In a time of depression, it is important to purify the body and mind in an all-round way

Stress, fatigue, anxiety In the busy life, is your mind always easy to be stared at by all kinds of negative emotions? These psychotoxins, like constipation, can have devastating negative effects on your body and mind.

In a time of depression, it is very important to purify the body and mind in an all-round way. As long as the mood changes, things will change. For example, you can make up your mind to do something that you have been hesitant to do all the time, and good inspiration suddenly comes to you. Next, please turn off the TV that is always on and try the following these purification methods.

Deep breathing can promote blood flow and bring vitality to the body. Inhale forcefully from the abdomen, then exhale slowly. By this unconscious force, relieve the body pain.

The sea has a powerful purification power. Just listening to the sound of the waves can make people feel calm. When bathing, use natural salt as bath salt, which can help the body to detoxify.

Stress can harden the skin of the head. Before shampooing, massage with jojoba oil and fragrant massage oil to soothe the scalp. Along the central hair line, press the acupoints all the way to the neck and neck spine connection, which can instantly relieve the mood.

It is generally believed that the full moon is the beginning of life and physiological phenomena, in fact, it is the best time to purify. On a full moon night, enjoy a moonlight bath quietly.

It’s like shaking away and shaking away the superfluous material accumulated in the body. Jogging or walking, even just shaking hands and kicking can have effect.

The room is full of all kinds of colors, which will make people unable to concentrate. Unifying the colors of curtains, curtains, bed sheets and other large areas of home furnishings will help stabilize the body and mind.

Everyone is deeply influenced by their parents. When there are obstacles in life, there are often problems in the relationship between parents and children. Parents are human beings, no one is perfect. When you want to blame your parents, you should first examine whether the problem is on you. If you honestly look inside yourself and have the idea that you want to be better, you will be successful.

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