A person’s face can clearly reflect a person’s health

A person’s face can clearly reflect a person’s health. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, a person’s face is very important. There are five kinds of illnesses on his face. White, yellow, red and black in the disease color. And five colors, all of which correspond to different physical conditions.
Healthy red is emitted from the inside out. The unhealthy flush has a characteristic, like the tide, for example, someone will look red in the afternoon. Flushing is related to yin deficiency and fire. Generally, people with flushed faces have five upsets, that is, they are irritable, and both hands are hot. If the fire is a real fire, it will show that it is flushed, and if it is caused by yin deficiency, it is often only red in the cheekbones.
The dark complexion will make people feel “defiled” and look like they are old. The face is black and the kidney is closely related. The patients with kidney deficiency are more likely to face black, the five colors correspond to the five internal organs, and the black is corresponding to the kidney. Therefore, patients with kidney deficiency often see black complexion. Dark circles are also black, it is caused by abnormal water metabolism caused by kidney deficiency.
These whites are dull and not bloody, and are whites that people use to describe their facial morbidity. Chinese medicine believes that this white is closely related to qi deficiency and blood deficiency. If the blood is not enough, and the face can not be nourished, the operation and production of pale blood will be dependent on the gas. The Chinese medicine says that the blood can produce blood, the qi is weak, the function of blood production is reduced, and the blood can not nourish the face, and pale will appear. color. There is also a kind of white caused by body cold, which people need to keep warm.
People with these two faces are often not spleen or have moisture in their bodies. Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are congenital and the source of nutrients. If the spleen and stomach are weak and cannot be transported normally, nutrients will not moisturize our face. At this time, yellow color will appear. In addition to digesting nutrients, the spleen also metabolizes water. If the dampness is not properly metabolized, the abnormal accumulation of nutrients will also cause abnormal yellow appearance.
Green is a kind of color of the liver. The blueness of the face is usually caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis. This person’s personality traits are obvious, such as suspicious, loved the horns, and easily inexplicably ignited. In addition, it may be because of the cold, we sometimes say “frozen and blue”, because the qi stagnation affects the operation of blood.

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