How to eliminate central obesity

According to media reports, 1.3 billion Chinese people, 200 million are obese, and obesity accounts for 15.3% of the total population. On average, one out of every 7.5 Chinese people is overweight.

Compared with western countries, the proportion of obesity in our population is not very large, but the absolute number is ahead of the world, forming a magnificent army of obesity. We used to admire the fat people with happiness, wealth, and tolerance. At that time, we believed that being fat meant being rich in food and clothing, having money and leisure, and being blessed and lucky. This is because before there were few rich people and not many fat people, so there was nothing bad about obese people. In recent years, fat and rich are almost two synchronously rising coordinate lines. When obesity has become a common phenomenon regardless of age and age, and disease has accompanied it, people no longer compliment fatness, but instead regard it as The burden is regarded as morbid and rejected as a hidden danger to health.

Yes, obesity is a disease, it is rich disease, civilized disease, it is caused by excess nutrition, and it is also a consequence of incomplete nutrition. The link between wealth, civilization and disease is really incredible. But the reality is that they are contradictory and unified. When people havent enjoyed their lives to the fullest, the unscientific lifestyle has made people suffer.

The reason why obesity becomes a problem for obese people is because the dominant feature of obesity is bloated body, big belly, stool, shortness of breath, sweating. In 2005, the International Diabetes Federation listed central obesity as one of the main indicators of metabolic syndrome, and even caused panic among the obese people. Therefore, it is natural for weight loss to become a subject of concern.

The fat of obese people, in addition to the performance of systemic fat gain and excess weight, the other thing that needs attention is the circumference. Everyone knows that the circumference of models is very standard, and the waist-to-hip ratio of ordinary people should be in a healthy range. The method of measuring waist and hip is as follows: The measuring tool is an inelastic tape measure, and a thin bodysuit is used for measurement. During the measurement, the tape measure is tightly attached to the skin, but it cannot sink into the skin. The measurement data should be accurate to the millimeter. When measuring waist circumference, place a tape measure at the level of the navel and measure it at the end of exhalation. When measuring hip circumference, place a tape measure at the maximum circumference of the hip. After the measurement is completed, the waist-to-hip ratio is divided by the waist-to-hip data to obtain the waist-to-hip ratio.

The basic principle of this test is that excessive abdominal fat is directly related to the occurrence of metabolic syndrome. People with a large amount of fat accumulation in the abdomen have a high waist-hip ratio, and they are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome than people with a low waist-hip ratio, which may lead to the risk of cardiovascular disease. Men are prone to waist and abdomen, and women are prone to have hips. This is a common physiological phenomenon. When a mans waist circumference increases to 2 feet 8 inches, that is, more than 93 cm, and a womans waist circumference grows to 2 feet 4 inches, that is, more than 80 cm, it is necessary to realize that the waist and abdomen fat is too thick, which will increase the burden on the body and affect the heart The increase in pressure is a critical signal that needs attention.

Obesity is a long-term process. People with a family history of obesity and people with acquired obesity must constantly monitor the above data. Before exceeding the standard, proactive measures must be taken to prevent problems before they occur. For people who are prone to gain weight, the so-called weight gain when drinking water reflects a regular thing: it is difficult to achieve weight loss effects and goals by dieting alone. There are many ways to lose weight, exercise weight loss, diet weight loss, drug weight loss, surgery weight loss, equipment weight loss and so on. I also want to invent a psychological weight loss. There are many advertisements for weight loss, and there is a very tempting saying that it is to lose weight without pain. In fact, as long as it involves weight loss, it is impossible to have no pain at all. Just find a way to minimize the pain.

