Five health porridge, often drink can be eyesight

100g fresh parsley, 60g rice, proper amount of crystal sugar. First wash celery, cut it into sections, put it into blender and stir it to take juice; wash rice and put it into casserole and cook until it is cooked, add celery juice and sugar, and then boil it slightly. This porridge can clear the liver, clear the eyes and clear the water, twice a day, one bowl at a time. It is suitable for hypertension, red swelling and pain of the eyes, dampness and turbidity.

50 grams of mutton liver, 9 grams of cooked land, 100 grams of rice, a little salt and monosodium glutamate. Wash and slice the liver. Wash the ground and put it into the casserole, add the water to fry the medicine juice, remove the sediment, put the casserole on the fire, add some water, add rice, liver slices and medicine juice to cook until the porridge is cooked, mix it to taste, and then it can be eaten. This porridge nourishes the liver and brightens the eyes. Once a day. It is suitable for the night blindness caused by liver blood deficiency and the green blindness caused by two eyes fainting.

50g lean pork, 50g fresh shepherd’s purse, a little jujube, 50g rice and a little salt. First, wash the lean pork, cut the diced rice instead, wash the shepherd’s purse and date separately. Put the above raw materials into the boiling pot, boil them in high heat, cook them in low heat until the porridge is cooked, mix in salt, and then take them. This porridge can clear the liver and eyes. Once a day. It is suitable for liver fever, red eyes, shame or liver pain.

25g fresh wolfberry leaves, 25g fresh mulberry leaves, 50g clam meat and 100g japonica rice. First put the mulberry leaves and clam meat in the japonica rice pot, add some water and cook for half an hour, then remove the mulberry leaves, put the wolfberry leaves in, and cook for a while. This porridge is good for your eyes. Once a day or every other day. It is suitable for asthenic fire and vision decline.

Huaishan 30g, wolfberry 10g, Yuzhu 30g, beef 150g, seasoning right amount. Wash Huaishan, wolfberry and Yuzhu respectively; wash beef and slice it; use proper amount of water, boil it over high heat until it is boiling, and put in materials. Cook in medium heat for about 3 hours. Add seasoning. Tonifying the deficiency and nourishing the spirit, clearing the eyes and nourishing the liver.

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