Does beauty salon acupuncture weight loss sell steamed buns or curative effects?

Losing weight has become an undefeated topic and goal for girls. At present, there are various methods of weight loss on the market. In addition to weight loss medicines, many beauty salons have also introduced unique weight loss recipes, acupuncture points, acupuncture and massage. So, are these business propaganda methods or are they really safe and effective?

Ms. Zhang Zhang has also been troubled by her weight. She was 1.6 meters tall and quickly weighed 140 pounds. Ms. Zhang said that at the end of 2009, she had applied for a three-month weight-loss card at Xiaokou Slim in Jingkou Road, and bought sculpting underwear recommended by the clerk, which cost a total of nearly 6,000 yuan.

Because of the promised contraction and weight reduction, and a one-year conditioning period, and the store staff repeatedly assured me that it will never rebound, I think it should be more credible, so I applied for the card soon after consultation. Three After the month, Ms. Zhang lost nearly 20 pounds, which made her very happy.

In the spring of 2011, after one year of conditioning, Ms. Zhang found that although she did not eat a lot, her weight began to rise. Within a month or two, Ms. Zhangs hard weight loss results were burned, and her weight returned to 140 kg. It also reached a maximum of 147 pounds.

After Ms. Zhang negotiated with the store many times, a person in charge finally came forward and said that the money paid by Ms. Zhang could not be refunded, but she could give Ms. Zhang another 9-day treatment course for free. I went two or three times, and the staff asked me to pay again when I was doing it. I ca n’t return the money when I think about it. Later, I simply stopped going. Now, after adjusting her diet, Ms. Zhang has some weight control. Basically kept at 130 pounds.

Wu Mengmeng is a junior high school student. Although she is only 15 years old, she is already 1.75 meters tall. Although tall, the weight of 90 kilograms is a headache for the family.

Meng Mengs mother, Ms. Han, told reporters that in April last year, she took her daughter to Taitung Xiuyu Health and Beauty Agency, saw the green weight loss promoted in the brochure, and promised that a course of treatment could lose 10 pounds of body weight. The daughter paid 3108 yuan for three courses.

Their treatment method is to first cup and then lose weight in accordance with the recipe they made, and presented three bottles of weight loss capsules, taking two capsules a day. Ms. Han said that after her daughter had been treated there for half a month, she began to have abnormal vacations. phenomenon. Mengmengs regular leave was once every 30 days or at the latest 40 days. After treatment and taking weight-loss capsules, the regular leave turned into once a week.

Ms. Han Han quickly found the weight-loss institution, and the other party promised to refund the money, but to deduct the previous 8 treatment costs. Ms. Han thought it was unreasonable, and then complained to the industry and commerce department. Finally, with the intervention of industrial and commercial personnel, Ms. Han got a full refund.

A sign that reads Lazy wins to lose weight is placed outside the door, and when someone looks around, a young woman opens the door and enthusiastically leads the reporter into the room.

Our special feature is to eat steamed buns to lose weight, and we can easily lose weight by simply eating steamed buns. After entering, a short-haired woman introduced enthusiastically. The woman told reporters: You can make buns at home or buy buns. After you finish here, what to eat and what to eat, we will never recommend any products to you. After finishing, we will use mugwort to give you Moxibustion, just go home and eat buns and vegetables. The woman finally concluded that eating buns is not enough. The most important thing is to cooperate with their methods.

The reporter decided to find out. I have too much meat on my waist. Can I experience the weight loss method first? I did not expect that the two women in the store readily agreed to this request.

The reporter was arranged to lie on a bed. A clerk first applied some pink paste to the abdomen of the reporter, then rubbed it with both hands a few times before starting the operation. Pap! Pap! Pap! Before the reaction came, a pop sound sounded in the room, and then the reporter felt that his abdomen was very painful and almost cried out.

Because of the pain, all the attention was focused on the abdomen. The reporter only felt that the abdomens meat seemed to be sucked up by something, and then put it down again, every time it felt particularly painful.

The reporter lifted his head and looked at it, and saw that the woman ’s fingers and palms were bent into a bowl shape, and she slammed hard. The roots of the palms and the fingers firmly grasped the skin in front of her. Then he repeated the action, and soon the reporters entire belly turned red.

