Autumn health: early to bed and early to get up; avoid gluttony

August 7th is the important solar term Liqiu in the traditional solar terms. Pipe records: The Qi of the Qiu begins to fall, so everything is collected. Chinese medicine pays attention to correspondence between heaven and man. After the autumn, the yang of nature begins to converge and settle, and people should start preparing for the maintenance of yang. Experts remind that autumn health, all diet and daily living, exercise and mental spirit, are based on the principles of maintenance and receiving: living well early to bed and early to rise, diet needs little Xinduo acid, exercise should be relaxed and gentle , The spirit needs to calm down.

The beginning of autumn is the transfer of solar terms from heat to coolness, and also the yang qi gradually receives, the yin qi gradually grows, and the period from yang sheng to yin sheng is the period of maturity and harvest of all things. period. According to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine yangyang in spring, yang in autumn, winter and nourishment in autumn and winter, when the autumn season is the most suitable tonic for the human body, people can scientifically take in nutrition and adjust their diet according to the characteristics of this solar term to supplement the consumption in summer, but not disorderly Make up.

After the beginning of autumn, many bitter summers and people with poor appetite in the summer gradually improved their appetite, so they started to post Qiu Qi actively or passively; some elderly people paid more attention to Qi Qiu. However, experts remind people not to hurry to stick to autumn leaves. Because peoples gastrointestinal function is weak at this time, it has not been adjusted. If you eat too much high-protein food such as meat, it will increase the burden on the stomach and gastrointestinal function. Therefore, you should eat meat appropriately, and it is best to wait until the sky really cools down before adding more meat. Those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, hyperlipidemia, chronic stroke and other diseases should not eat too much meat.

The principle of Liqiu tonic is less bitter and more sour. Eat as little as possible onion, ginger, garlic, leek, pepper and other spicy products, as well as spicy, fried, wine and dried puffed foods. Eat more sour fruits. And vegetables to support the liver. It is necessary to properly eat some foods or medicines with spleen, heat, and dampness, which can make the evil of damp and hot in the body excreted from the urine, and can also regulate the function of the spleen and stomach, and lay the foundation for health in the middle, late autumn and even winter.

Compared with meat, the light tonic effect of leaves, cauliflower and some fruits and vegetables is more prominent, such as eggplant, fresh coriander, mung bean sprouts, loofah, cucumber, winter melon, bitter gourd and other light foods have the effect of cooling the heat. Chinese medicine health also advocates drinking porridge every morning after the beginning of autumn, which is conducive to spleen, can help the spleen and stomach nourish yin, and balance the healthy yang.

After Li Qiuqiu, he must keep in mind the poor melon. No matter whether it is watermelon, cantaloupe, or vegetable, dont eat as much as it will damage the spleen and stomach. Although summer eating a lot of melon does not cause spleen and stomach disorders, it has reduced the gastrointestinal resistance. After the beginning of autumn, eating a lot of raw fruits will definitely help dampness, damage the spleen and yang, and acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea and diarrhea will follow.

The main climatic characteristics of autumn are dryness, lack of moisture in the air, and human body also lacks moisture. In ancient times, there were good recipes for dealing with Qiuzao: Chao Chao brine, honey soup in the evening and evening. Drinking salt water during the day and honey water at night are not only a good way to replenish the bodys moisture, but also to keep healthy in autumn and resist aging Good Recipes.

Since the autumn season is high, it is time to start being up early and getting up early to get up with the chickens. Go to bed early to conform to the convergence of yang qi, and get up early to stretch the lung qi, and prevent convergence too much. Getting up early in autumn can also reduce the chance of thrombosis, which is of certain significance for the prevention of ischemic diseases such as cerebral thrombosis.

In the autumn season, the summer heat is not over. Although there is a cool breeze, the weather is erratic, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the day is still hot. In this solar term, it makes sense to strengthen the nights sleep time, which is exactly to compensate for the lack of sleep in summer. Going to bed early in the fall is in full compliance with the health principles of the way to nourish. Generally, it is more suitable to fall asleep from 9 to 10 pm in the fall and to get up from 5 to 6 in the morning. Before going to bed, you can eat some foods that support the heart and yin, such as rock sugar lily lotus root soup, millet red date porridge, lotus root powder, or longan meat water, etc., are good for health; soaking your feet with warm water before bed can help sleep.

