Choosing the Right Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is to implant the right material directly into the nose, so as to change the shape and height of the nose, so as to coordinate with other parts of the face. Most people will also use rhinoplasty to make the nose look good. Rhinoplasty can regulate the three-dimensional sense of the five senses and make the face look more harmonious.
Nose in the middle of the face, plays a crucial role, but also determines to give the impression of others, as long as a three-dimensional nose can improve their self-confidence. Curved nose is mainly divided into cartilaginous bending and nasal bone bending according to the degree of nasal bending, which will cause functional and aesthetic effects. It can be corrected by plastic surgery, generally according to the situation of patients to choose the appropriate way of correction.
Garlic nose belongs to appearance defect, which will make people feel inferior, but don’t worry too much. With the development of medicine, we can make the nose perfect by the way of garlic nose shaping. It mainly refers to the exposure of nostrils and the very large nasolabial angle, which is mainly caused by postnatal dysplasia or congenital factors. The tissue spasm caused by trauma at the bottom will also cause the nose, which can be improved by plastic surgery.
The nose shaping can make the nose become very straight and beautiful, but we must design the appropriate nose shape according to the beauty lover’s face shape, and measure the skin tightness of the beauty lover at the same time, so as to obtain the ideal nose shape. This method is suitable for people with askew bridge, low bridge and too wide and too high bridge.
Humped nose is a congenital deformity, mainly manifested as a wide bridge of the nose, hypertrophy of the lower limbs and drooping of the tip of the nose. Because of congenital factors, in the process of development, the local tissue appears excessive growth caused by. Besides the abnormal shape, it will not affect the function, smell and breath. This method can be corrected by rhinoplasty.
According to the face shape and other parts of the face to choose the appropriate rhinoplasty, after the operation should be more rest, do not let the wound water, or it will cause infection. Comprehensive intake of nutrition for the body, eat more high-quality protein rich food to promote wound healing.

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