Homemade tea, let you lose weight easily

This kind of tea needs to add two kinds of raw materials, one is hawthorn, the other is lotus leaf. You can wash hawthorn, dry the lotus leaf, and then put it into prepared tea water for soaking, and then drink it after a period of time. Hawthorn is very sour, which can promote digestion and oil removal, while lotus leaf is cool and has the effect of diuresis and fat elimination. So, these two things and tea together, the effect of weight loss will be better.
Balsam pear is a kind of vegetable with a clear and bitter taste. But it’s a good thing to lose weight. If you put balsam pear and tea together, you can make balsam pear tea. Although the taste is not very good, the effect of weight loss is very good. In order to achieve the purpose of weight loss, it’s worth wronging the taste buds.
Lemon is a kind of fruit rich in vitamin C, which tastes sour and refreshing, and it is also a good thing to lose weight. The weight-loss tea made by putting the two together has a very good effect on reducing weight, and the production is also very simple. Wash the lemon, cut it into pieces, make a cup of black tea, put the lemon slices and white sugar into a cup of water, then pour the prepared black tea, and a cup of lemon that can lose weight Tea is ready. As long as you drink this kind of tea every day and cooperate with the control of diet, you will lose weight. Moreover, lemon has the function of beautifying and beautifying, which will make you more and more beautiful.
Honey is regarded as a holy product to lose weight. Although honey is sweet, it contains very low calories. In addition, honey has high nutritional value and good taste, so people like to drink honey. If we can make honey tea, it will become a very easy thing to lose weight. How to do it? Must choose green tea, honey and prepared green tea mix evenly can be, every day before breakfast to drink this weight-loss tea, the effect is better. For lunch and dinner, you should also drink this kind of tea before dinner.
Tangerine peel is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which can reduce fire and diuresis. Cheqianzi is also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which can be used to lose weight. This kind of weight-loss tea is to mix these two kinds of traditional Chinese medicine raw materials together and add them into the prepared green tea to make a very effective weight-loss tea.
Black rice is a kind of kidney nourishing food, and its taste is also very delicious. In fact, black rice has the effect of reducing weight. It belongs to a kind of coarse grain. After the black rice is cooked, it is put into the prepared green tea, and a weight-loss tea is ready.

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