TCM sees health Hidden dangers written on the five senses

Even if you do n’t drink much water before going to bed, your eyelids are swollen badly in the morning? You may have a fluid disorder! There are many reasons for the disorder of water metabolism. Tricks. A healthy kidney can smoothly drain excess water from the body. When there is insufficient water, it will slow down the metabolism and accumulate water in the body, causing mild swelling. Dont worry, drink a few glasses of water quickly, you will soon be able to restore a pair of electric eyes!

Dark circles: I got up early in the morning and found that my eyes were dark and dark around my eyes? Be careful! This may be because too much waste is deposited in the blood. The lower eyelid skin is thinner than other parts and most easily reflects blood color. Think about feeling stressed or fatigued recently? The kidney dysfunction that governs the urinary and reproductive organs can also dim the eyes. Australian medical experts say staying up late and eating more whole foods is the best way to eliminate dark circles!

Red bloodshot: Eyes are obviously congested, which may be caused by poor blood circulation. Dont be busy dropping eye drops, move your head, neck, and shoulders to clear the blood flow of your upper limbs, and sleep well to give your eyes a good rest. You can apply some vitamin C emulsion on the back neck and shoulders. Helps to unblock blood circulation, red blood capillaries will soon be reduced.

Fat particles: Beauticians often recommend using some kind of oil-free eye cream to deal with the fat particles under the eyes. But medical experts believe that fat particles are a warning sign of high cholesterol in the body. Remove fried foods and animal offal from the recipe, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, annoying small particles will soon disappear!

Needle eye: Dont take long needle eye seriously! Japanese medical experts have found that long needle eye indicates that your immunity is declining, and bacteria easily enter the eye from the root of eyelashes, causing inflammation. If you have long needle eyes repeatedly, it is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive health check. Drinking Buzhong Yiqi Decoction often improves your immunity so that you can “break up” with the needle eye completely.

Yellowish white eyes: If the white eyes are not clear, there may be problems with the liver and gall. Bile is a yellow-green liquid. It is secreted from liver cells and stored in the gallbladder. When the gallbladder or liver is imbalanced, the bile will flow to the blood, making the eyes white and yellow. Fortunately, bile can break down excess fat in the body. With sufficient bile, there is no need to worry about weight in the short term!

Excessive white lips: Lips, like the lower eyelids, belong to the mucous membranes and the epidermis is very thin, so they can fully reflect the blood color, which is why the lips are red. If your lip is pale, it may be due to insufficient red blood cells. It is recommended to change your diet and eat more animal liver and tofu to reduce the symptoms of anemia.

Lips are too red: there must be a limit to red lips and white teeth! If your lips are too red, dont be busy cheering first, it may be that you are being troubled by the fever represented by red. Traditional Chinese medicine divides fever into real heat and deficiency heat. Deficiency heat is caused by a decrease in water in the body. When the body temperature rises, the bodys regulating function weakens, and the cheeks, lips, and tongue will become red. Eating more fresh fruits and drinking a lot of water can help you dissipate excess heat in the body and restore lip color to normal.

Pouting the corners of your mouth: If you feel tingling in the corners of your mouth, or even swollen and swollen, it may be a warning of early gastritis. When the gastric mucosa is in a fatigue state, internal heat will be caused, causing the corners of the mouth to become red and swollen. Dont be afraid, 80% of early gastritis can be cured. It is recommended to chew a few times while eating to give the stomach a little time to fully absorb and digest food. When the temperature of the stomach wall decreases, the swelling of the corners of the mouth will soon disappear.

Dry lips: Although the lips are mucous, the biggest difference from the skin is that there are no sweat glands. Wanting to make your lips sweat and regulate your body temperature is definitely an impossible task. Lips are not able to secrete oil or retain water. It requires the mucus from the mouth to moisturize. When the mucus is insufficient, the lips are likely to dry out, and the resistance will be weakened. Bacteria and viruses just take the opportunity to invade. In addition to drinking plenty of water to maintain sufficient oral mucus, it is recommended to use more saline to gargle, because salt is a major motivation to promote oral mucus production.

Breath: Exhale in front of the mirror. If you smell a lot of Breath, pay attention! More than 60% of Breath is caused by dental disease. When bacteria invade the gap between the root of the tooth and the gums, it will cause gingivitis after breeding, giving off an unpleasant breath. In addition, if the mouth is not cleaned thoroughly, tartar formed by food residues will also make you exhale a bad smell. It is recommended to wash your teeth thoroughly.

Drooling: Is it always drooling in the corners of the mouth after waking up in the morning? Drooling is caused by excessive secretion of saliva, which may be due to your weak gastrointestinal function, unable to fully absorb water and cause water retention.

Tongue tremor: Put your tongue out in front of the mirror. If the tongue trembles slightly, it may be a sign of nervousness and physical decline. Japanese medical experts found in a survey that more than 70% of people would not realize it at the early stage of tremor, and by the time it is discovered, it is often too late. It is recommended that you adjust your work and rest time as soon as possible, do not stay up late and eat reasonably, otherwise you will soon be in danger of neurasthenia!

Tongue hair purple: When the blood contains a lot of waste and insufficient water supply in the body, hypoxic blood and oxygenated blood will mix together, making the blood vessels purple. If you have purple hair on your tongue, you will also feel stiff shoulders and low back pain, which only means that the toxins in your body have been deposited too much! You may wish to stick to a light diet for a week, do a sauna, and maintain regular and mild aerobic exercise. Can be discharged.

