Dreams reflect your health

Thoughtful, night dreams, many emotions that are not handled during the day will quietly enter the dream. Have you done some common dreams below?
On the eve of the speech, I dreamed that the audience would run out of light, and that the manuscript was blown away by the wind before the manuscript was handed over. It may be a manifestation of a certain thing in front of me and lack of self-confidence. At this point, you can check for missing vacancies and be prepared.
Dreaming of being chased by beasts, ghosts, and bad guys, but not seeing each other’s appearance, may indicate fear of a crisis of trust in certain things or relationships. Think about who and things have made you uneasy recently.
A mountain climber dreams that he is falling from a height. The Swiss psychologist Jung persuaded him not to climb in the near future, but the person did not listen. It didn’t take long for him to fall to the cliff. This kind of dream shows that we are somewhat eager for quick success or danger. At this time, we must abandon the attitude of rashness and madness and be cautious in facing our own situation.
I dream that everything is broken, like living in the ruins, and feeling frustrated. It may be worried about the health of oneself or a loved one, or it may be helpless to the status quo. At this time, we must deal with the things that cause anxiety, and look at the good aspects.
Just arrived at the station and opened, and watched the car drive away, often worried that he was behind the people at work. At this time, give yourself time and slowly catch up; or tell yourself that you don’t blindly compare and do your best is success.
It should be emphasized that Freud, the pioneer of dreams, tells us that dreams are not the key in themselves, and that emotions in dreams are the key to dreams. It is often the key to solving dreams by analyzing the emotions of people and things in your dreams and finding similar emotions in your life.

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