Six fat-prone reasons that make you unconsciously

A lot of people are busy with weight loss all their lives, but they never think about where their fat comes from. In this way, they can only cure the symptoms but not the root causes. Here’s a little compilation to share the reasons for the fat.
During sleep, the pituitary gland secretes two very important physiological hormones, one is melatonin, which can restore energy and promote melanin metabolism, the other is leptin, which can inhibit fat accumulation and accelerate metabolism. When lack of sleep or poor sleep quality, “leptin” secretion level will be inhibited, resulting in obesity.
According to a survey published in the Huffington Post, skipping carbohydrates does not make people lose weight quickly, but rather prolongs the period of weight loss and even causes terrible weight rebound problems. At the same time, Stephen sondike, a doctor of medicine and nutritionist, also pointed out that carbohydrate is the key substance to maintain metabolism. Insufficient intake will also affect gastrointestinal peristalsis, lead to constipation, affect health and speed of weight loss.
When you lose weight, do you have to “control oil” for your body? No, proper intake of some high-quality fat can curb trans fat, which is not only conducive to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, but also plays an auxiliary role in improving the slimming effect. The Harvard t.h.chan School of public health in the United States once did an experiment, which made some people who didn’t intentionally lose weight eat some peanuts every day. After half a year, they lost about 11 pounds on average. In addition to peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews and other nut foods are all sources of high-quality fatty acids, and you can also eat some of them in moderation every day.
Water accounts for about 70% of the body weight. When you are thirsty, the water shortage in your body is about 3%. For those who don’t have regular drinking habits, the water content in your body is about 5% for a long time. Water is the core substance to maintain the stability of vital signs, so if you drink too little water, the blood will become very viscous, the oxygen carrying capacity will be reduced, the metabolism will be slow, and even if you insist on exercise, it is difficult to get good results.
B vitamins are not only related to the health of the nervous system, but also play a crucial role in the metabolism process. It can accelerate the metabolism of free sugar atoms in the blood and prevent sugar from being converted into fat. That’s why a lot of health food for weight loss contains B vitamins.
When the pressure is high, the sympathetic nervous system will become very active due to the stress response, and then a large amount of catecholamine will be secreted. This is an adrenal hormone, which can stimulate appetite and make people unconsciously eat sweet things like machines. If the body is in this state for a long time, it will easily lead to obesity or the effect of weight loss is not obvious.

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