Six bad eating habits can directly cause disease

Many women like to eat snacks and watch movies at the same time, which will lead to irregular diet, so that the digestive system can not get the proper operation and rest, resulting in loss of appetite, affecting eating. Time will make the body lack of various nutrients.
40% of the population has the habit of partial eating. Some women only choose to eat vegetables and stay away from meat in order to prevent their body from gaining weight. After a long time, their bodies will not have strength and energy. They will always feel hungry and limit their intake of high-quality protein. In addition, always eating meat and vegetables instead of vegetables will make the body lack of minerals and vitamins, resulting in excess calories. We must pay attention to meat and vegetable matching and eat a balanced diet.
Some people will overeat as long as they see the food they like, which will disorder the gastrointestinal function and induce various diseases, such as gastroptosis or gastric dilatation. If they eat a lot of greasy food, it will also increase the risk of pancreatitis and biliary diseases.
In order to save time, many office workers gobble up food when they eat. Food is not chewed enough in their mouth, and enzymes are not produced, which is not conducive to the digestion of food, but also increases the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, thus increasing the risk of gastric ulcer and gastritis. In addition, if the chewing is not fine, it will also lead to incomplete digestion and absorption of food, thus losing various nutrients.
Some old people like to eat when it’s hot. If it’s too hot, it will hurt the esophagus. Just control the food at 40 ℃. If it’s too hot, it will not only burn the esophagus and oral mucosa, but also damage the teeth, leaving inflammation or scars to the esophagus.
Some people will choose salted vegetables for breakfast. They think it can improve their appetite, but it contains a lot of sodium chloride. If they eat too much, it will cause stomach diseases and high blood pressure. For people who like to eat sweet food, the amount of salt in the body will increase beyond the standard, which will cause the treatment of water and sodium, accelerate blood circulation, and increase the burden of kidney and heart.
The above six kinds of bad eating habits will directly lead to the occurrence of disease, so when eating, you must chew carefully and swallow slowly. Three meals a day should be regularly and quantitatively, avoid overeating, reduce the intake of snacks, and do a good job in the combination of thickness and meat.

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