Autumn Frozen is to meet the health needs of natural convergence in autumn. Appropriate autumn freezing can ensure the bodys smooth transition from hot summer to cool autumn, improve the bodys adaptability to climate change and cold resistance, thereby stimulating the body to gradually adapt to the cold environment, which can affect various diseases common in winter, especially respiratory diseases. To positive preventive effects. Experts suggest that in the early autumn when the temperature difference does not change much, dont be busy adding clothes, especially young adults, the principle is make the body feel a little cool, but do not feel cold. Autumn is also the best time to exercise childrens cold protection ability, enhance their disease resistance, and prevent upper respiratory infections and pneumonia. Experts remind you not to dress your child too thick in the early autumn. Children can easily wet their underwear due to sweating. After quiet, when the wind blows, they will be susceptible to colds. According to the childs age, physical fitness and temperature changes, the autumn freeze should be mastered flexibly, so that it gradually adapts. However, young children with poor self-regulation ability, elderly people with weakened cold protection ability, people with tracheitis, gastritis, chronic diseases, and people with poor temperature regulation are not suitable for autumn freezing.

At the same time, after entering autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the human immunity is greatly reduced. Prolonged blowing of air conditioners, fans, or sleeping mats on cool nights may cause local soreness and diarrhea. Diseases such as arthritis, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, and herniated disc can easily recur due to cold.

After the fall, it is a good time to carry out various sports exercises. Autumn health cannot be separated from the principle of receiving and maintaining, and maintaining the yin in the body as the first task. Exercise should also follow this principle, that is, the amount of exercise should not be too large, and it should be selected as a relaxed and gentle item. Especially the elderly, children and frail people to prevent excessive sweating and yang loss.

Experts suggest that mountain climbing is a good choice for outdoor sports after the beginning of autumn. Mountain climbing can enhance the breathing and blood circulation functions of the human body, increase the vital capacity of the human body and increase the contractile force of the heart. It can also assist the treatment of asthma and other diseases, reduce blood sugar, and increase the hemoglobin and red blood cell count of patients with anemia. The temperature change during mountain climbing is more obvious, which can keep the bodys temperature regulation mechanism constantly in a state of tension, thereby improving the human bodys ability to adapt to environmental changes. In addition, outings after the early autumn can make people absorb more negative oxygen ions in the air, and have good nutrition and soothing effects on the nervous system.

It should be noted that this exercise is not suitable for patients with osteoarthritis. For the elderly and infirm, the health effects of mountaineering cannot be emphasized. Patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc. should act within their abilities to prevent accidents. At the same time, after the fall, some cold-resistant exercises such as walking, tai chi, and cold water bathing can be gradually carried out, which will help improve peoples ability to adapt to environmental changes and improve the function of the cardiovascular system. In autumn, the flexibility of the human body and the stretch of the muscles decrease. Warm up before stretching to stretch your limbs. You should not suddenly increase the amount of exercise during exercise.

Qiu Fengfeng Qiu Yu makes people worry, this is not entirely aesthetic and psychological reasons, but also has certain physiological reasons. The pineal gland at the bottom of the brain can secrete melatonin, which can seduce people to sleep, cause depression and depression. In summer, this melatonin is secreted less because of plenty of sunlight. After the fall, the sunshine time decreases and the intensity weakens. The secretion of this hormone increases, and the mood is naturally easy to be negative, and the spirit is also easy to lose energy. In addition, under low temperature conditions, human metabolism and physiological functions are in a suppressed state, which may easily lead to endocrine disorders, which may further lead to depression, inattention, and even symptoms such as palpitations, palpitations, and insomnia.

Experts believe that to overcome the sad autumn mood, in mental rehabilitation, we should cultivate an optimistic and open-minded mind, maintain a comfortable mood, take advantage of the situation, and vent the accumulated depression. You should be less nostalgic, think more about the good future, and participate in more meaningful activities to enrich your spare time. It is better to keep your spirits and calm your mind, avoid depression and anger, and keep a happy mood to clear the lungs and maintain the liver. For the respiratory system, laughter can expand the lungs, and when people laugh, they can take a deep breath unconsciously, clear the airways, and make the breathing unobstructed. When people laugh, they can absorb more oxygen into the body, and with the smooth blood traveling through the body, each cell of the body can get sufficient oxygen.

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