Five tips to lose weight, stick to it for a week and you’ll see the effect

Be sure to control your mouth and don’t succumb to delicious food. No matter what delicious food you encounter, you should think that it’s not delicious food, it’s just fat that makes your body look different. Also think of some past failures to strengthen your willpower to lose weight.

Taking vitamin D on time every day can enhance leptin, which is a hormone that sends out “you are full” to your brain, so taking vitamin D on time every day can help you lose weight. Many people think that they can get vitamin D from food, which is very difficult. Xiaobian suggests that you go to the drugstore to buy vitamin D to supplement.

Anyway, we should drink water. Mm may as well try to drink five cups of green tea every day. Drinking green tea regularly can help you reduce your fat intake and burn more fat in your body. So drinking five cups of green tea every afternoon can help you lose weight. If you feel too much, you can reduce it moderately, such as three or four cups.

Don’t lie idle on the sofa or chair like doing nothing every day, because this is often the reason why you are fat. If you still have to sit on the stool for 8 hours every day, you must spare some time for yourself, get up and walk for 5 minutes every hour, and try not to sit when you can stand, and don’t just stand when you can walk.

There are always friends in life, and it’s hard to avoid friends’ warm invitation. When your friends are eating sweets in front of you, they will invite you to enjoy them together. Then you should learn to refuse your friends’ kindness and politely tell your friends that you are full and don’t want to eat anything more!

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