10 magical tips to lose weight fast

Have you ever noticed your feet when you exercise on a treadmill? What do they look like when running? Inside character or outside character? Dont think that this is just a question of running posture, it is also related to how much fat is consumed.

Studies have shown that running posture can affect fat consumption. In other words, if you take the correct running posture, you can consume 6D0 calories in 30 minutes. Incorrect posture can only make you burn fat below this figure. Consume more fat.

When running, keeping your feet in the outside eight state will not only make you run more stable, but also increase the resistance during running and consume more calories. And if you can lift your heels and run with your toes, you will get better results.

Is He still sitting in a chair? Then you are really out of date. Now the fashionable thing is to replace the traditional chair with a fitness ball. That is, whether youre in the office or a fitness club, sit on a fitness ball, not on a chair or floor. The purpose of this is to keep you in balance and constantly adjust your posture to move the entire body and channels.

Of course, we dont think you can force your chair to be replaced with an exercise ball, but you can put an exercise ball in the office. Especially when it ’s easy to get sleepy after lunch, sitting on the exercise ball for 30 minutes will instantly refresh you. In addition, if you can still hold dumbbells for exercise, it will be more perfect.

The fitness instructor said: You should do 200 skipping ropes a day, which can firm up your whole body muscles, better consume your fat, and achieve the goal of body shaping. Thats right! However, if you change the method of skipping, you may get more results with less effort.

“The double swing jump method in skipping rope means that when you jump with the rope, the rope passes quickly under your feet twice. Compared with the normal rope skipping method, this is a certain degree of difficulty, but this is also the best method to consume fat. It effectively burns 26 calories of fat in one minute, and it can tighten your whole body muscles, exercise endurance, and increase strength.

First of all, you have to identify yourself: you are just an ordinary company employee, not a person who wants to get a lifetime medal for sports and fitness. Therefore, your fitness training should be soothing and reasonable, and never be an avid fitness saint.

This is the Time Principle from the American Fitness Associations Recommended Exercise Manual. Its suggestion is: within 60 minutes of exercise, you should ensure that you have a 20-minute break; in the year-round exercise fitness plan, you should allow yourself 1/4 of the time to learn theoretical knowledge and enhance and update yourself Fitness concept. You know, fitness is not everything in life, and life needs fitness to adjust.

Jumping is a good way to keep fit. Frequent skipping exercises can help the body get health-care oscillating massage, thereby improving physical health, physical fitness, and exercise level. Repeated and repeated continuous jumping exercises can make the human body bear a certain amount of exercise load, which is beneficial to improving the bodys functional level, balance ability, and developing the ability and sensitivity to coordinate exertion.

Is to continuously repeat the practice of jumping up without any equipment. Such as: Straight leg jump-start from the squat and swing up with the arms, and the fall buffer is restored to the squat. Repeat this exercise 5-10 times in a group, 2-3 times a week. The main points of the abdomen jump action are: start the half-squat and swing the arms to close the legs and abdomen. After the fall is restored, repeat the exercise continuously. Twice a week, 3 groups each time, 10-20 per group is enough, very effective for abdominal weight loss.

During the exercise, you should choose soft ground, such as sand and grass. After the exercise, pay attention to relax and massage the calf area to prevent inflammation of the tibial membrane and affect health.

Go to the gym every week and sweat a lot every time. But how much fat is consumed, you never seem to have statistics. Because of weight loss, your coach may make you pay more attention to the number and frequency of diets. But fitness items and frequency are also worthy of attention. Only by keeping track of them can you be sure of your heart.

This is a fitness record card that belongs only to you. We hope that it can witness your progress through the form curve, so that you can always pay attention to your progress and give yourself more confidence. The table should include: weight, exercise program, exercise time, caloric value, physical flexibility, physical feeling, mental state, etc.

Change your fitness record card at least four times a year to set new fitness goals. For example: When you see in the table that you have been able to complete 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes, you can increase the number of sit-up exercises the next time you make a plan so that you can have more and higher goals.

When we do yoga training, we are usually required to keep a certain movement for 2-3 minutes. It may be difficult for you just beginning to practice. However, as the practice time increases, they are no longer difficult, and you may be able to maintain longer or do more difficult moves.

When doing yoga exercises, you must have done the tree pose exercise. Generally, it will require the practitioner to maintain this posture for 3 minutes to stretch the whole body muscles and stretch the body. In fact, you may wish to keep it for another minute, so that you can burn more fat and exercise endurance.

Its a bit laborious to draw the arm straight backwards like a wheel, but it is the muscles behind the shoulders that give us thrust. This is a bit more difficult than swimming forward (the front muscles of the shoulders move us forward), but it can mobilize the back muscles more accurately than the biceps. In this movement, the most beneficial part is the chest. The more muscles you exercise at the scapula, the more beautiful your chest contours will be.

Only for a long time (at least half an hour your fat will start to burn) and regular (three times a week) swimming can see the effect. It is best to keep it in cooler water, because the temperature is too high, which can cause cramps and poor breathing. Try to keep it slower, but if you are not very strenuous, you can take a few quick runs (reminder: the effect of swimming can only be felt through long distances). Finally, the more you stretch your arms behind your head, the more your muscles will stretch.

Put on a weight-bearing vest while walking, which can help you burn 10% more calories. For safety reasons, the weight should not exceed 20% of body weight (for example, for a woman weighing 60 kg, the weight should not exceed 12 kg). If you dont like this method of weight bearing, you can also try to hold two long poles in your hand. Although they weigh only 0.5 kg, they can help you burn 20-25% more calories without any side effects.

You can refer to the following data: walking for 30 minutes and consuming 210 calories; wearing a weighted vest for 30 minutes can consume 231 calories; holding a long pole for 30 minutes can consume 252 calories. Still hesitating? Hurry up and get on the road!

Scientific walking exercise can not only keep fit, but also make people fit. Therefore, walking has become a recognized effective and scientific fitness method, and the World Health Organization has said that the best exercise is walking. However, if you want to achieve the ideal exercise effect, the walking skills can not be ignored.

Correct posture: Keep your head straight, your eyes flat, and your trunk straight (shoulders, chest and waist slightly raised, abdomen closed). This posture is conducive to the smooth flow of meridians, smooth running of qi and blood, and a healthy state of human activity.

Pay attention to the sense of rhythm: When walking, the bodys center of gravity moves forward, arms and legs coordinate and coordinate, the pace is strong and natural, the pace is moderate, and the feet should have a sense of rhythm.

Natural breathing: Try to pay attention to the technique of abdominal breathing, that is, try to exert a little force when exhaling, be natural when inhaling, and coordinate the breathing rhythm and pace.

Grasping with feet: When walking, a foot in contact with the ground must have a grasping action (toe adduction), which can promote microcirculation on the feet and legs. Walking speed: This depends on individual circumstances. Studies have found that when walking at a speed of 80-85 meters per minute for more than 30 minutes, the disease prevention and fitness function is most obvious.

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