Running posture affects adult consumption

Have you ever noticed your feet when you exercise on the treadmill? What do they look like when they run? Inside or outside? Don’t think it’s just a matter of running posture. It’s also about how much fat you burn.

Studies have shown that running posture can affect fat consumption. That is to say, if you take the right running posture, you can burn 6d0 calories in 30 minutes. The incorrect posture can only make you consume less fat than this number. Consume more fat.

When running, make your feet in a “splay” state, which not only makes you run more stably, but also increases the resistance and consumes more calories. If you can stand on your heels and run with your toes, you will get better results.

Still in the chair? Then you are really behind the times. Now the fashionable thing is to replace the traditional chair with the fitness ball. That is to say, whether you are in the office or the fitness club, you should sit on the fitness ball instead of the chair or the floor. The purpose of this is to keep you in balance and constantly adjust your posture and move your body meridians.

Of course, we don’t think we can force you to change your chair into a gym ball, but you can put a gym ball in the office. Especially when you are sleepy after lunch, sit on the fitness ball for 30 minutes, and you will be refreshed immediately. In addition, if you can hold dumbbells for exercise, it will be more perfect.

The fitness coach said: you should do 200 rope skipping exercises every day, which can tighten your muscles, better consume your fat, and achieve the purpose of body shaping. That’s right! Just, if you change the rope skipping method, you may get twice the result with half the effort.

The “double swing” jumping method in rope skipping refers to that when you hold the rope and jump, the rope quickly passes under your feet twice. Compared with the normal rope skipping method, it is difficult, but it is also the best way to consume fat. It burns 26 calories of fat effectively in one minute, and it can tighten your whole body muscles, exercise your endurance and strengthen your strength.

First of all, you need to identify yourself: you are just an ordinary company employee, not a person who wants to win a lifetime medal in sports and fitness. Therefore, your fitness training should be slow and reasonable, and never be a fanatical “fitness saint”.

This is the “time principle” from the American Fitness Association’s fitness recommendation manual. Its suggestion is: in the 60 minutes of exercise, you should ensure that you have 20 minutes of rest time; in the annual exercise and fitness plan, you should set aside 1 / 4 of the time to learn theoretical knowledge, enhance and update your fitness concept. You should know that fitness is not the whole of life, but life needs to be adjusted by fitness.

Jumping is a good way to keep fit. Regular jumping exercise can make the body get health care vibration massage, so as to improve physical health, enhance physical fitness and improve the level of exercise. Repeated and continuous jumping exercises can make the human body bear certain exercise load, improve the level of body function, balance ability, and develop the ability and sensitivity of coordinated force.

That is to say, without using any equipment, we can repeat the dance continuously. For example: straight leg jump – start from the squat and swing your arms to jump up, then reduce the falling buffer to squat. Repeat 5-10 times in a group, 2-3 times a week. The main points of the abdominal jump are as follows: start from the half squat, swing your arms, jump up, close your legs and abdomen, after the fall is restored, repeat the exercise continuously. Two times a week, three groups of exercise each time, 10-20 in each group is enough, which is very effective for abdominal weight loss.

In practice, you should choose a soft ground, such as sand, grass is better. After practice, you should pay attention to relaxing and massaging the lower leg to prevent inflammation of the tibial membrane and affect your health.

Go to the gym every week and sweat a lot every time. But you never seem to count how much fat you consume. Because of weight loss, your coach may make you pay more attention to the number and number of times you eat. But fitness programs and frequency are also worthy of attention. Only by recording them from time to time can we know them.

This is a fitness record card only for you. We hope it can witness your progress through the chart curve, so that you can pay attention to your progress at any time and give yourself more confidence. The table should include: weight, exercise items, exercise time, heat consumption value, body flexibility, body feeling, mental state, etc.

Change the fitness record card at least four times a year to set new fitness goals. For example: when you see in the table that you have been able to complete 50 sit ups in 2 minutes, you can increase the number of sit ups exercises in the next plan, so that you can have more and higher goals.

When we do yoga, we are usually asked to keep a certain action for 2-3 minutes. It may be a difficult thing for you at the beginning of practice. However, as the practice time increases, they are no longer difficult things, you may be able to keep longer or do more difficult movements.

When doing yoga, you must have done the “tree posture” exercise. Generally, it requires the practitioner to maintain this posture for 3 minutes to stretch the whole body muscles and extend the body. In fact, you might as well keep it for another minute, so that you can burn more fat and exercise endurance.

It’s hard to circle your arms straight back like a wheel, but it’s the muscles behind your shoulders that push us. It’s a little more difficult to do than head-on swimming (the front muscles of the shoulders move us forward), but it’s able to move the back muscles more accurately than the biceps. The most beneficial part of this movement is the chest. The more muscles in the scapula, the more beautiful the outline of the chest.

Only a long time (at least half an hour before your fat starts to burn) and regular (three times a week) swimming can see the effect. It’s better to stay in cool water, because too high water temperature can easily lead to cramps and poor breathing. Try to keep it slow, but if it’s not very hard, you can run a few fast runs (reminder: the effect of swimming can only be felt through a long distance). Finally, the more the arms stretch back toward the head, the longer the muscles will stretch.

Put on a weight-bearing vest when you sprint, it can help you burn 10% more calories. For safety reasons, don’t carry more than 20% of your weight (for example, a woman weighing 60 kg should not carry more than 12 kg). If you don’t like this way of loading, try holding two long bars in your hand. Although they weigh only 0.5kg, they can help you burn 20-25% more calories without any side effects.

You can refer to the following data: 30 minutes of fast walking, 210 calories; 30 minutes of walking with a heavy vest, 231 calories; 30 minutes of walking with a long pole, 252 calories. Still hesitant? Let’s get on the road with the pole!

Scientific walking exercise can not only keep fit, but also make people fit. Therefore, walking has been recognized as an effective and scientific method of fitness. The World Health Organization once said that “the best sport is walking”. But in order to achieve the ideal effect of exercise, walking skills can not be ignored.

Correct posture: the head should be upright, the eyes should be flat, and the trunk should be naturally straight (sinking the shoulders, slightly straightening the chest and waist, slightly retracting the abdomen). This posture is conducive to the smooth circulation of channels and collaterals, the smooth movement of Qi and blood, and the healthy state of human activities.

Pay attention to the sense of rhythm: when walking, the body center of gravity moves forward, arms and legs coordinate, the pace is powerful and natural, the stride is moderate, and the landing of two feet should have a sense of rhythm.

Natural respiration: we should try to pay attention to the technique of abdominal respiration, that is, we should try to use a little force when exhaling, breathe naturally when inhaling, and coordinate the rhythm of breath and pace.

“Foot grasps the ground”: when walking, one foot in contact with the ground should have a “grasps the ground” action (toe adduction), which can promote microcirculation of feet and legs. Walking speed: it depends on your specific situation. The study found that when walking at the speed of 80-85 meters per minute for more than 30 minutes, the effect of disease prevention and fitness is the most obvious.

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