How can we lose weight after childbirth without affecting our health and quickly and effectively

If you don’t breast feed your baby, you can take the same calories as before you are pregnant, which can help you lose unwanted weight and maintain your physical strength.

Drink 2 cups of milk every day, the fat content of milk is only 3%. After drinking, it is easy to feel full. It is not easy to make people fat, but also can make the body get enough protein, calcium and a lot of vitamin B, a and other nutrients. It’s also a good idea to choose skimmed milk. The protein content of skimmed milk is the same as that of whole milk, but it helps to control excessive fat intake.

Eat 5 liang of dark green vegetables every day, which are rich in dietary fiber, carotene, vitamin C, calcium, iron and other nutrients, such as mustard, broccoli, pea seedlings, cabbage, cabbage, etc. It’s better to eat these foods before eating, so as to increase the heat consumption.

Eat at least 3 2 staple foods a day. Not eating staple food will consume body fat, but it will produce too much metabolic waste, which is harmful to health. The best staple food is a kind of coarse grain, such as oats, corn, millet, sweet potato, beans, etc. These coarse grains are rich in dietary fiber and B vitamins, which not only make people feel hungry, but also can not eat too much.

It’s a big mistake to satisfy your appetite by eating special fruits. The sugar content in the fruits is 8%, sometimes the sugar content can reach 20%, and the banana also contains high starch. Therefore, we should also pay attention to limit the amount of fruit we eat every day. It is better to control the quantity below 300g (after peeling and core removal) and eat no more than 2 bananas.

The time of eating fruit can not be ignored, which is very important for controlling excessive calorie intake. It’s better not to eat fruit after meals. The right way is to eat fruit before meals. In this way, when you have food in your stomach, you won’t feel hungry. This way, it is not easy to eat too much, which helps to control weight growth.

Eat more fresh fruit and less juice. Because eating fruit is much more satisfying than drinking fruit juice. To remind you, it’s better not to eat salad when there is fruit. When fruit is mixed with salad dressing and sugar, the heat will increase greatly. If there is fresh fruit, try not to eat dried fruit, the heat density of dried fruit rises in a straight line after removing water.

Often eat food that needs to be chewed to be swallowed. Nutrition experts believe that people begin to feel full when they chew 300 times, which also helps to control the amount of food they eat.

Choose foods with nutrition and calorie control, such as low-fat and low protein foods, such as bean products, milk, chicken, fish, etc.; choose fresh vegetables and seaweed. If it is the same kind of food, you should choose a variety with less fat and low heat energy, such as chicken instead of pork.

Eat only natural food, less synthetic and processed food. Because, these foods often add too many artificial colors and chemical additives, which not only pollute human milk and have little nutrition, but also increase the burden of liver and kidney. For example, choosing French fries is better than choosing fresh potatoes.

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