The quality of human visceral function will be reflected on the face

The ear represents the condition of the kidney. A red or purple pinna indicates poor circulation. Drink less, eat less fine food, eat less sugar, and do more exercise to promote circulatory function.
Every month, there are many pimples in the mandible before and after menstruation. The skin changes in this area are directly related to the ovaries, which can be improved by body massage or lymphatic drainage.
The most common color on the face is sick. When people are in poor health, they will show ill complexion. The five colors of white, yellow, red, black and green in the disease color correspond to different body diseases.
These whites are lusterless and bloodless, which are used to describe the sick white of the face. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this white color is closely related to Qi deficiency and blood deficiency. If the blood is insufficient and cannot nourish the face, it will appear pale; the operation and generation of blood depend on Qi again. Traditional Chinese medicine says that Qi can generate blood, and if Qi is deficient, the function of generating blood will be reduced. If the blood cannot nourish the face, it will appear pale. There is also a white body caused by cold, this kind of people especially need to keep warm.
The way to solve this problem is to make up the deficiency. If there is no special symptom, food supplement is the best way! The principle is to make up what is lacking. More nuts, fruits, beans, fish, chicken and other food. If necessary, it’s also a good way to eat some red dates and wolfberry.
“People with these two complexions often have either spleen deficiency or moisture in their bodies.” Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are the root of nature and the source of nutrients. If the spleen and stomach are weak and cannot be transported normally, the nutrients will not nourish our face. At this time, yellow will appear. In addition to digesting nutrients, the spleen also metabolizes water dampness. If the dampness pathogen can’t metabolize normally and the nutrients accumulate abnormally, the abnormal yellow color will appear.
The solution: for the yellow complexion caused by partial food and unbalanced nutrition, adjusting the dietary structure and supplementing nutrition are the headlines, correcting the bad eating habits, eating more meat with high protein and low fat, persisting in eating pomegranate and papaya, and drinking milk and almond dew will definitely get better. At the same time, don’t forget to invigorate the spleen and damp. Often eat some Coix, lotus seed, longan and red bean soup. If you have a congenital deficiency of carotene metabolizing enzyme, insulate yourself from foods that contain carotene. Often stay up late, irregular life is also a major factor in the appearance of “face”. Change bad habits now!
Cyan is a color of liver. Generally, the cyan of face is caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis. This kind of person’s character characteristic is very obvious, for example is suspicious, likes to dig into the bull’s corner, easily inexplicably gets angry and so on. In addition, it may also be due to cold. Sometimes we say “green with cold”, because qi stagnation affects the movement of Qi and blood.
The solution: you are too tired or stressed, or you can’t keep up with nutrition, or you may be ill. You’d better go to the hospital for examination. If it’s cyanosis, it means lack of oxygen in the blood, and you need to improve your cardiopulmonary function. For cold syndrome, traditional Chinese medicine usually “dispel cold”, eat more beef and mutton, pepper and ginger to stimulate heat energy and speed up metabolism. As soon as the cold goes, the body warms up, and the face will no longer be blue. With the appropriate sports effect of course better!
A dark complexion can make people feel “described as withered” and look like they are several years old. Dark complexion is closely related to kidney. Patients with kidney deficiency often see black complexion. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that five colors correspond to five zang organs, and black corresponds to kidney. Therefore, patients with kidney deficiency often see black complexion. Black eye circle also belongs to complexion blackening, which is caused by abnormal water metabolism caused by kidney deficiency.
Solution: eat more foods with the function of protecting kidney and diuresis, such as walnut, agaric, lean meat, carrot, winter melon, tomato, orange, persimmon, dried fruit, etc. The above food contains rich protein, vitamins, zinc microelements, etc., which is conducive to improving the immunity of the body; at the same time, pay attention to regulating the acid-base nature of the food, and it is healthier to take alkaline food. Walnuts, black fungus, black beans, black sesame, light vegetables and wolfberry are all good kidney tonics. They can be used to make soup or porridge for long-term health care. In addition, drinking a large cup of honey water on an empty stomach in the morning can also effectively discharge toxins in the body!
Healthy red is emitted from the inside out, and unhealthy red tide has a feature, like the tide, for example, someone will turn red in the afternoon. Hot flushes are related to yin deficiency and heat. Generally, people with hot faces also have the symptoms of five hearts upset and hot, that is, they are in a bad mood and their hearts and feet are hot. If Shanghuo belongs to real fire, it shows that it is red on the whole face. If it is caused by Yin deficiency, it is usually just red on the cheekbones.
Solution: people with red faces like babies for a long time should pay attention to possible heart diseases. Please go to the hospital in time for examination and treatment. Excluding pathological factors, some ointment can be applied to improve the condition of facial capillary expansion. Say goodbye to stimulating food and avoid the hot and cold stimulation to the face. Of course, blushing is mostly related to your physical condition. Ask a doctor for help!

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