5 common health Chinese medicines

Many friends think that Chinese medicine can only be eaten when it is sick, but there are too many “medicine and food homologous” medicines in Chinese medicine. These medicines also have the effect of health and fitness. It is better to understand below.
[Health Method] Tangerine is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is also a kind of soup. The soup of greasy soup and beans can put some dried tangerine peel, which can turn gas and stagnation.
[Note] The dried tangerine peel should be soaked and simmered. It must be scraped off of the white things, so that the sweetness will be very good, otherwise the soup will be a bit astringent.
[Health Method] Here we recommend a kind of peanut Duzhong oxtail soup, this soup has the effect of blood, kidney and strong bones. Peanut (60g) washed and soaked; Eucommia (20g) is sprinkled with light salt water in the pot, slowly fry and dry; after washing the oxtail, boil water for 10 minutes, then wash. Put the ginger into the corrugated together, add about 12 bowls of water, and then change to a simmer for about 3 hours.
[Note] Eucommia should first remove the dust, set it in the pot, splash into the light salt water, and fry. Because Chinese medicine says “salty into the kidney”, it means that salty drugs or foods are most likely to act on the kidneys. Salty taste can raise the kidneys moderately.
[Efficacy] Radix notoginseng is a kind of ginseng, which has a nourishing effect, and radix notoginseng is originally a counterfeit medicine, and there is a pharmacological rationality of tonifying the muscles and promoting blood stasis.
[Health regimen] Because the society is now aging, and the prevalence of coronary heart disease is also younger, we often use Tianqiyu soup, which can be used to regulate coronary heart disease.
[Note] Buy Tianqi, which is large, reasonable, slippery, and has no claws. It is best to use the chicken oil to fry until slightly yellow, and then use a hammer to break it, so that it can change its properties as a beater to enhance the nourishing effect of Tianqi.
[Health Method] Fresh yam is a daily food for Cantonese people. It can be used as a vegetable for cooking. Among them, the soup is the most used, among which the Dangshen Huaishan Mountain Pork Soup, the Soup, the Huaishan Round Meat Stewed Pig Hand, etc., are all the soups that Cantonese people prefer.
[Efficacy]tuckahoe flat sweet, dehumidification, detoxification, Tongli joint effect, Guangdong weather is hot all year round, Guangdong people usually use sputum to clear away heat and detoxification.
[Regenerate a chestnut porridge: 15 grams of glutinous rice, 25 grams of chestnuts, 10 jujubes, 100 grams of rice. Add water first to boil the chestnuts, jujube, always rice; tuckahoe, when the rice is half cooked, slowly add, stir well, cook until the chestnuts are cooked.

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