Yam is good for the kidney, how to eat better

Yam is a kind of medicinal food loved by the common people. It tastes sweet, has a peaceful nature, and has three channels: lung, spleen and kidney. Its main functions are nourishing the spleen and relieving diarrhea, nourishing the lungs and calming the coughs, strengthening the kidney and benefiting the essence, nourishing yin and arresting thirst. The main treatment range is diarrhea due to spleen deficiency, less food and edema; cough and asthma due to lung deficiency, thirst elimination; frequent urination due to kidney deficiency, spermatorrhea, and lethargy; external treatment for carbuncle, scrofula, etc. Yam is not only a good tonic, but also a common raw material for medicinal diet.
200g fresh yam, 150g mutton and 150g japonica rice. First, cut the yam into small pieces without skin, and then cut the mutton into small pieces without fascia. Put the japonica rice into the pot and boil it with water. When the rice blooms, put the mutton first, boil it for more than ten minutes, then put the yam, and cook until it is thick and fragrant, or add seasoning. This porridge has the functions of Invigorating Qi, warming Yang, nourishing yin and blood, strengthening the spleen and kidney, strengthening the elements and anti-aging. It can be used as a therapeutic recipe for deficiency of both spleen and kidney, especially suitable for children and the elderly with weak body Qi.
250g fresh yam, 2 eggs. Peel and wash yams, slice them; crack eggs, beat well. When the oil in the pot is heated to 70% heat, put the shredded ginger into the pot, stir until the aroma is strong, and then go down the mountain pill, stir fry until it is soft. Move the yam to one side, pour the egg into the other side, and then form a block, stir well with the yam, stir fry with salt and monosodium glutamate for several times, and then you can eat it. This product is delicious, spleen invigorating and appetizing, which can increase appetite.
Huaishan medicine 60g, cucumber 150g, glutinous rice 50g. First, the Huai yam is processed into fine powder; the cucumber is washed and juiced; the glutinous rice is boiled with water. When the porridge is ready, the yam powder and cucumber juice are added, stirred and boiled before eating. This product has the function of moistening skin and is suitable for beauty and fitness.
60 grams of raw yam, 60 grams of raw coix seed, 24 grams of persimmon cream cake. First, mash the yam and coix kernel into coarse dregs, cook them until they are well done, then cut the persimmon cream cake into pieces, mix them into the mixture and eat them at will. This porridge can strengthen the spleen and nourish the lung. It is mainly used to treat the deficiency of lung and spleen yin, lazy diet, fatigue and cough, and treat all the syndromes of yin deficiency.
30 g yam, 5 g ginseng, 20 g lotus seed, 20 g coix seed, 15 g Gorgon fruit and 15 g Poria cocos. Put the above medicine into the pot, add 500ml water, fry 200ml, filter out; add 500ml water, fry 200ml. Mix the solution twice and take it twice. It can be used in chronic gastritis, gastroptosis and those who are weak and do not think about food for a long time.
Chinese yam, Astragalus membranaceus, prepared land 15 grams each, Polygala 12 grams, Acorus 10 grams. Fry twice a day. According to the proportion of this prescription, the dosage can be increased as appropriate. Dry the drugs, grind them into fine powder, refine honey into pills, 8g each time, take them on an empty stomach in the morning and evening respectively, and send them under warm water. This prescription can nourish body, tranquilize spirit and improve intelligence. It can be used for neurasthenia, mental retardation, insomnia, forgetfulness, shortness of breath, etc.
Modern research shows that yam contains essential amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and other nutrients. Clinical experiments show that yam can increase appetite, improve digestion, reduce blood sugar, regulate autonomic nerves, and enhance physical fitness. Yam contains a lot of mucin, which is a mixture of polysaccharide and protein, and has special health care function. It can prevent fat deposition on the cardiovascular system, keep the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent the early occurrence of atherosclerosis, reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, prevent the atrophy of connective tissue, and prevent the occurrence of collagen diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma.

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