Nourishing the Spleen and Stomach

Almost everyone is afraid of old age, especially women, but we dont pay attention to it in life, which causes the body to age faster and faster. Many women are physically weak, you know, this type of person is the easiest to get old quickly. Why do you say that? Let me introduce it to you below.

Why does your skin look yellow and yellow and look much older than the actual age? Xiaobian told everyone that this may be caused by spleen deficiency, and the body reminds you to pay attention to conditioning.

However, the spleen and qi can not be achieved quickly, you need to learn the correct internal adjustment method. Xiao Bian has organized 2 tips for regulating the spleen and stomach to help you stay young.

The spleen controls the blood, which is the basis of a womans beauty. Therefore, spleen cultivation is essential for women who love beauty. In winter season, eat more spleen food, pay attention to daily life, can effectively moisturize the skin, develop a good complexion, and regulate a healthy and young state.

Women grow old from the emaciated face, breasts, buttocks are no longer full, and these are related to the deficiency of spleen as described by Chinese medicine. Because the traditional Chinese medicine refers to the passage of the spleen through the face and breasts, once the spleen is weak, the organs it passes through are affected.

In addition, the spleen main muscle, spleen-deficient people generally do not have much strength, and body shape is not good, so whether you are beautiful and healthy, is related to the state of temper.

Strong-tempered people, most of the lines are tight and rosy. If you want to maintain a strong temper, you must develop a spleen-building habit. Because the method of nourishing the spleen cannot be quick-acted, only by insisting on recuperation can we avoid the changes in appearance and body shape caused by spleen deficiency.

From the meridian point of view, the stomach meridian passes between the second toe and the third toe of the foot, and the inner chamber of the spleen and stomach is also at the toe. Generally, people with strong gastrointestinal function also have a firm toe grip when standing. Therefore, people with weak gastrointestinal function may wish to exercise their toes frequently. The methods are:

Standing or sitting, put your feet flat, close to the ground, and shoulder width, your toes can practice a combination of grasping and relaxing, forming tight alternating stimulation of the meridians.

You can also take a little time a day to practice using two and three toes to clamp things, or consciously move your toes while sitting or lying down, and keep it constant, and your gastrointestinal function will gradually increase.

者 People with indigestion, bad breath and constipation should massage along the direction of the toes to achieve the purpose of purging the stomach and fire; for those with weak spleen and stomach and diarrhea, massage against the direction of the toes.

动 While moving your toes, you can also massage your calves from top to bottom in turn, the effect will be more obvious. Because there are many points of the digestive system on the calf, like the foot spleen of the spleen and liver meridians on the inner side of the leg, the foot of the stomach and biliary tract on the outside of the calf, and the three feet of the spleen are on the knee Lower three inches outside. Pressing these points can play a role in strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Note: When you do it, you can feel comfortable after pressing, but dont massage when you are too saturated or hungry. The points of the spleen and stomach of children are different from those of adults. Do not choose this method to strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Exercise can strengthen the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthen the digestive and absorptive functions of the gastrointestinal tract, and can increase the depth and frequency of breathing, promote the movement of the diaphragm muscles and the larger-scale movement of the abdominal muscles, thereby playing a better role in massage the gastrointestinal tract .

Stomach patients can participate in Tai Chi, walking, jogging, cycling and other sports. At the beginning of exercise, exercise intensity should be small. If you use a slow and relaxed walking, you can walk about two kilometers, 20 to 30 minutes each time, to improve gastrointestinal function, to eliminate abdominal distension, belching, and promote ulcer healing. As the condition improves, the amount of exercise can be increased appropriately.

Statistics, many modern people suffer from the disease of weak spleen and stomach, which is very closely related to our living habits. Today we will talk about the symptoms of weak spleen and stomach, and how to adjust in daily life to promote physical health. Let ’s learn with Xiaobian together!

