Diet to nourish the liver

During the Qingming holiday, it is rare to party and go out with family and friends, and enjoy the joy of the meal. At the same time, you must spend some thoughts on the choice of ingredients. You must not only eat delicious food at the dinner, but also take care of health.

When it comes to the Qingming diet, there are a few key words flashing in everyones brain: Yanggan, cold food, jujube cake and Qingming snail … Then, when preparing a table for loved ones in Qingming season, What should I eat? Which ingredients should not be eaten more? What should people with different constitutions pay attention to in the Qingming diet? If you think about it, many people will feel confused about the second monk. To this end, the reporter interviewed Tang Yi, the chief physician of the National Affiliated Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and asked him to talk about the doorway in the Qingming diet.

The health throughout the spring should be based on nourishing the liver, and Qingming is no exception. A famous medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, pointed out in Qian Qian Fang that at this time the diet should save acid and increase sugar, that is, eat some acidic foods to protect the liver, and eat more sweet foods to strengthen the spleen. According to Tang Yi, the Qingming Yanggan diet is easier said than done, but in practice it also varies from person to person.

Greens: Green leafy vegetables have the appearance of hair growth in spring. Traditional Chinese medicine has the words white into the lungs, red into the heart, cyan into the liver, black into the kidney, and yellow into the spleen. Green leafy ingredients enter the liver, so Ching Ming prefers green leafy vegetables. Among the most classic Qingming ingredients are celery and spring bamboo shoots that can protect the liver. In addition, chives (leves are better) and spinach are also suitable for this time.

Meat: Traditional Chinese medicine seeks analogy. As a liver, the liver of animals is particularly recommended. However, the animal liver has a lot of fat content, and people with hyperlipidemia should pay attention to eating with caution. In the Ming Dynasty, it is not advisable to eat warm meat, such as lamb and beef.

Fresh wind: Windy in spring, hot in summer, wet in summer, dry in autumn, and cold in winter. Therefore, in Qingming, you should also choose some ingredients from the perspective of resisting external winds. Meat pieces, skin jelly and other things with skin, at this time can effectively play a role in cosmetology, solid surface, and prevent the invasion of external evils. For example, stewed pork skin with soy beans, which contains estrogen, cooks the gelatin in the skin, and adds seasoning, which not only conforms to solar terms, but is also suitable for womens beauty.

Although the above dietary principles are in line with spring health, Tang Yi reminded that the specific diet should be different from person to person, depending on each persons different physical conditions. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is drained, and it is a fierce organ. It is particularly good when it is good to help digestion, qi, and blood circulation. However, the liver is particularly prone to liver qi stagnation and liver qi dysfunction, so nourishing the liver is not meant here to supplement. , But the meaning of conditioning, to nourish the liver according to the physical characteristics of each person.

In the Qingming period, everyones condition was different. Some people were strong, with a violent temperament and acuteness. They were usually prone to liver fire. Most of these people had a strong liver, easily dry mouth, red eyes, anxious love, and poor sleep. People with hot liver are suitable for clearing the liver with green leafy vegetables such as celery, spring bamboo shoots, and chives.

Although some people have strong liver and strong temperament, they need to eat vegetables to clear the liver heat, but some people are easy-going and even dull. In this kind of people, the liver qi is stagnation and the liver yin is inadequate. You should eat more animal livers to support the liver during Qingming. This type of liver deficiency population is not difficult to find in life. They may be a thin body, liver and kidney yin deficiency or liver disease, high blood pressure (insufficient liver yin, hyperactivity of liver yang), or liver and kidney Yin deficiency, the elderly in the decline stage, etc.

If you suspect that the animal liver has too much fat, or people with hyperlipidemia, you can use wolfberry instead of animal liver to nourish and nourish liver blood. Wash 10 grams of wolfberry and put it into the cup, inject boiling water, cover the cup lid, wait for 2-3 minutes to make wolfberry tea, which is beneficial to the kidney and liver, can refresh the heart, refresh the wind, improve heat dissipation Appetite and help digestion.

Women from middle-aged to middle-aged have older and younger children. They also have to take care of work. The family has a heavy burden. If they are in a bad mood, they will be prone to liver stagnation. People of this constitution can use some softer ingredients. The flowers are relatively light in texture. According to Chinese medicine, lightness wins. For example, using some roses and other flowers to make porridge and make tea can relieve liver and qi.

When referring to the Qingming traditional diet, many people think of jujube cake, cold food and Qingming snail … However, are these traditional diets suitable for everyone?

