The case of plastic deformation and disfigurement

Friends who want plastic surgery have to understand some related plastic surgery cases, so that they have a bottom in mind, think twice before deciding whether to perform plastic surgery. Let ’s take a look at some plastic cases.

Miss Liu (pseudonym) in Guangzhou is a lecturer in a training company and usually pays attention to her image. She had a pretty face, but she always thought that her face was a little round, and she didnt grow into the popular awl face. I always wanted an chin like angelababy. She looks thinner and has a smaller face. Ms. Liu said that she had a friend who opened a beauty studio and was doing regular facial treatments there. I heard from a friend that recently, a type of acidic fibroblast growth factor (aFGF) was introduced, which is cheaper than botulinum toxin, including a total injection cost of more than 2,000 yuan, which can not only remove wrinkles, but also help shape the chin.

Under the persuasion of a friend, Miss Liu was excited, because the price was not expensive, she not only gave a shot on her chin, but also a shot on her neck to remove the neck texture. At first it did have some effects. The chin looks a bit longer. Miss Liu said, but after more than two months, the chin continued to grow, it looked a little abnormal, and the area where the needle was shot on the neck also grew. Some horizontal meat. Ms. Liu was frightened, and quickly went to the plastic surgery department of the regular hospital for an examination. The doctor diagnosed that the appearance of the growth factor injection was abnormal, and she had to undergo surgery to correct it. In desperation, Miss Liu agreed to the operation. The doctor removed a small piece of proliferative tissue from her chin, her face condition improved, but after two or three months, her chin began to continue to grow. Miss Liu had to go to the hospital again. Tissue resection was done again.

In recent years, there have been increasing cases of growth factor injection failure. Plastic surgery and beauty departments in many hospitals in Guangzhou have encountered many patients who approached Miss Liu for help, because the injection of growth factors into the cosmetic institutions caused abnormal growth of the face and body, and deformities occurred.

Every period of time, a so-called high-tech product emerges in the plastic surgery industry. Recently, we have seen a significant increase in cases like Miss Liu in outpatient clinics. Patients have been injected with growth factors and caused abnormal growth in some parts. Can not be repaired in the hospital. The chief professor of Plastic Surgery Center said that the basic manifestations of these patients are redness at the injection site, which exceeds the normal facial contours, such as irregular swelling of the nose, redness and deformed growth of the chin. The heel is the same, and the chin that has been raised is still growing, and it is difficult to eliminate the operation.

The professor introduced that the acid fibroblast growth factor injected into the patients face was sold for about 100 yuan in a domestic box. It can be used clinically to repair burn wounds and foot ulcers in patients with diabetes. It can only be used externally after being approved by the state. .

Insiders have revealed that, in general, hyaluronic acid, an injection product used to fill the face, which is officially approved by the state, such as an imported hyaluronic acid No. 2 1ml, must cost at least 4,000 yuan or more, which does not count as a doctors injection surgery fee. At privately priced private medical institutions, it is very common to make imported hyaluronic acid skin for one time. The price of growth factor is only about one hundred yuan. At some beauty exhibitions, dozens of yuan of growth factor can also be received. Low prices and high profits have made many unscrupulous merchants tempted. It began to prevail in some beauty salons and beauty studios. What was even more surprising was that it attracted the attention of many beauty lovers. In recent years, the increasing number of growth factor injection failure cases has also aroused the alarm of many consumers. In order to avoid the limelight, some illegal institutions have changed clothes for growth factors. At present, there are self-growth factors and auxin in the beauty market. Human growth peptides and so on are actually new installations of growth factors.

What is growth factor? In fact, growth factor, which is known to have wrinkle-removing and shaping effects, is an active cytokine that allows cells to proliferate and differentiate. The professor said that currently the relevant products approved by the State Drug Administration can only be used externally, cannot be injected into the skin, and cannot be used for internal tissue filling.

At present, epidermal growth factor and fibroblast growth factor have been developed as medicines and applied in clinics. Their dosage forms, such as solvents, gels, sprays, are often used to repair skin damage, ulcers and erosion. Vascular endothelial growth factor is only a biological agent and has not yet been developed into a drug for medical treatment.

It can be found from the website of the State Drug Administration that most of the growth factors approved for clinical use in China are external preparations, and only one mouse nerve growth factor has been approved for injection, which is mainly used for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy caused by n-hexane.

