Keep your eyes away from computer radiation

Who is the biggest enemy of eye health? The answer is: computer radiation! The World Health Organization Eye Care Association recently announced that “the potential hidden threat of computer radiation to white-collar workers far exceeds the destructive effects of chemical substances such as Sudan red and melamine, which have intangibly engulfed people’s eyes.” In China, 63.5% of white-collar workers suffer from cataract or even blindness due to computer radiation. For this reason, we should send out orange alarm to all readers at once. It is imperative and urgent to prevent eye radiation! What are you waiting for? Let’s act together now! These eye symptoms, all because of radiation!

Xerophthalmia: when working, white-collar workers stare at the screen motionless, and the reduction of blinking times directly leads to the decrease of eyeball water, thus inducing xerophthalmia.

Eye fatigue: long term close contact with computer screen, excessive tension of eye muscles, resulting in eye fatigue, various eye diseases will follow.

Fear of light: when you use your eyes excessively, your ability to receive light will be reduced. Even a little light will make you feel tingling and fidgety.

Immerse the soft towel in the thick green tea. After 10 minutes, apply the towel to the eyes for 15 minutes. The tea polyphenols and vitamins will be absorbed by the eyes. You will find that the eye fatigue will be eliminated and the best natural state will be maintained under the tense state. But it should be noted that the thick tea used for eye application must be cool, so as to bring a cool feeling to the eyes.

Rub the palm until it’s hot. Next, relax, close your eyes, cover your eyes with your palms, and transfer the heat from your palms to your eyes. It should be noted that deep breathing should be maintained in the whole process. Repeat this action for 10 minutes every day, which can effectively avoid eye edema and light fear caused by computer radiation.

Consciously blink 300 times a day, and take a combination of fast and slow way, that is, first slowly blink 50 times, then blink 50 times, so rotation, can promote the activity of the lacrimal gland, avoid the occurrence of dry eye disease, let you even work a day, eyes can be in a comfortable state.

Aromatherapy essential oil is also a good way to prevent computer radiation, and tea tree essential oil is a good helper to solve this problem. Among them, turpentine, lemon essence, eucalyptus oil and anisole have strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, which can form an isolation protection layer in the eyes and reduce the radiation damage to the eyes. The specific method is: use the incense lamp before going to bed, drop 3 drops of tea tree essential oil, let the essential oil molecules moisten the eyes through the air, and have a protective effect.

In addition, when doing eye exercises, drop 1 drop of tea tree essential oil on the index finger to stimulate the acupoints of the eye through the index finger, bringing the best radiation isolation effect for the eye.

Now, there is a kind of intelligent and beautiful radiation proof glasses. The lenses are refined by high-tech vacuum ion coating, which can block computer radiation 100%. The anti radiation substances contained in them can effectively eliminate the dry, tired, light phobia, vision decline and other conditions caused by computer radiation in the eyes. In addition, it has the function of absorbing light, which enables white-collar workers to work all day in front of the computer, still able to maintain a clear vision and clear mind, so that work becomes enjoyment.

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