Most convenient and cheap fitness tools

You don’t need an expensive gym membership card, and you can exercise as well as in the gym without going to the gym, which is not as difficult as you think.
In the context of inflation, going to the gym may be a luxury. However, as long as you have the heart, you can work out all over the world. The Daily Telegraph of England has recommended five natural “gyms” or “fitness machines” with good quality and low price, even free of charge, and reminded people that as long as you look at the Hollywood business card “Rocky” in 1976, Stallone’s protagonist did not go to the fitness room, but through running, jumping and other exercises using his body weight, you can get the body of an invincible boxer.
Nowadays, most of the parks are free. In addition to running, there are many slopes, stairs and other places suitable for enhanced running, jumping and push ups. Many parks also have table tennis tables, fitness equipment, etc. if you are willing to pay, you can also find places for kicking, boating and other sports in the park.
Try rope skipping for 5 minutes every day, you will feel the benefits. It’s not unreasonable why boxers like rope skipping, because rope skipping is an ideal whole-body exercise, which is very good for cardiovascular health. Moreover, it is easy to control the amount of rope skipping. If you increase the amount of exercise, you only need to extend the time, or try some advanced skills such as single leg jumping, reverse jumping, jumping twice at a time and throwing rope.
Search for “Swiss ball”, “fitness ball” or “balance ball” on any video website, and you will find many tutorials, which are almost all-around fitness equipment. Using this unstable equipment to do ordinary exercises such as push ups and sit ups can get better results.
The name of resistance bands in China includes resistance belt, tension rope and fitness rope. In short, it is a round elastic rubber ring. With it, you can do a lot of weight-bearing exercises. Like Swiss ball, video websites can find numerous tutorials. With the resistance belt, sit ups and other simple body-building actions, the effect can be doubled.
The bicycle roller usually consists of three parts. When it is placed under two wheels, the ordinary bicycle can be turned into a “fitness car” to exercise at home, which is much cheaper than riding a fitness car in the fitness room.

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