good habits to get rid of acne on your skin acne

Acne skin can also restore healthy and smooth skin through good habits. As long as you can maintain the following 8 good habits, it is not a problem to turn acne skin back to healthy skin!
A person spends one third of his life in sleep. Sleep is not just a mere rest, but also a waste of time. It is exactly the march of human health. Getting enough sleep not only makes you healthy and energetic, but also one of the secrets of skin fitness.
Although there is no clear relationship between food and acne / acne skin, everyone should observe which foods the skin is sensitive to and avoid eating according to their actual situation. Minimize the use of fried foods and chocolate. Please pay attention to nutritional balance during meals. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
Some drugs may cause or exacerbate acne and acne, such as drugs, lithium, hormones, some vitamins such as D, B12, etc. So you must first consult your doctor when taking the drug. Pregnant women, please consult your doctor to ensure the use of medicines that are absolutely safe for the fetus.
Beware of the sun, it is a bad friend of acne and acne. Although you will notice tanned skin, oily skin and acne / acne conditions after sun exposure, the sun will thicken the epidermis and your skin will become more severe with acne and acne. Therefore, oily acne skin must use high-quality sunscreen products.
Avoid using excessively irritating cleansing products. Use cotton pads, flannelettes, and sponges to clean. Do not remove small acne before cleaning the face, which will increase the chance of infection.
Use deep cleansing mask to temporarily relieve oily skin. Use an exfoliating scrub with caution, as acne skin is more sensitive and using an exfoliating scrub will irritate it.

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