Within a minute of this womans arrest, the reporter couldnt bear it anymore and asked if she could tap it lightly. Its already very light. The short-haired woman stood beside and said that the intensity was already light, and promised that she would feel nothing after doing it three times.

After gritting her teeth for ten minutes, the woman took out a ball-point pen-shaped thing, and clicked three places on the abdomen of the reporter, and pressed it hard. The pressure was very painful. This is acupoints. These places are acupuncture points for thin stomachs, so that you can lose weight faster. After pressing back and forth twice, the acupoints were finally completed.

Subsequently, the reporters back suffered the same slap, and a few slaps of the reporter felt abnormal pain. The whole process lasted about 15 minutes. The abdomen and back of the reporter turned red. It felt like he was beaten severely. It was very painful.

From entering to experiencing, and then going out, the young woman in contact with the reporter never washed her hands, did not disinfect the acupoint stick, and put it back after use, and the bed where the reporter lay was not treated any more. .

During the experience, the woman told the reporter about the recipe and said that she must eat according to the recipe in order to lose weight, otherwise the effect will definitely not be good. From the beginning of eating steamed bread to lose weight easily, to must cooperate with the method, to diet according to the recipe otherwise it will not work, the conditions for weight loss are more and more.

In the four or five weight-loss stores visited by reporters, one of which clearly gave a commitment would generally require dietary support. The staff is outspoken, it is impossible to lose weight without diet.

Before losing weight, everyone should have a clear understanding of whether they are obese or overweight. Do not lose weight blindly just to pursue skinny beauty. No matter what method is used to lose weight in the beauty salon, in the final analysis, it is inseparable, that is, to eat less or not to eat. Experts analyze that these methods may bring psychological hints or divert attention, thereby reducing people. appetite. But taking weight-loss pills to lose weight is very risky and may cause damage to the body.

Experts say that in fact, the most healthy way to lose weight requires individuals to develop good eating habits and exercise in order to achieve the goal of weight control.

Only a hospital can perform acupuncture. It is definitely illegal to give customers acupuncture to lose weight in a beauty salon. Liu Lian, director of the Department of Acupuncture and Massage at Haici Hospital, told reporters that only doctors in regular hospitals can give to citizens on the premise of holding a doctors certificate Acupuncture is not available for beauty salons.

As for the variety of weight loss methods in beauty salons, Liu Lian said that it can only have a certain effect on people who are simply obese. And many beauty salons advertise where they want to lose weight and wherever they want to eat. These buns are impractical. Its impossible to eliminate where you want to lose fat. You can only say that the part is consumed faster. After all, weight loss must be reduced comprehensively in order to achieve weight loss. Liu Lian said, and these weight loss methods are the same It also requires a combination of diet and exercise, which cannot be done overnight.

The owner of a slimming shop told reporters that her approach is to make the stomach smaller, so that you can control your appetite and lose weight easily without starving. However, he still refused to disclose the method of shrinking his stomach.

You can find it when you check the Internet, this fat tester is available online. The staff of the store, while stroking a pet dog, introduced to reporters that the effect of breaking down fat is achieved through the instrument.

Our detoxification of the colon can also have a certain weight-loss effect, and all the stools in the colon are discharged. The staff of Zixing Beauty Salon Health Club said that the detoxification in the store is very popular. Many customers have different degrees of detoxification after doing it. Slimming effect.

On the poster on the wall, there is an instrument with many tubes inserted. This is our fat-cracking machine, through which it breaks down your fat. The reporter proposed to look at the machine and was rejected.

A weight-loss international chain agency learned that the reporter wanted to consult to lose weight. A woman who claimed to be a beauty instructor warmly introduced that the store was divided into local and full body weight reduction. Besides weight loss, she could also be shaped. There are two ways to lose weight by scraping and massaging. .

Chinese medicine conditioning, meridian weight loss, acupoint weight loss … During the investigation, the reporter noticed that after the fatal fatal incident, many businesses abandoned the method of liposuction invariably and set the banner of safety, green and health, most of which Play a TCM card. In addition, there are people who promote weight loss through papaya powder, essential oils, etc. or specific recipes.

The reporter also found that many weight loss stores will sign contracts with customers, but this contract has only one, which can only be saved by the weight loss store, and the customer simply cannot take it.

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