Keep in good health in spring

In spring, the surface texture of human body begins to open, and the ability to resist cold air weakens. However, the weather changes greatly in early spring, and it is still cold at first. Therefore, when the weather starts to warm, cotton padded clothes should not be taken off immediately, especially for the elderly and the frail people. Young people should also wear thick clothes, pay attention to the neck, knees, feet and other parts of the warmth.

In spring, the body’s blood need to be relaxed. First of all, it is recommended to go to bed and rest before 11:00 p.m., take a walk outdoors in the morning, relax the body and mind, get rid of the tired and sleepy psychology, and actively adjust the mind, mind and nature to adapt to achieve a state of energetic and energetic.

To adapt to the spring hair gas, appropriate amount of stretching exercise, the simplest is to stretch. Regular stretching and stretching can promote the movement of blood in the body. But stretching is also a skill: when stretching, you should stretch your body as much as possible, and cooperate with rhythmic breathing exercise. When stretching, all muscles in your body should be contracted and inhaled as much as possible. When relaxing, all muscles in your body should be relaxed and exhaled as much as possible, so the effect will be better.

Chinese medicine says that spring belongs to wood, which corresponds to the liver. The liver is physiologically responsible for catharsis, and is determined to be angry. It likes to regulate and reach, but it is evil and depressive. Emotionally, we should remind ourselves to stop being impatient and irritable, to avoid depression, to keep the mood calm, calm, open-minded and optimistic. By taking advantage of the rising of the hot yang qi in spring, we can properly adjust our emotions, so that the body can be promoted from the heart.

At night, the bubble feet can dispel the cold accumulated in the body in a winter, thus supporting the health of the human body. To soak feet, we need to pay attention to the following methods: heat them slowly with warm water. Never burn them to death in the water. This will force the cold air back into the body. Soak them for about 30 minutes. The body feels warm and can’t sweat for a while, which will lead to the injury of body fluid and gas consumption, which is harmful to the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that duck meat is cool, especially has a good effect of clearing and tonifying. Especially for yin deficiency constitution, weak people, in the spring appropriate to eat some duck meat can go to bother to remove dryness, spleen and stomach. Stewed lotus root with duck meat and radish soup with duck meat are common health care soup products.

Scallop is a kind of food with delicious taste and good meat quality. Eating scallops properly in spring can nourish yin and kidney, and cure thirst and other diseases. In addition, it has a good therapeutic value for people who often feel dry mouth and dry tongue, eat a large amount of food, and weigh less.

The physiciansaid that “pigskin tonic kidney fluid, stomach filling juice, nourishing liver and liver, moistening skin and stopping thirst” Especially in spring, the climate is dry and easy to burn. Eating more pigskin properly can nourish yin, moisten dryness and protect skin.

Turtle has always been known as the best supplement. Chinese medicine believes that turtle has the effect of clearing and tonifying, which can nourish yin, cool blood and kidney qi. Especially for those who are lack of Yin, lack of concentration, poor health and need health care and worry about over toning.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that gecko has the functions of Nourishing Yin, moistening the five internal organs, clearing the liver and clearing the eyes. At the same time, the study found that clam can also assist in the treatment of diabetes, tuberculosis, breast hyperplasia and other diseases. In addition, it is recommended to often face the computer. People who are angry and have eye droppings often eat clam soup, which can play a good health care role.

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