Reasons why you can’t think of getting fat, compare yourself to a few

It is generally believed that obesity is caused by poor diet or too little exercise. But the latest research points out that obesity is not only caused by factors such as “keeping your mouth shut” and “being unable to walk with your legs open”, but also affected by mood and state. Here are a few reasons you can’t think of for obesity. Check it with yourself.

When many people are in a bad mood, they tend to eat and drink heavily to anesthetize themselves, and loneliness has proved to be more closely related to weight gain According to a new study published in the journal Hormones and behavior, people who feel lonely will secrete more brain gut peptide commonly known as “hunger hormone” after eating, so that they will starve faster, eat more, and eventually become fatter.

A study involving more than 600 studies has found that after marriage, when couples share food, go out for a dinner, and share the same amount of food for two, they will eat more, and they will no longer work hard to keep fit in pursuit of pleasing each other as before marriage.

Take diet as an example. If you don’t eat a lot, you will be eager to eat more, so that you can get psychological comfort, which is determined by the reward mechanism of the brain.

That’s why many people fail to diet. If you are on a diet or are restricted to eating, you can eat at least one large meal a week to release your desire for food.

When people are anxious, if the body is under heavy pressure, it will force people to eat more to relax. Research shows that anxiety state is one of the most important factors significantly related to weight gain. In fact, two-thirds of people with eating disorders also have anxiety problems of varying degrees.

Once the body feels stressed, it stimulates the secretion of adrenaline, a hormone that “squeezes” fatty acids from fat cells into the blood for energy supply, while another hormone, cortisol, stores the unused fatty acids in the blood in the abdomen.

When a person is idle, he will lose the ability to choose food rationally. According to a new study in the Journal of health psychology, boredom will make people become emotional when they eat, make wrong decisions when they choose food, and eat more “junk food” that induces obesity than normal. Many people are asked why they eat snacks. The answer is “because of boredom”.

A study in the Journal of Frontier psychology shows that when people feel dissatisfied, insecure and without goals, they feel bored and do more unhealthy things.

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