6 bad eating habits are to lose weight natural enemies

Some people have a large amount of food and a greedy mouth. They have to eat enough to eat every meal, especially when they encounter food that suits their appetite, they will gobble up and overeat, which will inevitably lead to too many calories and obesity. To withstand the temptation of food, even the most delicious food can not eat too much, just eat 7 points full, not only conducive to health, but also help digestion, prevent obesity.

Some people are busy in the daytime and will have plenty of time after work, so they will choose a rich dinner in the evening. At night, the amount of activity will be reduced and the vagus nerve will be excited, which will promote the secretion of insulin, and food will form fat accumulation in the body.

Nowadays, the pace of life is fast, and young people eat fast. If they eat too fast, they will eat too much food. Because there will be satiety reaction in our brain’s appetite center. If we eat too fast, the blood sugar will not rise in time, and the satiety nerve has not been transmitted, so we have eaten a lot of food. When a satiety reaction occurs, you have been overeating. When eating, you should chew carefully and swallow slowly as much as possible. You should chew at least 20 times for each meal, so as to prolong the satiety nerve.

Saving is a traditional virtue in China. Some people worry that food will be wasted, and they will eat all the leftovers. In this way, they will take in too much heat energy, which will cause endocrine disorders and obesity. When cooking or cooking, they should have a plan to do well in cooking.

Partial diet means that people like to eat foods with high sugar content or high fat content. Some people like to eat animal viscera, fat meat, fried or greasy food. Some people like to eat sweets such as cakes. In this way, they will take in too many calories and easily have unbalanced nutrients, which will lead to obesity.

Nowadays, snacks on the market are high in sugar and fat. If you always eat snacks, you will increase your heat in your heart. If the heat is not released and consumed, it will turn into fat and accumulate to form obesity.

The above bad habits are the main causes of obesity, try to give up. Three meals a day should be timed and quantified to avoid overeating. Each meal can only be full at 7 points. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and stay away from high sugar and high calorie foods.

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