Tongue coating is too thin: Tongue coating is unknown and white, and the color of the tongue surface is uneven. This is called map tongue in medicine. Korean medical experts point out that people with allergies are most likely to have this condition, especially in spring and autumn. The appearance of the map tongue indicates that your resistance is declining. It is recommended that you stay away from allergens such as pollen, seafood, and small insects during this period, so as to avoid strokes.

Tongue coating is too thick: Tongue coating on the tongue is as easily scraped off as tofu residue, which may be due to poor gastrointestinal function or overeating. If this kind of tongue coating has always been present, it is best to go to the digestive department and let the doctor help you lower the stomach fire.

Yellow tongue coating: Yellow tongue coating may be a sign of a cold virus invasion! Be sure to keep warm, eat warm foods such as pumpkin and beef, and wash a cup of hot milk before going to bed at night, it can form a protein film in the stomach To prevent bacterial invasion.

The tongue coating is dark: The tongue coating is faintly darkened, which is probably due to the increase in body temperature! A rise in body temperature may not be a fever. Vigorous exercise and anger can make the tongue coating dark. Taking a hot bath and doing soothing exercises can effectively lower your body temperature.

Nose size: The size of the nose is closely related to the breathing condition! A wide nose and a tall nose indicate that your breathing organs are well developed and you have a good physiological structure. You can breathe a sufficient amount of air. More exhaust. If your nose is small, it means your breathing is weak, and air tight places can make you short of breath and tight in your chest. When you stay in the office for 1-2 hours, you should go to the corridor or window for 5 minutes of fresh air to prevent sudden hypoxia.

Nose sedition: Nose sedition during normal breathing may be caused by too low vital capacity! Do not take it lightly, too low vital capacity will affect your normal metabolic function. Practice 5 minutes of abdominal breathing every day-raise your belly when you inhale, and tighten your belly when you exhale, and soon your lung capacity will increase a lot!

Acne on the nose: Acne on the nose is most likely a problem with the digestive system. Eat more bananas, sweet potatoes and other foods to keep the digestive tract open and avoid indigestion.

Nose red: Suddenly red nose? Your liver is overloaded! When you drink too much alcohol, your body will stagnate blood in the liver in order to break down alcohol, which will cause blood vessels to dilate, which will make you have a red nose, so control drinking Quantity is very important.

Sometimes nosebleeds: People with weak stomachs cannot absorb enough nutrients, muscles and vascular tissues are very fragile, and it is easy to rupture after a slight collision. Winter energy consumption is large, if the diet is not adjusted, insufficient heat supply in the body will cause occasional nosebleeds.

Nasal congestion: A lack of ventilation in the nose can slow brain activity. If it is nasal congestion caused by allergic rhinitis, in addition to causing breathing difficulties, it can also cause the brain to lack oxygen. Nasal congestion indicates that your mucosal function of the respiratory tract is weak. Japanese medical experts believe that this is mostly related to poor gastrointestinal function. Dont patronize unobstructed nose problems. Maintaining the intestine is equally important!

Cheek redness: I dont know when it started, and the cheeks climbed up two inexplicable plateau reds. This may be what Western medicine calls unexplained slight heat. The main reasons are excessive physical exertion and imbalanced body water. If you have excessive sweating and frequent asthma in addition to redness on your cheeks, it may be due to blood flow disorders caused by high fever. Take a comfortable hot bath, take two tablets of antipyretics, and then sleep beautifully, you will soon be relieved and your face will return to normal.

Pale cheeks: Anemia is manifested by pale lips, the inside of the eyelids, and the cheeks. This is caused by an insufficient supply of hemoglobin in the blood, which is responsible for oxygen transport. In addition, weak breathing can reduce skin function, reduce melanin production, and easily cause pale cheeks. In addition to supplementing nutrition, it is recommended that you do more aerobic exercises such as jogging, walking, swimming, so as to ensure sufficient oxygen supply.

Wrinkles on the sacrum: Suddenly, how many fine lines are found on the skin at the sacrum? It may be caused by abnormal liver function. If the liver function cannot purify the blood or supply enough oxygen, it will make the blood cloudy, abnormal blood circulation, reduce the metabolism rate in the body, increase skin sensitivity, and cause small wrinkles. German health experts point out that in addition to consulting a doctor and improving liver function metabolism, you should also avoid sun exposure, because the skin at the cheekbones is thin and UV rays can also cause harm.

Acne on both sides of the cheek: Hormonal imbalance will cause acne on the forehead and chin. If you have acne on both sides of your cheeks, first consider whether it is not cleaned thoroughly. In addition, it may be caused by irritability, life anxiety, and excessive work pressure. May wish to take a self-help tour and give the body and mood a vacation!

Large pores on cheeks: As you grow older, your bodys sebum secretion will gradually decrease, and the skins ability to retain moisture will begin to decline. If the body lacks a specific vitamin at this time, the pores will become enlarged. The best solution is to ingest a sufficient amount of vitamin C. The collagen contained in it can improve the skins moisturizing power, make the skin appear elastic, and the pores will be reduced accordingly. Foods rich in vitamin C include apples, celery, bananas and kiwi.

Cheeks are dark: If you find your face dark, you need to consider whether it is a kidney problem. The kidney has a filtering function and can regulate the metabolic level of water in the body. If unfortunate, your kidneys filtration function will be reduced, which will cause waste to accumulate in the body for a long time and make the skin appear dark. The initial manifestation is pigmentation in the thinner parts of the skin, which slowly spreads around. I suggest you try the popular three-day detoxification method of vegetables and fruits in Korea: drink plenty of water every day, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid meat, and the waste deposited in your body can be discharged quickly.

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