The professor also specifically mentioned that the injection of growth factor into the human body without an approved external preparation may cause various inflammatory reactions in the injected person due to the sterilization failure, and some plastic surgery studios and beauty salons have to Injecting beauty in the bacterial environment, the risk of various viral and bacterial infections is significantly increased, so those who cause infections have their own. If growth factors are not removed, cell division and proliferation may continue to occur, which may cause more serious body surface deformities.

Ogilvy is a colorless, transparent jelly-like liquid material that was once used as a plastic cosmetic filler for breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, etc., but after it is broken down into monomers in the human body, it is released to all parts of the body. Can affect the human nervous system and cause endocrine disorders. The current remedy for omemetine victims is to try to remove the omemetine tissue from the body. Professor Luo Shengkang, director of the Plastic Surgery Department of the Second Peoples Hospital of Guangdong Province, said that the growth factors are different. They are injected into the body to stimulate tissue growth and grow in the same way as tumors. If it is a long time, it may be malignant.

So far, growth factors have only been used externally and have never been injected into humans in regular hospitals. Once the growth factor is injected into the face, muscle cells will grow, hard lumps, nodules and even normal tissues will grow wild and tumoroid deformities will appear. At present, injections are usually in the nose, lower orbit, temple, apple muscle, chin and other parts. To date, there is no specific antidote to growth factors, that is, once a problem occurs, one can only expect to remove the injection by surgery and remove the diseased tissue.

Micro plastic surgery, the safe material is hyaluronic acid. After hyaluronic acid injection is used to remove wrinkles or shape, if there is a problem or the result is not satisfactory, you can use hyaluronic acid lyase to eliminate hyaluronic acid. This is the benefit of hyaluronic acid, a material that can be absorbed by the human body! Do not inject injections that cannot be absorbed by the human body, such as omepridine, growth factors, if there is a problem, or if it is sucked out by some means, if the situation is serious, you can only use It was removed by surgical incision, but it could not be completely removed. (Reporter Li Xiao Intern Wang Xiaoli)

The popularity of micro plastic surgery has its inevitability, its injection is convenient, its recovery is fast, its effect is remarkable, and it does not affect work and life. However, micro-surgery does not mean that the risk is small. Many cases of injection failures have also aroused the alert of many consumers. In order to avoid the limelight, some illegal institutions frequently change the gorgeous names of illegal injection substances such as growth factors. Factors, auxins, human growth peptides and so on are all new installs of growth factors.

The professor said that although cosmetic injection is simpler and safer than surgery, it still requires deep clinical medical knowledge and must have a certain level of technology, otherwise it will not guarantee the curative effect, but may cause serious complications and even endanger beauty. The life of the person is safe, so it cannot be underestimated. Some studios illegally do cosmetic injections in private. Injectors often do not have any qualifications.

Although injection cosmetic surgery is a minimally invasive operation that does not require surgery, the operator needs to be a regular cosmetic surgeon because it penetrates into the skin. At the same time, such operations need to be performed in a sterile environment. Operators and tools are required before and after the operation. Medical methods for disinfection and subsequent maintenance. Professor said, many non-standard beauty studios completely fail to meet the requirements of sterility. Informal doctors, informal products, and informal operations, such micro-surgery can cause many complications.

Although micro-surgery technology is being sought after by more and more beauty seekers, most of the items in it are still traumatic and belong to typical medical behavior. Dr. Lu Jinqiang, Plastic Surgery, First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, reminded that this exists With certain medical risks. Drug injections may also cause complications such as drug allergies, wound infections, uncertain or insignificant effects, and toxic and side effects of drugs. Whether they can be handled correctly and in a timely manner is related to the patients treatment effect and even life threatening.

Finally, I would like to remind people who love beauty to treat micro-surgery as carefully as plastic surgery. For treatment, choose a regular hospital and a professional doctor in the plastic surgery department. Try to choose reversible materials. If there is a problem or dissatisfaction, you can use lysozyme to eliminate the effect. Most of those non-absorbable injection materials (such as ometridine, microcrystalline porcelain, etc.) and slow absorption materials (macromolecule collagen, etc.) can only be removed by surgical incision. People like Ogilvy cant even get it cleaned for life, and foreign bodies accompany them throughout their lives. Many people suffer from this disease.

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