30-year-old beauty real slimming experience

In the hearts of many women, the desire to lose weight is hot. In this era of pursuing stupidity, the proud can say that women are “very good”, but most people hate to sell models of supermodels, to the body, to cut meat and mud.
A. You can limit food or not. Although the instructions say that I take one each after three meals a day, I feel that it is “fast-acting” if I don’t eat dinner. During the medication, it did not affect my early and Chinese food appetite. I ate like before losing weight. I feel that my mental state is good and I am not overly tired.
Before losing weight: height 1.68 meters, weight 78 kg, muscle relaxation, waist and belly have fat. Work is busy, in a sub-health state, and often feels tired.
Weight loss process: The first practice will feel a little tired, and you will feel refreshed after the practice. Every time seems to have a harvest. After half a month, you will obviously feel that your mental state is getting better and you are lighter. After continuing to train, I increasingly feel that yoga is a course of internal and external training. A month later, the originally relaxed muscles gradually formed a healthy and more graceful strip muscle; my sub-health status such as anxiety and insomnia improved significantly.
Recommended reason: do not need a large amount of exercise, nor will it form a blocky muscle that women are more jealous. While losing weight, you can adjust your mind and body and improve your original sub-health status.
Self-evaluation: I have been training for two years and started to lose weight for 3 months. After that, although it is no longer so obvious, my physical and mental condition is good, I will stick to it!
Weight loss process: It is tired at first, exercise intensity is strong, sweating is much but it feels very cool. I felt that I didn’t always keep up with the rhythm in the previous period. After I finished the exercise, I felt a little sore muscle. Appetite is good, and even feels fatter than before, but persistence for more than a month will feel brisk, coordination is getting better and better, people will lose weight without knowing it. And even the cold is not quite there.
Recommended reason: Do not take the purpose of quick-acting weight loss at the beginning. If combined with certain diet control, jumping aerobics can not only achieve the step-by-step goal of weight loss, but more importantly, it can hone people’s perseverance. Exercise makes people feel younger and makes women who are just entering middle age more energetic. In winter, the amount of daily activities is small, and the aerobics effect is better. But if you don’t stick to it, the effect of losing weight will rebound.
Before losing weight: 1.60 meters in height, I used to learn dance. When I was born, my child was fat, and the weight was 54 kg. Many of the previous clothes are hard to wear.
Weight loss effect: The first month has been reduced by about 3 kg. After that, the weight has been decreasing at a relatively gentle rate, and now it is kept at around 47 kg.
Weight loss process: Before training, I did a basic physical condition survey. From my lifestyle and diet, the coach gave me a one-month training program. I found that everyone’s training moves are different, although the magnitude is not large, but it is still very difficult. This period of fatigue is about half a year. After persisting, the shape shaping effect is particularly good, showing the feminine beauty of women.
Recommended reason: Shebin is different from person to person, and it is more targeted for weight loss; those who have high requirements and patience for their body are very suitable.
Weight loss process: Acupuncture was first tried in October last year. Each treatment was acupuncture 10 times, except once every day for the first 3 days, and then every other day, the entire treatment lasted 17 days. A total of two courses of treatment were given, with two courses being separated by 20 days.
B. Diet: Breakfast: two oranges + yogurt; lunch: vegetables + fish; dinner: cucumber + 2 two beef, try to eat less grain, eat less meat.
Weight loss effect: the first treatment was reduced by 3.5 kg, the second treatment was reduced by 3 kg, plus the interval between the two treatments, a total reduction of more than 10 kg, the jeans size also changed from the 29th before losing weight to the present No. 26.
Surgical procedure: go to the plastic surgery clinic of the Second Hospital of Zhejiang Medical University, and fully communicate with the doctor to determine that the abdominal fat is subcutaneous fat rather than the accumulation of fat in the abdominal cavity. The next day, a series of blood, heart and nervous system examinations are accepted. Perform liposuction surgery. Outpatient surgery was performed 3 days later. Local anesthesia in the abdomen, always awake during the operation. According to the doctor, two 1 cm small holes were cut under the abdomen of the abdomen, and the subcutaneous fat was evenly broken by resonance, and 800 ml of fat was drained from the catheter. The entire operation lasted for more than an hour. After 3 hours of rest after going home, there was pain on the first day, but it was still tolerable. Go back to the hospital every day for 5 days after surgery to prevent infection. The knives of the abdomen are almost invisible and there are no obvious wrinkles.
Today’s weight loss methods fall into two broad categories: surgery and non-surgery. The surgical method is relatively simple, and it is more suitable for local cellulite, such as abdominal, leg, arm and other parts that are easy to accumulate fat in a large area. After the human is mature, the total amount of fat cells in the body is constant. Through surgery, the absolute number of fat cells can be reduced, which is not easy to rebound after surgery.
Non-surgical methods are numerous, and the mainstream has exercise weight loss, drug weight loss, etc. These methods generally achieve weight loss goals through the principle of more consumption and less absorption. Exercise weight loss is relatively slow, but it is more beneficial to human health, and it is better for systemic weight loss. Body weight loss is generally achieved by drugs that increase gastrointestinal excretion, reduce digestion and absorption, and suppress appetite. Take it under the guidance of a doctor.
The most reasonable weight loss rate is 2 to 3 kg per month. Fast weight loss not only makes skin loose and easy to rebound, but also has an impact on the endocrine system, which is not good for health.
For young weight loss women, it is generally appropriate to control diet and strengthen exercise. Older obese people generally want to achieve health goals through weight loss, such as reducing the risk of high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar and other diseases. Such people, those who exercise calories or diets are not suitable, and acupuncture can speed up metabolism, prevent excessive appetite, and regulate body functions without active damage. Reduce weight.

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