The secret of men have a long life

Eat more steak: can reduce the risk by 29%. Eat more sirloin steak made from upper loin: beef is rich in selenium and vitamin B, the former can resist pressure, and the latter can remove homocysteine ​​from the blood-this is the culprit that destroys the inner walls of arteries. 50% of the fat in steak is a single-chain unsaturated fatty acid that is good for the heart. So, eat as much as you want.

Drink less beer: it can reduce the risk by 85%. If you have been drinking about one and a half liters of beer every day for ten years, then you must have a liver that has been devastated by disease. A summer booze will take 12 months for your liver to repair itself.

Eat some vegetables: you can reduce the risk by 36%. Your liver is happy to eat more avocados and asparagus. They are rich in glutathione, which is an amino acid necessary for liver metabolic toxins and chemicals. It is the main antioxidant in the body and also promotes liver regeneration. An essential substance.

Be a Brazilian: you can reduce the danger by 48%. We mean their nuts, not their hair. Nuts are rich in elemental selenium, which is the killer of cancer. So how much does it take to have a superhuman lung? It only takes three nuts a day.

Stop smoking: we have to remonstrate with bitterness: your breath smells so bad that even dogs retreat disgustedly; you spend thousands of dollars on this hobby every year but only make women respect you; if these Not enough, so I have to tell you-80% of lung cancer is caused by smoking.

Reorganization: You can reduce the danger by 200%. Difficulties may cause some doors in your life to be closed, so try traveling to Europe with your university ’s dead party, or drive a jeep to cross the Qaidam Basin, or go to Latin America to see those dancers. What kind of life is living. Canadian researchers have found that suicide rates for divorced men are twice as high as for bachelors. Focus on those positive things. In any case, all difficulties will disappear. If youre still bothered by being single, put on your sexiest outfits right away and go out.

Focus on work: you can reduce the danger by 200%. Even if cigarettes dont kill you, you may end up being killed by yourself. US researchers surveyed 300,000 military personnel and found that those who smoked 20 or more cigarettes a day had a suicide rate twice as high as those who never smoked. The main chemicals in cigarettes can aggravate your depression.

More sex: can reduce the danger by 34%. According to research by Australian scientists, at least five times a week can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by more than 1/3. Can wash away the carcinogens in the prostate. Therefore, if you like your lover as much as you like yourself, then maintain regular sex, which is good for your prostate.

Drink some red wine: you can reduce the danger by 50%. Drinking four to eight glasses of red wine a week can reduce the chance of prostate cancer in half. The epidermis of red grapes is rich in resveratrol, which can inhibit the development of cancer cells.

Sun exposure: can reduce the danger by 50%. 15 minutes of sun a day can reduce the chance of getting sick in half. Sunlight helps the skin make vitamin D, which in the blood synthesizes substances that inhibit disease. Of course, dont forget to apply sunscreen when sunbathing. Eat more bean sprouts: can reduce the risk by 24%. According to research in the United States, bean sprouts have a very magical effect on anti-cancer, because it contains a large number of plant-based glucosides (Glucosinolate), it can prevent smoke and other pollutants in the air from causing lung cancer. You can add sprouts to your salad or eat them directly with your sandwich.

Keep moist: can reduce the danger by 80%. According to a study by the British Kidney Research Centre, if you drink at least two liters of water a day, your chance of getting kidney disease is reduced by 80%.

Add some honey: it can reduce the danger by 18%. Add three tablespoons of honey to your breakfast bread, and you will get as much energy as a sports drink, but your expenses will be much smaller. According to research by relevant agencies in the United Arab Emirates, honey can not only resist heart disease, but also reduce sugar in the blood by 6%, preventing diabetes, the main killer of the kidney.

Protection against infectious diseases: can reduce the risk by 18%. Drink unsweetened cranberry juice and eat more blueberries-they are rich in a substance that can inhibit the adhesion of bacteria in the bladder tissue, and vitamin C in it can also prevent bacteria from multiplying.

Slimming: According to a survey by the Highway Safety Insurance Association, the more obese you are, the closer you are to the steering wheel, the greater your chance of injury.

Lose excess meat on your body: For every two reductions in BMI, your chance of avoiding death will increase by 1/3. The ideal BMI index is around 20. Can reduce the risk by 40%.

Forget fist: can reduce the danger by 58%. American studies have found that men under the age of 25 have three times the death rate of women because they are more enthusiastic about participating in competitive sports to show their energy. In other words, women like beautiful weekend nights, and men are more obsessed with group fights. Use your brain, not your muscles, to complete life lessons.

Stay away from alcohol: can reduce the danger by 120%. The last glass of wine before leaving may really be the last glass of your life. Almost 40% of men who died of driving had alcohol levels in their blood of 0.08% or higher-equivalent to two glasses of alcohol. Preventing Wrestling: Reduces danger by 20%. The Royal Society for Accident Prevention found that the number of injuries caused by slipping on parquet and polished floors has increased from 2,900 to 12,300 in the past five years, an increase of 400 percentage points. Make sure your floor doesnt slip and its best to take off your socks while walking on it.

Olive oil: can reduce the danger by 40%. Sprinkle on a tomato and white cheese salad, dip the crispy bread into it or add it directly to the cooked batter, sprinkle with crushed red pepper and parmesan, and a hearty meal is complete.

On foot: can reduce the danger by 28%. According to the American Center for Human Nutrition Research, aerobic exercise for a certain period of time, especially jogging, can prevent food from staying in the body for too long. The shorter the lunch time in the colon, the less likely it is to turn into some undesirable substances or even cancer cells. Join the sidewalk hikers or 10,000 meters long runners! Good digestion will make your breathing easier and smoother, and your body shape will become more perfect.

Get a glass of orange juice: it can reduce the danger by 28%. Researchers in Finland have found that drinking half a liter of orange juice a day can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and damage to arteries and blood vessels because orange juice is rich in the antioxidant vitamin C. In addition, spinach contains a lot of folic acid, which can also reduce your chance of stroke by 1/3. Walk more: you can reduce the danger by 50%. Can reduce the risk by 50%. Walking 30 to 60 minutes a day can reduce your risk of stroke to half if you can stay up to 5 days a week. Abandon shortcuts and choose a new way to go home, taking more strokes.

Cover your mouth: you can reduce the risk by 25%. Those trail runs are not so helpful to you. Researchers in Sweden have found that exercising in the cold air in the wild can increase your risk of bronchitis by 25% and triple your risk of asthma. In order to reduce the environmental stress of exercising in cold air, you can do warm-up exercises indoors, and then wear a scarf to cover your mouth when you go out. This can help you breathe warm air. Leaving the room: can reduce the danger by 26%. Greek scientists have found that people who become entangled with cigarette smoke at least three times a week and at least thirty minutes at a time are more likely to develop lung cancer. Find some non-smoking pubs or cafes nearby. Heres a kiwi: 36% less risk. Its that small, hairy fruit. Taking 120 milligrams of vitamin C daily or eating a kiwi can reduce air damage to the lungs by half.

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