Six details to adjust our emotions

A lot of things happen in life, will make people’s hearts produce different emotions. Modern people are busy in work and under great pressure in life. Many of the unhappiness in work and life will always touch our negative emotions and make people feel depressed and gloomy.
However, the whole day’s gloom is not good for life, so we should keep a happy mood and let ourselves release the bad mood. Then, in order to get rid of the negative mood, the following six small details can help you.
1. Clean up the room – a messy room or office can be unsettling. Therefore, tiding up the room can improve the bad mood. For example, let the scattered objects on the floor stand in place, clean up the things on the table, and fold the quilt neatly.
2. Wear blue shirt – blue is a natural mood “relaxing agent”, which is the real reason for “looking up at the blue sky, feeling more relaxed”. In contrast, orange is the most stimulating, while black is easy to arouse anger. Although red can improve the energy of human body, it is easy to make people uneasy.
3. Humming – singing is the easiest way to improve your mood, according to a therapist at a music therapy center in London, UK. Because singing can adjust the breath, so that the whole body moves with the rhythm. Whether it’s humming by yourself or singing with friends, even if it’s just listening quietly, it helps to relax.
4. If you want to be in a good mood, the key is to eat skillfully – for example, the combination of bitter and sweet flavors (add orange juice to your coffee), or the combination of soft and hard ingredients (eat popcorn and nuts together), etc. can bring freshness to your taste buds and improve your mood.
5. Smell lemon fragrance: according to the latest research of Ohio State University, lemon fragrance has the functions of relieving worry, calming nerves and relieving pain. The study found that lemon fragrance can really improve the mood, and the smell of lemon can increase the concentration of the energy hormone “norepinephrine” in the blood.
6. Close contact with pets – several studies have shown that touching animals such as dogs and cats can help reduce blood pressure and stabilize heart rate, thus reducing the incidence of heart disease and other diseases. Deborah wells, Professor of psychology and expert on the relationship between human and animals at Queen’s University Belfast, UK, pointed out that close contact between human and animals has an amazing soothing effect, which helps the human body relieve its own pressure.
In addition to the above six small details to adjust our emotions, in fact, in life, we can also have many ways to make ourselves happy, such as what we often say, often smile, even if sometimes we are not really happy. However, when we are depressed or angry, this kind of “pretending” to be happy can help us release the bad mood, so as to obtain happiness and good physical and mental health.

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