How to reduce the small belly

The method of weight loss for abdominal obesity caused by the sedentary female friend of the office family, as well as obesity caused by postpartum obesity and eating more. If the three obesity methods are easy to reduce, how to reduce the small belly?
Sedentary obesity usually occurs in the office family. It is basically in the chair for 8 hours during the day. It lacks exercise and is still sitting after the meal, so it is easy to cause fat accumulation in the waist and abdomen. There are two ways to solve it. Let’s take a look.
1, coarse salt diet: take a small cup of coarse salt before each shower, add a little hot water to stir into a paste, and then apply it to the abdomen, massage for about 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Every time you take a bath, you can use the coarse salt massage to effectively stimulate the digestive system of the stomach, so that you can eliminate the stool in time.
2, walking thin belly method: sedentary obesity itself is caused by lack of exercise, so the right medicine, still have to rely on exercise to lose excess meat. When you walk, you should turn more, maintain this way of walking, tighten your stomach, and prevent your hips from sagging.
1. Push-ups in front of the bed: stand on the edge of the bed, hold the bed with both hands, and pull back with both feet, let the body line up, then bend the forearm, press down the body, stop for 2 or 3 seconds, straighten your arms, body Go up, repeat this 5-15 times.
2. Daily thin abdomen method: mainly to do the usual posture when walking, sitting. Relax your shoulders while walking, your arms swing naturally, lift your abdomen, and stay in tension. When sitting up, you should also have a chest and abdomen, try to let the hips sit deeply on the chair, so that the waist and back are straight.
Many people will use big food to alleviate the stress in their hearts, so they often eat too much and eat too much to end, and unwittingly consume too much calories and unwanted substances.
1. Massage diet. To improve abdominal fat, the method of kneading after massage cream is preferred. Massage can increase the temperature of the skin, consume a lot of energy, promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce the absorption of nutrients in the intestines, promote blood circulation, and allow excess water to be excreted. It is most suitable for people who suffer from abdominal obesity because they eat too much.
Specifically to do this: take the navel as the center, hit a question mark in the abdomen, massage along the question mark, first right side, rear left side, each massage 30-50 times, massage once a day.
2. Prevention, prevention and treatment. Don’t wait until you are hungry and eat again, so the consequences of losing weight will be counterproductive. To disperse the calories needed for one day on multiple meals, you can prevent too much eating. Secondly, after eating more, you should drink freshly squeezed juice or vegetable juice in time (but not immediately). Drink 250ml of juice every day, add some ice cubes to the juice, then stir for at least 10 minutes, add a small amount of water when thick, which has the effect of increasing satiety.

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