Summer Diet Therapy

The solar term for the summer heat is around August 23 of the solar calendar each year, at which point the solar longitude is 150 degrees. The summer heat is the season when the summer heat is over. The word place means hiding and ending. As the name suggests, the summer heat indicates that the summer day is almost over.

Monthly Order of the Seventy-two Months: In mid-July, you can stop here, and the summer heat will stop here. At this time, the three-volt weather has passed or is nearing its end, so it is called the summer heat ends here. There are also proverbs in the country that the summer is coming, which means that the summer heat is gradually fading, but the weather has not yet fallen in the true sense. At this time, the heat in sunny afternoons is no less than that in summer and summer. This is people. Often said autumn tiger, poisonous as a tiger. This also reminds people that when there is still hot weather in autumn, this can also be regarded as the reflection of summer. Gu Tieqing, the author of Qing Jia Lu, described the summer at Chu: Since the customs are used to deal with the summer, the weather is still lingering, and it will begin to cool after about 18 days; Proverb: 18 summer basins, also called bathing for 18 days. It means sweating for about eighteen days. The three summer days are:

This means that by this solar term, the eagle had already hunted birds in large numbers and displayed food as a sacrifice; then everything in the heavens and the earth began to wither, and there was a killing atmosphere everywhere; in a few days, hoe, hoe, beams and other crops Began to mature.

From an agricultural perspective, there are more autumn harvest scenes of everywhere in the valley is yellow, and every field is busy with rice. In addition, the frequent autumn rain after the summer also frequents us.

Before and after the summer, China ’s Beijing, Taiyuan, Xian, Chengdu, and Guiyang areas east and south of the frontier and the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang still had an average daily temperature above 22 ° C, which was in summer, but the number of cold air southward increased and the temperature dropped gradually. obvious.

After the summer heat, except for South China and Southwest China, the rainy season is about to end in most parts of China, and precipitation is gradually decreasing. Especially in North China, Northeast China, and Northwest China, we must pay close attention to water storage and conservation to prevent drought during autumn so as to delay the planting of winter crops.

The summer heat in the place is at an alternating period from heat to cold. The yang in the natural world tends to converge from dredging, and the ups and downs of the yin and yang in the human body also change accordingly. At this time, the daily routine should be adjusted accordingly. The first thing you need to adjust to fall health is sleep time. The reason why autumn health is emphasized to ensure sleep time is because sleep has a good health effect. The medical book Ten Questions unearthed from Ma Wangdui said: The matter of husbands and wives who are not living as citizens is also listed, such as Liang, Goose, Su Shuang, Snake Tan (鳝), Yu Yuan, Yi (Cree). (Shall) Those who have been born with food have their stomachs lying on their backs … so they will not lie down for a hundred days. It can be seen that not only do people need sleep, no living thing is inseparable from sleep. That is to say, without normal sleep, normal life activities cannot be maintained well.

The theory of sleep in traditional Chinese medicine starts from the unity of materialism and form, and believes that sleep and awakeness are the unified functional state of yin and yang between human body , which is a normal physiological phenomenon. It includes several aspects

First, the change of day and night yin and yang determines the human body. Due to the movement of the celestial body, the natural world is in the process of change of yin and yang, which is represented by the alternate appearance of day and night, with day as yang and night as yin. The yin and yang of the human body also changes with the increase and decrease.  It can be said that since the existence of human beings, there has been a law of human activity-working at sunrise and dying at sunset. Lingshu? Camp Health Association said: The sun enters the yang and the yin suffers from discouragement. The middle of the night, the people are lying, and the life is said to be yin; Lingshu? Interrogation further explained this: At the middle of the night, Yang Qi is exhausted, and Yin Qi is full, then the eyes are stunned ; during the day, Yin Qi is exhausted and Yang is full of sacrifice, but then it is flattering.

2. The physiological basis of sleep is the operation of camp guards. The change of the persons trance is based on the operation of the human bodys qi (the qi is in the vein, which is rich in nutrition), and the qi (the qi is in the vein, which has a protective function). Health operations are most relevant. Lingshu? Wei Qi Xing Day: Therefore, a Qi trip, one day and one night for fifty weeks, day and night for twenty-five weeks in Yang, and night for twenty-five weeks in Yin. The Lingshu? Yingying Health Association also said the same: Wei Qi travels at 25 degrees of yin and 25 degrees of yang, and is divided into day and night. Therefore, the qi rises to the yang and ends at the yin. Getting up here means getting up, and stopping means falling asleep. It can be seen that when Wei Qi travels to Yin, Yang Qi is exhausted and Yin Qi is full, so it enters into a state of quietness (the human body enters a relatively static state and wants to sleep); when walking in Yang, Yin Qi is exhausted and Yang Qi is full, So it moves up and up (the human body enters into motion and wakes up). Therefore, the human bodys sleep and sobriety are directed by the mind, while the calmness is stunned, and the movement is stunned; if the emotion is too extreme, it is difficult.

I want to remind my old friends here that with the increase of age, the qi, blood, yin and yang of the elderly will be lost, and there will be less phenomenon of daytime and nighttime. The ancient health-preserving family said, Shao Xi is the major problem for the elderly. The Ancient and Modern Jiayan argues that the elderly should pillow when they feel sleepy, which is in line with the view of health-care. In addition, the ancients also emphasized the importance of noon sensation in sleep regimens (that is, people sleep at noon and noon every day). They believed that at noon, yin and yang intersect, is extremely prosperous and faint. Lying down, Yi Hou Qi Fu. Modern research has found that the function of all organs in the body is reduced to the lowest point from 0 to 4 at night; 12 to 13 at noon is the most fatigued time for the human sympathetic nerve. Statistics have shown that taking a nap in the elderly can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, the meridian consciousness has the significance of disease prevention and health care, and it is also in keeping with health principles.