I advocate a combination of exercise, weight loss (without dieting), and psychological weight loss. The reason is that without the help of external forces and completely relying on their own participation, both weight loss and fitness can be the most commonly used, most economical, less harmful to the body, a safer and safer way to lose weight. The main purpose of weight loss is to consume and burn excess calories and fat. Long-term aerobic exercise works best. The physical exercise process is a controllable process. Controllable is not a certain rule. The one that suits you is the best, and take the initiative in your own hands. The diet of fat people should be scientific, and diet should be changed to one word, that is, to reduce diet, to reduce high-calorie and high-fat food. Supplement low-calorie and low-fat foods to maintain the normal function of the body, and grasp the relatively temporary imbalanced diet structure that consumes more and supplements less. Combining long-term adherence to exercise and diet reduction will allow a large amount of plump fat to be decomposed and consumed, so that the cells dedicated to storing fat can be stored as fat-free or low-fat, making it impossible to make ends meet, laying a negative material foundation for weight loss. The so-called psychological weight loss is to be fully psychologically prepared for weight loss: first of all, to be prepared to bear hardships and stand hard work, have the idea of ​​fighting a protracted war, and the expected value should not be too high. It is impractical and impossible to reduce the fat that grows unknowingly easily. Secondly, we must believe that weight can be reduced through active scientific and reasonable training, so we must have perseverance, patience, and treat weight loss with an optimistic and open mind. For various reasons, the effect of weight loss is not obvious to everyone, but as long as you do it and persist, control the weight at a relatively stable level, the weight will no longer increase, and the waist circumference will no longer be  means harvest and effectiveness. In short, we must treat weight loss with a calm mind.

1. Comprehensive exercise: Weight loss starts from the whole, and it is necessary to exercise comprehensively and in various forms. When you move your whole body, you can consume more heat and fat, and you can also get a partial weight loss effect when you move your whole body. Systemic effects are better than pure local effects.

2. Local exercise: On the basis of comprehensive exercise, local exercise should be carried out in a targeted manner. If you want to reduce waist and abdomen fat, arrange exercises to reduce fat and fat around this part. Each exercise should not go straight to the theme, first do whole body activities, fully warm up, and then focus on local exercises.

3. Exercise methods: There are many forms, methods, and methods of exercise. There are no certain rules. You can choose according to your interests. Here is a sentence, the one that suits you is the best. Two simple and easy exercise methods are recommended: cloud hands and left and right back curling. This is to simplify the action in Taijiquan. After a little modification, the practice method is as follows:

Reverse humerus from left to right: After being improved from a simple backward step, it has become both forward and backward. The movement of the hand is basically unchanged. Refer to Yunshou for forward and backward movement distance.

Practice essentials: slow down as much as possible, dominate the waist, relax flexibly, make the movements of the upper and lower limbs coordinated and gentle, rigid and soft. Lower limbs are bent slightly, squat, half-squat, and squat, gradually increasing strength.

2.Strength of movement: It is suitable for small and medium, the instantaneous pulse during exercise is 120 ~ 140 times / minute, and there is mild fatigue. Old and frail people should take walking as their main exercise method.

3. Self-monitoring: There is no feeling of panic, chest tightness, shortness of breath, or nausea during exercise. After conditioning, relaxation, and rest, the pulse quickly returned to the level it was at when it was quiet. The morning pulse is stable, the sleep is normal, the spirit is pleasant, and it does not affect work and study.

It should be emphasized here that the heart burden of fat people is relatively heavy, and the basic pulse may be relatively high. Do not pursue high-intensity anaerobic exercise during exercise, so as not to increase the heart burden and cause safety problems. At the same time, fat people have a large body weight, but their lower limbs are relatively weak. Avoid violent running and jumping exercises to prevent sports injuries such as falls, strains, and falls. After the weight is controlled and the physique is strengthened, the amount of exercise can be gradually increased. Losing weight is like treating a disease, and the principle of getting sick like a silkworm is the same. The short and easy weight loss method may work for a while, but it is difficult to last long. Once a rebound occurs, the body is tortured in fat-thin-fat-thin, which is more harmful to health. When such a bad cycle occurs and fat cells develop immunity and resistance to drugs, it is possible that no means or method of weight loss will work, resulting in a situation where there is no cure and unimaginable. Therefore, the process of losing weight may be one and a half years, or two years in three years. You ca n’t be anxious or annoyed. Once you ’ve settled in, set off a long-term battle with obesity. In short, fat people must happily face weight loss.

To sum up, the principles of weight loss and fitness exercises are: the consciousness principle, the regular principle, the right load principle, the gradual principle, the comprehensive exercise principle, and the targeted principle. In short, weight loss is for health, and health is the most important principle.

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