dialectical viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine that guides the theory and practice of traditional Chinese medical health through the ages.

Most people in ancient Chinese health care lived on the front line of health care work, and their theory and practice were very closely combined. Summarizing the various health-preserving experiences of the people and using them in combination with reality is a consistent practice of everyone in ancient medicine. For example, in different regions, it is right for different people to find their own health methods in a certain solar term. Others can refer to it as soon as it is suitable, and it will be disused as soon as it is unsuitable. Baopuzi · Inner Chapter · Huizhi by the famous Jin Dynasty medical scientist Ge Hong wrote: Everyone who keeps a good health wants to be informed and considerate, knowledgeable and good choice. The issue of partiality is not enough The variety of health methods depends on the various changes in the body of different people at different times or in different regions. It is most advisable to generalize. For a thousand people, you must know whether the body is suitable or not, and you must choose dialectically. Not only will mechanical health not improve, it will make matters worse. This is the reason why TCM health must always adhere to the three causes principle. We must be responsible for the people only if we establish a correct concept of health, carefully study the classics of traditional health, and properly guide people in the practice of traditional Chinese health.

Traditional Chinese medicine health has been deeply rooted in peoples hearts and has continued for many years, but it has never received the widespread attention and demand of the people like today. It is a rare opportunity and challenge for the development of Chinese medicine.

In a modern society where medical technology is rapidly developing, the incidence of diseases is increasing and the rate of development is amazing. According to relevant authoritative statistics, the prevalence of diabetes in China has nearly doubled in the 10 years from 2000 to the present, and the number of patients has exceeded 94 million. The overall reduction of the risk of cardiovascular disease has become a priority for prevention and treatment. In addition, China About 70% of the sub-healthy population needs attention.

Under the premise of not excluding modern medical treatment and health care, finding a way to the traditional Chinese medicine health culture has become a voluntary choice for a considerable number of people. It is precisely because this choice has received certain practical results under the guidance of correct health care that TCM health care can survive in the market and win the trust of more people. Although there are some false phenomena in the current health market, it does not affect the peoples trust in the health culture for thousands of years. Those who are clear are self-cleaning. Respecting the judgment of the people, supporting the management of the industrys competent department, and believing that the objective law of the survival of the fittest in the market is the guarantee for the survival and development of the health care of Chinese medicine.

Chinas reform and opening up has gone through more than 30 years. The living standards of the people are increasing. After consumers have met their basic living needs, the concept of consumption has gradually shifted to healthy investment. Practice has proved that some people who adhere to traditional Chinese medicine health care have a sharp decline in the probability of serious illness; some elderly people had to stay in the hospital several times a year and have not been treated in the hospital for many years; some families have three generations of grandchildren who insisted on maintaining health; some families More than a dozen people participated in health. These health enthusiasts have tasted the sweetness and persisted for years or even decades. This not only saves national and individual medical expenses, relieves medical pressure, but also reduces pain, and effectively stimulates the domestic health demand market. According to relevant statistics, in 2000, the turnover of the health care market exceeded RMB 50 billion. From this, it can be seen that TCM health is a great thing that benefits the country and the people. It needs to be viewed rationally, cultivated in good faith, and effectively regulated. .

The huge domestic health market exists objectively, and the enthusiasm of the people for their health is valuable. By improving their health through their own efforts, health care can be promoted as a cause for the participation of the general public. China is a country with a large population. Only with the participation of the whole people can this work have development prospects. Guiding the peoples health enthusiasm to the correct TCM health track is not only necessary for the development of the country, the people, and the Chinese medicine industry, but also a good opportunity for the development of the Chinese medicine industry.

In order to ensure the healthy development of the mass health care industry, it is imperative to establish a self-regulatory body with unique characteristics based on the health care content. Chinas current occupation management system is divided into two types, one is taking the title line, such as: doctor, engineer, etc .; the other is taking the skill line, such as: masseur. The management of health-care teachers can adopt a dual-track system, and those who have a doctors qualification can also serve as TCM health-care teachers; other non-physician-qualified people can be trained and assessed to give play to a certain health-care expertise and provide health-care services within a limited scope.

Under the condition of limited medical resources, it is necessary to protect the enthusiasm of the general public to participate in health care, and also to consider the existing large employment groups engaged in the health care industry, which has caused the industry authorities to face a challenge. The people are also looking forward to the great development of traditional Chinese medicine health care to benefit the people.

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