In the autumn, there is less rain, and the days are gradually drying. Some taboos in the diet can also prevent autumn dryness. First, drink plenty of boiling water, light tea, fruit juice drinks, milk, etc., and drink small amounts and frequent drinks; second, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Qiuzao most easily hurt peoples body fluids, most vegetables, fruits, vegetables, fruits, etc. contain a lot of water, can replenish the bodys body fluids, have the effect of refreshing and moistening dryness, reducing heat and laxative effects. In addition, you can also eat more honey, lilies, lotus seeds and other tonic products to comply with the cleansing nature of the lungs. In addition, you should eat hot foods such as chives, garlic, onions, ginger, anise, Spicy foods and condiments such as fennel, fried foods such as fried chicken legs and fried quail will help dryness and yin and increase autumn dryness.

For summer festival, you should eat the products of clearing heat and soothe the nerves, such as Tremella, lily, lotus seeds, honey, yellow croaker, scallops, kelp, sea worm, celery, spinach, glutinous rice, sesame, beans and milk. Suitable meals in the summer season include sesame spinach, green pepper mixed with tofu, lily lotus seed soup, lily lily and so on. It has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, opening the chest and moistening dryness, widening qi, and soothing the nerves.

Production: first mash the ginseng, add water to decoction and remove the residue, then add the sauce with the rice into the casserole, add the right amount of water, cook the porridge with gentle heat, and when the porridge is cooked, add rock sugar and cook for a while .

Application: Deficiency of heat and cough due to deficiency of lung yin, dry cough and less phlegm, dumb cough, dry throat; pain of thirst caused by deficiency of stomach yin, thirst due to heartburn, laxity of the tongue, stool Dry knots, retching, hiccups, and tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, chronic laryngitis, chronic gastritis, etc. are yin deficiency.

Note: The porridge of ginseng should be slightly thinner and not too thick. Exogenous cough caused by cold, should not be taken. Sand ginseng is divided into Nansha and North ginseng. The two have basically the same effect, but the former prefers to moisten the lungs and expel phlegm, while the latter prefers to nourish the stomach and promote body fluids. Therefore, when cooking porridge, you can use them separately.

Production: Firstly, make Dendrobium with 200 ml of water, cook for about 100 ml with Wen Huo Jiu, then mix the sauce with japonica rice, add about 400 ml of water, cook into a gruel, and mix with rock sugar.

Production: Firstly, fresh sugarcane in an appropriate amount, washed and squeezed cane pulp juice for later use. Add the rice into the casserole and add about 300 ml of water. Cook the porridge over low heat. When the porridge is ready, transfer it into sugar cane and stir well for a while.

Application: upset and thirst caused by insufficient yin and jin, dryness of lungs, dry cough, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, dry stool and late stage of febrile disease, dryness of lips and tongue, and weight loss.

Ravioli making: Rinse the persimmons, cut into small pieces for later use, wash the rice with water, and place them in the rice bowl with persimmon grains and evenly, add some water to steam, and sprinkle with sugar.

Application: stomach qi deficiency, stomach qi and yin deficiency caused by unconscious diet, bloating discomfort, hiccup and vomiting, and gastric neurosis are those with qi deficiency.

Production: First wash the Shouwu and Danshen, add water to the casserole and add the proper amount of boiling soup, then remove the residue to get the medicine sauce, and mix the honey while stirring.

Application: Hypertension, chronic hepatitis, arteriosclerosis and other diseases, the symptoms are yin and blood deficiency, or choroidal stagnation, the symptoms appear chlorosis, dizziness, limb numbness, restless heart palpitations, etc.

Production: After rinsing the ginseng and jade bamboo with clean water, pack them in gauze bags for future use. Squeeze the pigs lungs and pig hearts out of blood stains, rinse them, put them into the casserole with the medicine bag, add the scallion, add the right amount of water, first boil with Wuhuo, then switch to slow-simmering with gentle fire until the pigs heart and lungs are thoroughly cooked, remove the medicine Bag and season with salt.

Application: dry cough, less phlegm, less sticky sputum, dry throat, hoarseness, palpitations, upset, insomnia, dreams of insomnia, phlegm, burning, pain, hunger without appetite, nausea, nausea Nausea, constipation, and chronic pharyngitis, tuberculosis, chronic gastritis, and habitual constipation in the elderly are those with lung and stomach yin deficiency.

Production: Crush the ginseng into small pieces, hang the grapes for juice, set aside, combine the grape juice with white wine, stir well, pour into a clean bottle, add ginseng, seal with lid, and place in a cool place. Shake often and drink in Kaifeng after 7 days

Application: loss of appetite, palpitations, upset caused by qi deficiency and deficiency, dry cough, cough, shortness of breath, thirst, fatigue, night sweats, dry mouth, kidney deficiency, urination, limb swelling, soft waist and knees, muscle weakness and numbness.

Note: Cough and asthma caused by a cold should not be taken. Ginseng is suitable for sun ginseng. In addition to taking it internally, rubbing the lumbar spine can help the kidneys strengthen bones. After drinking, take the ginseng and eat it.

Production: Stir-fry the pine nuts, mash them into a mud, and set aside. Pour the yellow wine into the small altar and put in the pine nut mud; then boil on a gentle flame, remove it for cooling, cover with a seal, and place in a cool place. After 3 days, it was opened, filtered with gauze to remove the residue, and stored in a clean bottle.

Application: Depletion due to Qi and Yin deficiency, shortness of breath, laziness, dizziness, upset, thirst, dry cough and phlegm, palpitations, night sweats, dry and itchy skin, constipation, etc.

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