Common misunderstandings of plastic surgery

Whether there is infection or not is related to the severity of the disease, the strict disinfection and the postoperative nursing, but not directly related to the hot weather. In fact, surgeons never stop operating in the summer. In addition to some operations requiring a thick dressing on the back cover, the hot season can be staggered as appropriate, and other operations are not affected by this.

。 Except for a few patients who need moisturizing after surgery, general wounds have little to do with wind and cold weather. The key is to keep the wound clean.

The bleeding of cosmetic surgery is very few, and it is usually dozens of ml to one or two hundred ml. This bleeding for healthy people, will be supplemented in a short time, will not hurt the vitality. If some operations do cause more bleeding, doctors will arrange blood transfusion in advance.

Human adipocytes are terminal differentiation cells, the number of which is fixed. The principle of liposuction is to destroy and suck out a large number of fat cells, while the remaining fat will not have regeneration ability. Therefore, after effective liposuction, the volume of remaining fat cells is limited.

It is impossible to completely eliminate the scar with external medicine, resection, grinding or scar, but only the heavy scar becomes light, and the obvious scar becomes not obvious.

Through the above, we understand the common misunderstandings of plastic surgery. In fact, these misunderstandings also remind us that we need to pay attention to daily life, not only cosmetic surgery.

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