Body parts with different hydration methods

There is a saying that “women are all made of water”. On second thought, this is the truth. A healthy woman should be hydrated and plump. A woman’s body contains more water than a man’s, which is the source of a woman’s health no matter what her appearance or body needs. Winter and spring communication weather is dry, the body also becomes dry, but who is willing to become “astringent girl”? The old Chinese medicine teaches you 5 moistening skills, take care of them carefully, and become the “water girl” in winter!
Dry weather is the “enemy” of body water. They want to be a hydrating woman all the year round. Mm need to know different ways of replenishing water for body parts they don’t understand. They can keep hydrating all the year round. Let’s take a look at the water replenishing skills of five parts of the body.
We all say that “watery” big eyes are like being able to speak. In addition to keeping a pair of bright eyes with reasonable use of eyes, we also need to keep the skin around the eyes moist. The skin around the eyes lacks the protection of sebaceous glands, and the water is more easily lost than other parts of the skin. In winter, temperature and humidity decrease, making water loss the first problem.
Use a hot towel at about 60 ℃ for 20-30 minutes each time. It can moisten the eye surface, activate blood circulation, dredge the pulse and brighten the eyes. It has a good effect on relieving visual fatigue.
In winter, because of dryness, it is easy to cause skin itching, and the skin becomes dry and tight, which is the omen of the need for water supplement. The skin depends on the Yin blood in the body to nourish, moisten thoroughly, and then it will be elastic. Yin blood is the most powerful trump card army when it resists the invasion of wind evil, which is most likely to cause pruritus. The body that continuously moistens in place is not easy to be “air dried”.
Collagen is distributed in many tissues of the body, but most in the skin. Collagen can keep water and maintain the elasticity of skin and muscle. This component content is the most pig’s foot, tendon, fish skin, you can eat some of the appropriate, to supplement the body’s collagen, for the skin transport water.
There are several meridians in our body that are responsible for the supply of oral, lingual and pharyngeal fluid, especially saliva or salivary fluid. If the water supply is insufficient and the body fluids are reduced, dry mouth and nose will follow.
It is especially suitable to use humidifier when the weather is dry. Between one breath and one breath, the moist air is directly inhaled through the mouth or nose, acting on the respiratory tract, and the drought is relieved immediately.
If a lot of body fluids are consumed in autumn and winter, and your hair loses the nutrition that it relies on for survival, it will not be very good, so it will dry up, split, turn yellow, lose hair The long lines are coming.
If the human body is a plant, the foot is the root of the plant. The plant uses the root to absorb water, and the body is no exception. Our feet are immersed in the liquid medicine. Many pharmaceutical ingredients penetrate into the meridians along the relevant acupoints of the foot meridians, improving and promoting the functions of the organs that these meridians pass by, so that they have more vitality to promote the body fluid to be sufficient.
When blood is supplied, it will always meet the needs of the organs first, and the rest will be distributed to the furthest hand and foot from the central area. Therefore, if the blood in the body is insufficient, the hand and foot are the first ones to be supplied.
The trunk is the center of the body, the limbs are the ends of the body, the hands and feet are the ends of the ends, there will be insufficient distribution of water and blood. Proper exercise will obviously speed up the movement of Qi and blood, thus increasing the blood supply of hands and feet. You can choose table tennis or badminton, which has a large amount of limb movement.

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