The most practical weight loss exercise without a penny

[Go up stairs] if you go up stairs 3-4 times a week and exercise for about 30 minutes each time, you can consume 400-500 calories. In addition, you can also strengthen and strengthen the leg, thigh and thigh muscles.

[Yoga] for beginners, this ancient body building method may be more complicated and mysterious, but if you practice properly and do yoga 3-4 times a week, it will have great benefits to your body, including strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, improving posture and maintaining body posture.

[Dance] follow the vigorous song, hand dance and foot dance, 3-4 times a week, which is also a good way to lose weight, but remember to warm up enough to prevent sprain. It’s enough to jump for about 20 minutes at a time. It’s better to do more.

[Morning exercise] when you get up in the morning and do barehanded exercise for about 20 minutes, you will not only receive the effect of physical exercise, but also help you to refresh yourself and meet the challenge of the day.

[Rope skipping] even athletes use this method to exercise their bodies, which indirectly proves the effectiveness of rope skipping, and also proves that it is not only suitable for children, and rope skipping may be the most cost-effective sport, which requires only one rope.

[Office gymnastics] even when you are sitting in a chair, you can tighten your abdominal muscles, exercise your own muscles, or even just stand up and walk a few steps to stretch your muscles.

[Use the facilities in the park] you can run in the park, even play slide like a child, climb high and climb low, and you can also lose weight.

[Housework] this is the most constructive and effective way to lose weight, and it can help you burn extra calories. For example, washing the floor can burn 350 to 400 calories in an hour.

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