What should I do if the baby doesn’t like eating

In fact, it’s not so much that the baby doesn’t like eating, as that the parents don’t develop good eating habits for the baby. How to make the baby love eating? Let’s have a look~

If children eat too much fruit sugar, ice cream and other snacks with more sugar, their stomach is always in a “working” state without enough time for food evacuation, and they are not hungry, so the young stomach will not feel hungry, and the children will naturally have poor appetite.

If the supplementary food is not added in time, the child will not be able to eat the food other than milk at the age of weaning, which will lead to the two or three-year-old children still rely on milk bottles and porridge, refuse to chew and swallow solid food, thus affecting the development of the child’s chewing function, which will inevitably affect the child’s eating interest.

Parents often say which kind of food is delicious and which is not delicious in front of their children, which will give them a “suggestive effect”. After listening to these words, the children are likely to have an aversion to some kind of food and form a habit of pickiness and partiality.

Irregular and quantitative diet, random play, insufficient sleep and lack of appropriate activities will affect the normal operation of gastrointestinal function, resulting in poor appetite.

The taste sensitivity of zinc deficient children is lower than that of normal children, so it is easy to cause anorexia. The parents can judge whether the children are lack of zinc by the tongue coating. The small protrusions on the tongue surface are mostly flat or atrophic compared with the normal children’s tongue.

Make the children form the concept of meal point. When the time comes, the whole family will eat at the dinner table together. Make an agreement with the child in advance to tell him that he must finish the meal in the bowl. If he can’t finish the meal and has nothing to eat, the child will form a regular and quantitative eating habit after a long time.

Parents should use their brains to match the color and taste of the ingredients under the balanced nutrition condition, so as to make the food “delicious”. In this way, children’s appetite can be greatly increased.

You can have some snacks between meals, but you can’t overdo them, especially before meals. Especially junk food. If you can’t eat it, don’t give it to children. Parents should be ruthless. If the child is crying, parents can play with him for a while to distract him from hunger.

According to the child’s hobbies, choose the cutlery with cute cartoon pattern for him. This can arouse children’s interest in eating. It is better to bring children to buy together.

Improve your baby’s appetite, you can make efforts in the food modeling of your baby, match with colorful, animal modeling can attract your baby’s eyes, greatly improve your baby’s appetite.

According to the symptoms of children who do not like to eat, picky food and poor appetite, after professional development, extract the homologous materials such as hawthorn, tangerine peel, yam and so on, and extract them into granules.

Let children form the habit of not playing with toys when eating, especially before eating. Before eating, we can cultivate children’s habit of putting down their toys to help their mother serve food, make everyone sit down, and then eat with everyone.

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