Experience of walking to lose weight, help you improve fat burning and energy consumption

1. Set your walking goal. Walking is really very simple, anyone can do it, but it’s not that walking casually has the effect of reducing weight. First of all, you need to determine how long to walk and how long to walk. It’s a 30 minute stride to achieve the goal of reducing weight in a short time, or a step-by-step walk around your home? Set a goal before you go out.
2. It doesn’t take a long time to walk, but the mood and timing are very important. Different timing, plus the mood at that time, you also need to make corresponding adjustments to the way of walking. For example, if you are in a very anxious mood, it’s not suitable to walk quickly. In turn, slowing down the pace can make the pressure go away, and make the physical and mental tone consistent, so as to play the role of weight loss.
3. It’s better to walk near home than indoors. Often stay at home, or face busy work for a long time, which is not good for health or weight loss. You may as well go outside, touch the outside air, look at the street view outside, and walk around at the same time.
4. Take a deep breath before you walk. Breathing has a certain impact on the walking pace. Adjust your breathing first, relax and then start walking. This can help you eliminate the daily pressure, especially when you walk before meals. It can also control your appetite and prevent eating under pressure.
5. Find a pair of comfortable sports shoes. If you are used to wearing high-heeled shoes to work, you can prepare a pair of running shoes in the office and change them for a walk at noon. Don’t worry about it after work. Go home and change your shoes. Walk comfortably. The effect is better.
6. It is better to take a heart rate meter before walking, because the maximum heart rate is also the key to determine the walking frequency and speed. The formula 220 – age = maximum heart rate is used to calculate the maximum heart rate. Then, when walking, the heart rate meter measures the maximum heart rate. Generally, it is normal to keep it between 60-80%. If the heart rate is too fast, the walking intensity will be reduced.
7. Walk seriously and try to avoid other amusements. When watching TV, I often see other people watching TV while exercising or running while listening to music. In fact, this is not recommended! Because only by concentrating and doing sports wholeheartedly, can we consume more calories, so when we walk, we should also try to walk wholeheartedly.
8. As you walk, you can imagine yourself becoming thinner. It’s better to describe yourself with strokes on paper or words, so that you can get more positive energy. If you want to achieve this goal more and more, the motivation for weight loss will continue.
9. Try to keep your senses sharp when you walk. If you want to burn more calories, it’s best to step faster, step up, like fast walking.
But don’t walk numbly. Stretch your body before you walk, stimulate it from inside to outside, and then feel the sole of your shoes fully on the ground when you step. In this way, every action is rigorous and in place, and you can feel the blood flow. Then you can enjoy the surrounding street view while walking, including the smell, scenery, and so on.
10. There should be interval for walking. Fast walking can improve the efficiency of fat burning, and the heat consumption is twice of that of normal walking. But don’t walk fast all the time. You should decide the speed according to your breath. The time and distance of walking can’t be ignored. It’s better to combine speed and slowness. For example, walk slowly for a certain distance at the beginning, let the body move, walk quickly for a few minutes, then slow down the speed, and let the body and mind recover.
11. You are used to walking on flat ground. You can challenge uphill and downhill. You need more physical strength when you go uphill. The effect is good, and you need to adjust your speed when you go downhill. This combination is also good.
12. Try barefoot walking occasionally. It may seem strange at first, but you can get used to it slowly. Walking barefoot on the ground that is not very hard can consume more calories than usual, and exercise the body’s balance and strength.
13. Change the walking path from time to time, walk in different places, bring fresh feeling to yourself, and lose weight power can last forever. After walking in the same place for 2 consecutive days, change the venue.
14. When walking with relatives and friends to lose weight, you always feel that you haven’t finished walking. If you walk with others, you feel that time is passing quickly. It seems that you can walk more roads. It’s better to find someone with faster walking speed. You can also urge yourself to walk faster together to improve the calorie consumption rate.
15. Stretch your body after a walk, do dog yoga at home, let the lactic acid flow, and you won’t feel muscle ache the next day.

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