Many small details in life can help you lose weight

Measure your weight every day. It can remind you whether you ate too much yesterday and whether you need to adjust your diet today. This habit is important for maintaining weight. It’s better to keep a record. You can see your weight changes every day. It’s also a reminder to keep fit.

When we go to work or go home, if we can take the stairs, we try not to take the elevator. Going up and down the stairs is also a good exercise to lose weight. When you go up and down stairs, you can stretch your lower body muscles effectively, burn extra fat fully, and help you get sexy and cocky hips!

This habit can stimulate your jaw nerve, which is related to the area of your brain responsible for satiety, so chewing gum before meals can make you feel satiety more easily when you eat lunch, so you won’t eat too much. Not only that, chewing gum can also effectively help thin face, you know, face fat ten jin, a thin face is very important.

When eating properly slow down the speed of eating, you can achieve the goal of weight loss. According to the analysis of the researchers, when food enters the human body, the blood sugar in the body will rise. When the blood sugar rises to a certain level, the brain’s food center will produce a signal to stop eating. If a person eats too fast, when the brain sends a signal to stop eating, it is often because of eating too much food.

People who want to lose weight should form a good habit of walking after meals. The right way to walk should be to hold your chest and head up. Your upper limbs should swing rhythmically with your steps. You should take a straight route instead of turning left and right. Walk for half an hour to one hour every day, the intensity varies from person to person. Need to pay attention to is the most avoid sitting after meals, generally to stand for half an hour is appropriate.

The latest research shows that the way to burn calories faster is to take a walk for 20 minutes after a meal for about 45 minutes, and the speed is between 4 and 5 kilometers per hour. If you want to make the effect of weight loss more obvious, it is suggested that you should do the same exercise in 2-3 hours after meals according to the above method, and the time should be 20 minutes.

When brushing your teeth, don’t stand still all the time, stand on tiptoe slowly, stay for 15 seconds, then slowly put down, repeat three times is the best. Besides, if you brush your teeth for a long time, you will find that your teeth will become more and more white.

A new study in Germany found that when you drink 17 ounces of water (about 2 cups) at a certain time, your metabolic rate will increase rapidly by about 30%. Based on the findings, they estimate that by increasing the intake of 1.5 liters of water per day, a person can consume more than 17400 calories per year, equivalent to a five pound reduction in weight.

In general, the energy of fruits and vegetables is 50 kcal / 100g. If you see that the energy in the food label is too much larger than that of fruits and vegetables, or even too much larger than that of meat (130 kcal or so), eating this is equivalent to eating the energy of meat, or even fat meat. Then you should be careful.

When exercising, don’t just think about how long you need to run to lose these calories. Try to exercise while listening to music. When you exercise, a customized exercise music will enhance your happiness and make you feel that exercise is no longer boring.

Walking to work is a good time to build up your body and lose weight, that is, save money and time. The best way to walk is to “shake your hands and stride”. The specific methods are: tuck in your stomach, raise your head, straighten your chest, and shrink your hips. Walk as far as you can. Swing your hands as much as you can to do the biggest exercise. This way you can exercise to all parts of your body, making your waist, back and hips thin, and your arms free of fat. It’s also the best whole body exercise.

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