Wu Tangyi introduced that the jujube cake is indeed suitable for eating at this time. The cake is cereals, and jujube is added to the cereals, which is in line with the purpose of health and sweetening in the spring. It can increase the function of the spleen to limit the excessive promotion of liver qi. In other words, at this time, it is necessary to make up for it and not to be overly public. Jujube can achieve the purpose of strengthening the spleen, and the spleen can limit the excessive display of liver qi.

Many places have always had the custom of refraining from eating in the cold. For most people, occasionally eating an unheated meal is not a big problem, but people with stomach problems ca n’t, and those with rheumatism are cold in nature, and eating them may cause stomach problems.

As for the Qingming snail, the Qingming season is the best season for eating snails. There is a saying that Qingming snail, arrives at a goose. However, Qingming snails are negative. At this time, it is not hot summer, so it is more suitable for southern food.

The sky is bright and clear, the climate is mild, the vegetation is germinating, the apricots are blooming … when it feels fresh and clear here, it is clear. Since ancient times, Qingming has been an important solar term. In agricultural production, there is a saying that Qingming valley and rain are connected to each other, soaking and farming are not delayed, so what about people, in terms of living and maintaining health?

Hunchun in March, this is said to be born, the world is born together, everything is glorious, lying up early in the night, walking in the court, being delayed, so that Zhisheng … this spring qi should also be a way of health.

People always think that the spring equinox will officially enter the spring, so it is often said that the spring is cold. In fact, in meteorology, the average daily temperature (the average value of the highest and lowest temperatures of a day) is higher than 10 ° C for 5 consecutive days, which means that it has entered spring. Every year in Qingming, the average daily temperature in most parts of China will rise above 12 ° C. It can be said that when Qingming comes, spring really comes.

Regarding the health in spring, it was made very clear in the The Theory of Four Modulations in Huang Di Nei Jing Su Su: Spring is the season for the recovery of all things. In order to adapt to the law of spring yang, people should sleep late and get up early , Soothes the body, so that the consciousness will relax and relax with the spring air. This is the natural law of health. If you violate it, you will hurt your liver. In this season, you should grasp the characteristics of the spring qi to rise and relax, pay attention to protect the bodys yang, so that it is constantly abundant, and gradually flourish. Any situation that consumes yang and obstructs yang should be avoided.

Of course, the late sleep mentioned here is not to make people stay up late, and to get up early is not to get up earlier than chickens, but rather to get up late and get up early in the winter, it is refreshing to sleep properly. .

In spring, nature is full of vitality and maggots are awakening. Specific to people, we should also conform to the characteristics of spring yang rising and the beginning of all things. In terms of spiritual recuperation, we should focus on the word sheng. How is it born? The above mentioned to make Zhisheng, that is to say, in the spring people should let their will grow, instead of depressing their emotions, they should be open-minded, optimistic and happy, and they must let their emotions come alive.

The greening of the living room is also an important aspect of spring health. Spring is the time to plant flowers and trees, and greening is good for peoples health and longevity. Therefore, in our country, it is also known as trees and flowers planted in the garden, and the air is stretched by fresh people. If you can live in a quiet, fragrant and beautiful green environment, the temperature of human skin can be reduced by 1 ℃ -2.2 ℃, the pulse rate can be reduced by 4-8 times per minute, and the blood flow is slow, the breathing is even, and the mood is comfortable. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the high incidence season, which has a good adjuvant treatment of heart, cerebrovascular disease, hypertension, neurasthenia and respiratory diseases.

In reality, you can focus on the greening of the home on the balcony, plant some flowers on the balcony, and place bonsai, which can beautify the environment and be good for human health. If the balcony area is large, you can also use climbing pots to grow climbing plants, such as morning glory, barberry and so on. Their vines climbed the balcony and the green windows, and they were lively and pleasing.

He also mentioned that walking in court and being slow-moving is also the essentials of health in spring. How to understand this sentence? its actually really easy. This solar term is the time when the Spring Plague is popular, but it must not be closed behind, let alone sitting at home for too long, because long lying hurts, long sitting hurts meat. Therefore, you should maintain an optimistic mood, take a walk in the courtyard, even open your hair at will, breathe in the fresh air, and stretch your bones.

Every time the season changes, it is also the time to test the skin. In the spring, the wind is dry and the skin is more prone to problems. At this time, you must learn to wash your face: When you wash your face, you must use your hands to start from the lower jaw, and gently wash upwards and outwards slowly. Do not apply force, it will not only maintain the skin to a certain extent, but also will not make it feel very stressed. At the same time, cosmetics should be used according to the skin quality and skin condition. It is best not to use skin care products that have not been used before when changing seasons, otherwise it is more likely to cause problems to the skin.

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