Jingshen occupies an important position in traditional health science. The ancients believed that God is the master of life activities. Keeping his spirits quiet and psychologically stable can maintain his vitality and reconcile the internal organs, and help prevent diseases, improve health and prolong life. On the other hand, theRead More →

Scraping is a very common method of TCM maintenance. Many people use scraping to remove moisture from their bodies. Drive off the cold. In addition, what are the benefits of scraping? Today we will study the benefits of scraping. As well as the disadvantages of scraping, there are ways toRead More →

Nowadays most children are the only children in the family. The elders leave what is delicious and delicious to the children, but as a result, most children are obese. Obese children must lose weight because obesity has an impact on the body, so how do children lose weight? To shareRead More →

The census data in recent years show that the incidence of hypertension in China has an increasing trend. In addition to age, family history, high salt intake in the diet, obesity, etc., the predisposing factors are highly concentrated, excessively intense mental labor , working environment, living environment, and lifestyle mutationsRead More →

Obesity in the medical sense refers to a certain degree of obvious overweight and thick fat layer, which is a state caused by the accumulation of body fat, especially triglycerides. For obesity caused by too much heat energy intake and too little activity, the preventive method is to consciously controlRead More →