Weak spleen and stomach This disease is common in many people and has a very long course. Common symptoms are diarrhea, thin stools, lighter stools, no odor, and some undigested food residues. In daily life, he also shows symptoms such as dark burnout, mental weakness, loss of appetite, and weight loss, as follows.

If the body has a weak spleen and stomach, the most direct manifestation in the body is a change in the tongue. The tongue directly reflects the health of our spleen. Under normal circumstances, the tongue should be red with a moist surface, and the tongue coating on the tongue is very clean.

If there are tooth marks on the edge of the tongue, or the color of the tongue coating has changed, it means that there is an abnormal condition in physical health. If the tongue coating is white and thick and sticky, it means that the cold in the body is relatively heavy; if the tongue coating is thick, yellow and sticky and rough, it means that the body is hot and humid; if the tongue surface is free of tongue coating, but If the color is red, it means that the heat in the body is very high and it has damaged the yin. Summer is also a season when spleen and stomach weakness is more likely to occur. Many people often feel that the mouth is sticky during the summer, and their face is relatively poor, and their skin is yellow.

Old Chinese medicine tells us that if moisture enters the body but is not expelled from the body in time, it is easy to damage the health of the spleen. The spleen plays the role of digestion and absorption in our body. It can convert a variety of foods and liquids into nutrients that the body can absorb, and promote the speed of metabolism in the body.

Summer is the hottest and hottest season of the year. At this time, many people will lose their appetite and their digestive ability. However, some people do not lose their appetite, but instead have a strong sense of hunger. However, if they eat something casually, they feel very high, which indicates that the body has a weak stomach and a weak spleen. In normal life, if the body has a loss of appetite, it is likely that the body has a weak spleen and stomach.

If the body feels very good and comfortable when getting up in the morning, dizziness, brain swelling and shortness of breath and chest shortness of breath occur, it means that the function of the spleen and stomach has deteriorated for a long time, and even the severe spleen and stomach are weak.

中 In the cognition of Chinese medicine, if the temper is weak, the lung qi will be affected first, that is to say, the functions between the two internal organs are interconnected and affected. If the spleen is deficient to a certain degree, abnormal lung health will occur, and the specific symptoms will be asthma. So, what are the symptoms of weak spleen and stomach, first look at whether the lungs are healthy.

If the humidity in the body is relatively heavy, your weight will rise rapidly in the short term, and there may even be serious consequences such as lower limb edema.

Scientists found through statistics that about 90% of obese patients are weak people. Then, why does the body appear weak? This is because the spleen and stomach function in the body is weakened and the spleen and stomach are weak. If the body is physically weak, the metabolism speed in the body will slow down, and the vitality of the body will also decrease. The intake of nutrients will also decline, and the body will not be able to expend energy in time, and it will easily cause obesity. Therefore, most obese patients are patients with weak spleen and stomach, and they must be treated in time. This will not only promote physical health, but also have the effect of weight loss.

I found that the shape of the stool was soft and sticky when I defecate in the morning. This is one of the very obvious symptoms of weak spleen and stomach, indicating that the digestive system in the body is abnormal.

After we understand the symptoms of weakness in the spleen and stomach, we should figure out how to recuperate the spleen and stomach. First of all, you need to maintain a happy mood, a good mood can effectively ensure the healthy work of the gastrointestinal system. In addition, you also need a good diet. You must eat on time every day. You cannot overeating. At the same time, you must combine dishes with vegetarian food. Patients must not have partial eating or picky eating.

You should also keep warm in your life, because most of the weakness of the spleen and stomach is caused by not keeping warm, and it is especially important to keep warm in spring and winter. Finally, proper physical exercise is also very necessary. Exercise can promote gastrointestinal motility, so that digestive ability will be improved, and the bodys ability to absorb nutrients will be improved. This will not only keep the body away from disease, but also increase physical fitness The better.

Through the above sharing, we learned that a persons appearance and health also have a lot to do with spleen deficiency. A spleen-deficient person is often older than a normal person, so if you want to change this, you may wish to improve your physique first, I hope this is helpful to everyone.

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