Real people try three weight loss pills

Easy weight loss without dieting … the effect obviously does not rebound … Faced with the same advertising of weight loss pills, women are always confused, really can lose weight without dieting, do you really not rebound? So many weight loss pills should How to choose? Which weight-loss medicine is suitable for you? Today, lets get rid of the mystery of weight-loss medicine and understand its mechanism clearly. Understanding the experience of users of weight-loss products has given us a better understanding of weight-loss pills.

Common weight-loss drugs include appetite-suppressing drugs; energy-consuming enhancing drugs; drugs that prevent digestion and absorption; drugs that affect lipid metabolism. Among them, consumption-enhancing drugs, thyroid hormones are common, and they are not widely used because of their high risk.

Weight loss principle: Appetite suppressant mainly acts in the hypothalamus, which can enhance satiety by inhibiting the reuptake of norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine.

Suitable object: Big stomach girl who is determined to lose weight but has weak will. These kind of crushes often cant walk when they see delicious food in the street. They are used to eating when they are bored to relieve their boredom. Even if there is no activity to consume, they will have an appetite when they eat.

In the third week, he walked in a vain flutter, and the whole person was not a little mental. My boyfriend advised me to stop taking the medicine. He said that although I was thin, my face was very poor. What excites me is that the weight has dropped to 60kg! The arms and legs are also noticeably thinner, which is significantly smaller than that of a person half a month ago. Hmm? No, what happened to my legs? Two big pits actually appeared on my thighs! It was terrible. I carefully touched the pits on my legs and felt a bit numb. I was scared and stopped taking the medicine.

Editors suggestion: After observation, the big pits on Wang Jias legs are not terrible. It is due to the rapid decrease in fat and the natural depression caused by the thin attachment of fat at the muscle junction.

Disadvantages: Most of these drugs can cause side effects such as insomnia, restlessness, dizziness, tremor, headache, palpitations, dry mouth, dilated pupils, pulse count, and increased blood pressure.

Suitable for those who have a good appetite but cant bear starving. Even if you do n’t like snacks, you tend to be hungry at all times, and you may feel restless when you are not full.

I am a beautiful girl. This is recognized by everyone, but it is not good enough, I am too fat. My good friend baby is a model. Her weight is only 50kg at 1.75 meters. Im 5cm shorter than her, but its 5kg more than her! When we walk on the street, I always look pale and shameless.

V26 slimming Sha Qijing is an old brand of slimming food. I ordered 3 boxes online. This thing is really delicious! You can eat it with skim milk, or you can make ice cream. If you are tired of ice cream, put it in the refrigerator for cold drinks. After eating V26 to lose weight, Sha Qijing, as stated in the instructions, feels a little full, but it always seems to feel insufficient. In order to lose weight, I put up with it and only ate V26 with a little vegetables. What meat, oil, and bye, anyway, V26 contains a lot of nutrients, even if you do n’t eat. After taking a course of treatment, I was pleasantly surprised that I could change clothes with my baby! The weight was 6.5kg lighter, and the effect was better than I expected.

The ideal result should be that I become as touching as my baby, but then the facts are not as I wish. After losing weight, I relaxed my vigilance. In just two months, my weight rebounded to 56kg! Because I lost too much weight during the period of eating V26, after I let go of the meal, my appetite opened up, and I found the meat. It was too late when the meat grew again.

First of all, the weight of 1.7m and 55kg still need to lose weight! Obviously Xiaolais understanding of beauty is not healthy at all. Secondly, although V26 is famous for being rich in 26 essential nutrients for the human body, the bodys absorption capacity is different, and it is essential to supplement appropriate amounts of vegetables, eggs and beef with each meal.

Disadvantages: Can cause side effects such as flatulence, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Increased excretion can easily lead to a lack of nutrients in the human body. Care should be taken to supplement the nutrients that are excreted in excess.

Poor eating habits are an important cause of obesity. Therefore, if you do not want to rebound after losing weight, you must correct the original bad eating habits, otherwise no method can guarantee that you will not rebound after losing weight.

People who exercise in general should control their daily calorie intake at about 10045 kJ. People who exercise a lot should control about 8878.55 to 16742 kJ per day. People who exercise very little should control around 6278.25 to 8878.55 kJ per day.

① Limit the intake of high-fat foods, especially animal fats. ② Limit the intake of sugar foods: desserts and drinks. ③ Ensure that the diet has an adequate and balanced supply of vitamins and minerals. ④ Limit salt and purines (such as animal internal organs). ⑤ Limit drinking.

① Three meals a day to avoid overeating. ② Eat on time and avoid eating at night. ③ Eat according to the proportion, the ratio of the intake of each meal in the morning, middle and evening is 4: 4: 2.

Weight loss principle: Inactivation of lipase in the gastrointestinal tract, so that the fat in food cannot be hydrolyzed into free fatty acids and monoacylglycerols that can be absorbed by the human body, reducing the bodys caloric intake and achieving weight control. These products inhibit the absorption of approximately 30% of fat intake.

Suitable object: Social family. This type of people has a very frequent social life and business dealings, even if they want to clear porridge and side dishes. I ate a lot during the banquet, and the most terrible thing is that the possibility of no longer eating at all is zero.

A medical friend told me that Xenical is the slimming drug with the smallest side effects in the market and many Hong Kong movie stars rely on such drugs to lose weight in the past few years. I did not hesitate to choose it.

After taking Xenical, there is a layer of oil in the excrement! During the first week of taking the drug, there seems to be no significant change in weight, but I found that after eating hot pot and KFC, the extra oil was excreted. Eat less. In the second week, I started to pay attention to eating cold food and other foods with less oil content, and finally lost 2kg of weight.

The weight is lighter, but the trouble is increasing. Because the oil will be discharged after taking the medicine, it makes people nervous all day, and if they want to have a bowel movement, they rush to the toilet. It was only on the way to work that time, I was almost at the company, and suddenly felt like wanting to go to the toilet. Then I was too late, and hurried to run home to change my clothes. Fortunately, I was alone. If it was in a public place, it wouldnt be shameful! Think about it and feel scared.

Now, I have mastered some tips for attending the banquet. For example, talk to others as much as possible and cover your mouth; make a cup of oil-pudding tea for yourself while eating … It is good to reduce calorie intake Method. I did not feel any side effects such as dizziness and weakness when taking Xenical, but the inconvenience caused by oil leakage is really dumb to eat Coptis chinensis-I cant say it. Now that Ive lost another 1Kg of weight, I think that changing dietary habits must be more effective than taking diet pills!

Xenical is a nobleman in diet pills. The price of 300 yuan is only 21 capsules. If you take one capsule per meal, you can only use it for 1 week. In fact, Xenico can be missed. If you only eat soy milk and fruit for breakfast, there is no need to take medicine. In order to prevent the embarrassment of oil leakage, it is better to use sanitary napkins during the medication.

Disadvantages: Such drugs can cause gastrointestinal reactions, such as oily spots, increased gastrointestinal exhaust, urgency, oily stools, fatty diarrhea, increased defecation, and incontinence. In addition, Orlistat will also affect the bodys absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, D, K, and β-carotene should be supplemented when used.

Sanese is a prescription drug and is best taken under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take any weight-loss pills for a long time to avoid addiction, and you cannot take both weight-loss pills at the same time.

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