Mental cue is most likely to cause insomnia

There are two processes of high-level nerve activity in human cerebral cortex: excitation and inhibition. “Be afraid of insomnia, want to sleep” is intended to be sleepy, but the thought of “be afraid of insomnia, want to sleep” itself is the excitation process of brain cells. Therefore, the more you are afraid of insomnia, the more you want to sleep, the more excited the brain cells are, and therefore more insomnia.
Some people feel guilty after a mistake, repeat these events in their minds, and regret that they did not deal with them properly. During the day, due to many things, remorse and regret mood is a little light. At night, in the fantasy and calculation of remorse and remorse, it is hard to sleep for a long time.
It refers to expecting someone or doing something and worrying about oversleeping, which often leads to early waking up. It’s easy to wake up early if you have to catch a train or a plane in the morning. There are also some people in the promotion, title evaluation, housing distribution results and so on are about to be announced, often also in the excited state of expectation, difficult to sleep.
Some people can’t make the right response after being stimulated by the emergency. They are at a loss. They don’t know what to do. So they look forward and backward when they go to bed at night. They think left and right, always in a state of anxiety and excitement.
Many people who call themselves insomnia can’t see dreams correctly, and think that dreams are the performance of poor sleep, harmful to human body, and even some people mistakenly think that multiple dreams are insomnia. These misconceptions often make people anxious and worry that they will dream again after falling asleep. This “vigilance” mentality often affects sleep quality. In fact, science has proved that everyone can dream. Dreaming is not only a normal psychological phenomenon, but also a working way of the brain. Repeating the experience of the day in a dream helps to remember and clear away useless information. Dream itself is not harmful to the human body. What is harmful is that the psychology of “dream is harmful” makes itself bear psychological burden.
Some people are afraid of losing their parents, intimidation, severe punishment and other traumatic stimuli in childhood. They are afraid of the dark and can’t sleep. Although they gradually improve with age, they tend to think more when they grow up. Once they are stimulated by a kind of traumatic stimulus similar to that in childhood, they will reappear and repeat the traumatic psychological response of childhood suppressed in the subconscious Insomnia in childhood.
Before going to bed, first clean the room, pay attention to the light is not too bright, the temperature should be moderate, and at the same time, prepare a set of comfortable bedding for yourself to drive away insomnia. It’s better to ask the computer, mobile phone, books and other factors that interfere with sleep quality out of the bedroom, and remember that the bed is used for sleeping.
After going to bed, half close your eyes (eyes slightly open a seam). At this time, although mental activities are still in operation, the tension of sympathetic activities has been greatly reduced, which can relax the body and mind and induce the body to gradually enter a state of drowsiness.
After going to bed, lie on your back and close your eyes, cover your left ear with your left palm, and cover your right ear with your right palm. Hit the back of your head with your fingers until you feel tired. After that, the head is slowly close to the sleeping pillow, and then it is naturally placed on both sides of the body. In this relaxed state, the insomniac will fall asleep soon.
The aroma of fruit has a calming effect on the nervous system, and the sugar in it can also inhibit the cerebral cortex, thus promoting people to sleep. So, want to treat insomnia patients might as well eat some apples, bananas, oranges, oranges, pears and other fruits.
Choosing the right sleeping position can make the sleeping process more comfortable and make the inner world more peaceful. Sleeping posture should be comfortable, but it is better to lie on one side. “Sleeping rhyme” once said: “the left side lies and bends the left foot, bends the left arm, carries the head with the hand, stretches the right foot, places the right hand in the right thigh. The right recumbent position is opposite
Listen to soothing and rhythmic music or sound, such as the music played by cello, train running sound, cricket call, dripping sound. These sounds can relax the body and mind and establish the conditioned reflex inducing sleep.
There are many advantages of feet soaking, one of which is the function of sleeping. Because there are countless nerve endings on the feet connected to the brain, soaking feet in hot water before going to bed can not only promote the blood circulation of the whole body, but also help to relax the cerebral cortex, so it is suggested that people who often lose sleep can often soak feet in 40 degree water.
No matter how busy you are in your daily work, you must take a bath half an hour before you go to bed, so that you can eliminate the fatigue of the day and go to sleep earlier.

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