Live experience of the whole process of liposuction and thin legs

Chu Chu, 27 years old, has been married for one year and has a very loving husband. She is easy-going and always confident with a smile; she is dressed brightly and pursues fashion in all fields; she is high-profile and optimistic, does not complain about life and strives to change her life, adheres to a belief in life and a positive attitude towards life , You will never meet again when you are young. I often remind myself this way.

Since November last year, I have wanted liposuction. The reason is simple. I just want to make myself more perfect. I have always felt that if women ignore their appearance, their spirits will relax and they will gradually lose confidence. Gradually, the language was tasteless and blurred. Chu Chu said that she was 27 years old and half of her youth was gone. She did not want her youth to pass by like a calm water.

After her marriage, there are two paths before her. One is to be a virtuous wife and mother safely and securely. Anyway, the husband spoils himself; the other is to constantly surpass himself and transform her life by her own strength. She decisively chose the latter. Only know more, only know Xiongfei. In her words, only by constantly working hard and constantly surpassing yourself will you not regret it when you grow old. In fact, plastic surgery, happiness is the most important thing. The current level of medical care is reassuring. You only need to find a regular hospital, and most of the operations were successful. I am one of many lucky people. Speaking of the process of liposuction, Chu Chu said, in fact, it is not as horrible as said on the Internet, What I do is liposuction of thighs, and basically I fully recovered in a week.

Liposuction surgery is no longer a strange word. To be honest, I never thought I would be a part of the plastic surgery army. Friends around me have eyebrows, eyeliners, rhinoplasty, double eyelids, wrinkle removing, etc., in my opinion all Its someone elses business. Until one day I stumbled across an online post about liposuction, which was the impression of a woman who had undergone a successful operation. At that time, it dispelled my doubts about the safety of plastic surgery, and it made me very excited. I really want to try it myself. Although she is a wife, Chu Chu is still a big emotional girl. She wants to try liposuction every day, as if the task is not completed. I was originally smelly and liked to pay attention to fashion, but now I am really lean. In comparison, I am particularly dissatisfied with my thighs. Although people who know me do not think I have any regrets, but After much consideration, one day in November last year, I went into the cosmetic hospital.

After all, plastic surgery is not a transformation game that all women who are looking for beauty dare to try. Chu Chus choice, in addition to her courage, is even more enviable, she has a understand husband. When she told her husband about liposuction, he did n’t agree but did n’t object. He just cared and asked a lot of related questions objectively: such as whether there would be rejection, whether there would be sequelae, and the hospital. Is it formal, does the doctor have a medical license, what to do if the operation fails … I am very lucky to have such a lover, my husbands heart is as open as I am. I know that he is not only respecting the shaping of beauty, but also Respecting my choice.

To be honest, in the plastic surgery world, liposuction is now considered a minor operation. On the same day, Chu Chu cut two 1 cm holes in the inner thigh through local anesthesia, and evenly broke the subcutaneous fat through resonance. Through the catheter, 800 ml of fat fluid was drained. The entire operation lasted more than an hour. After taking a rest for 3 hours after going home, I felt pain on the first day, but I can still bear it. For 5 days after the operation, I went to the hospital every day to prevent infection. Now the scar on my leg is almost invisible and there is no obvious Wrinkled. Great success, really exciting.

I havent experienced the tenderness of my husband for a long time. This time he took care of me as a patient and helped me to bathe and massage the affected part every day. Now my skin is so even and smooth, there is no trace of plastic surgery, and my husbands Half the credit.

Some people think: Appearance is not the most important thing, but Chu Chu doesnt think so. She hopes that she will be more perfect, find an excuse for her to start again, and make herself more confident in the future. If you can sell a dream through cosmetic surgery and make your dreams come true, I believe that many women are willing to try. Even if such a small change is difficult for outsiders to understand, it is enough to satisfy a womans wish for beauty in the bones. After liposuction, my leives jeans were reduced from 30 to 26. Although life has not changed in essence, my eyes on life have changed. The long legs of those cover girls who I envied before are now long On me, their brand-name slim pants, I can still wear them out. The capital and self-confidence brought to Chu after liposuction was unexpected, and the beautiful legs brought self-confidence never before, and self-confidence. The mentality of Chu Chu exudes charming glory from the inside out. Even I stopped using the skin care products I bought for beauty treatment. I didnt expect to spend such money to save my daily beauty work. When the operation was successful, her first thing was to go back to a thorough shopping. Crazy, from tights to miniskirts, dresses that were never dared to try before, and enjoyed it. Then I ran to the studio and let my beautiful legs stand forever.

At the same time, Chu had another surprise in this plastic surgery. She was healthy and had not been ill for a long time due to surgery. She had inconvenience in exercising too much within a week, and her legs were swollen, bloody and sore during the liposuction. I havent experienced the tenderness of my husband for a long time. This time he took care of me as a patient and helped me to bathe and massage the affected part every day. Now my skin is so even and smooth, there is no trace of plastic surgery, and my husbands Its half credit. Chu Chus happiness overflowed in words.

Image is really important for women. So if you complain about your bad image all day, you might as well go for an operation, change your image, change your mood, and spend a lot of money to start a new one. Courage. She looked at the fat particles drawn from herself, and she knew that her beautiful life would begin again.

When I was lying on the operating table, I knew that it changed not just the thighs, but the heart. In fact, the mindset is more important than everything. Women who have cosmetic surgery are mostly related to emotions, but I am not. There is no standard for beauty. , More from the feeling of self.

Anyway, this operation was quite successful. Three months have passed and my recovery is quite satisfactory. Not long ago, I met an old friend who already knew that I had liposuction to lose weight. When I told him I still wanted to lose weight At the time, he seriously taught me not to toss. He said that if I did, he would severely look down on me and said that I was too unconfident. But I told him that this behavior is just a personal choice, one Its just happiness. Since choosing, I have no regrets.

Chu Chuchus choice can be said to be a personalized choice, but it can also be said to be a popular choice. Sometimes women are weak, and they always need to rely on some external images to prove their existence. They have to seize some things that are unchanged in the vast sea of ​​life. Place, from time to time to give you support and motivation.

Beautiful face, balance on the inherent temperament, the balance point is constantly on the move. Many people emphasize the importance of internal beauty, and despise plastic surgery all day, thinking that when the inner is better, the outer will change. In this regard, Chu Chu has her own point of view: everyone has the right to pursue beauty. In fact, plastic surgery is an attitude to life, not just for a certain thing. I probably didnt understand it before, but when I actually experienced it myself, I can understand these truths deeply. Because we are all working for our own lives and future.

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