The specific performance of the syndrome, how to relieve it?

Premenstrual syndrome, also known as premenstrual syndrome, refers to a series of mental and physical symptoms of women before menstruation, which are affected by hormonal changes in the blood during the menstrual cycle. What are the specific manifestations of premenstrual syndrome? How to alleviate it?

Women with premenstrual syndrome, affected by hormone changes before menstruation, may change their emotional state, such as fatigue, impatience, depression, anxiety, sadness, hypersensitivity, suspicion, etc. Finally, we will go to two extremes: one is nervous, irritable and irritable. The other is listless, sad and unwilling to associate with others.

This is a physical symptom. Before menstruation, there is often fullness, swelling and pain in the breast, especially in the lateral edge of the breast and the nipple. It may even present radioactivity. There is pain in the shoulder, which seriously affects sleep and disappears completely after menstruation.

There may be an increase in appetite, or a decrease in food intake. Most of them have a desire for sweets or a taste for some special salty food. Some of them dislike some specific food or anorexia.

The decrease in estrogen secretion leads to the production of sebum (which is produced by the subcutaneous fat layer). Due to the decrease of hormone secretion before menstruation, the skin is easy to be allergic and rough. With the increase of oil secretion, the risk of acne is increased.

* women with premenstrual syndrome may have symptoms of fluid retention. Common is the eyelid edema of hands and feet, a few women patients have significant weight gain, usually fit clothes become tight and narrow discomfort. Some have abdominal distention, can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal dysfunction, occasionally intestinal spasm. Diarrhea and frequent urination may occur during the clinical period. Because of pelvic tissue edema, hyperemia, pelvic distention, lumbosacral pain and other symptoms.

Although some women are hyperactive before menstruation, most women feel tired and can’t concentrate. This is because the blood glucose concentration is not stable.

Eat more potatoes and cereals, whole grains, such as rice, flour, millet to make a variety of staple foods, as well as sweet potatoes, potatoes and other food, can reduce fatigue.

In addition, drinking porridge of pig liver and red dates, porridge of Coix seed with ginger juice, porridge of red dates with black fungus and water of red dates with ginger and red sugar can play the role of nourishing blood. Cherry, pumpkin, low-fat milk, chicken, etc. are also good food.

It is recommended to do 30 minutes of effective yoga exercises regularly, including standing posture and handstand posture, such as handstand and headstand. At least four times a week.

90% of women of childbearing age have physiological changes in premenstrual period, such as emotional tension, edema of hands and feet, eyelids, breast pain, abdominal fullness, etc. Vitamin D and calcium can alleviate premenstrual syndrome. Calcium and vitamin D are best taken through food. For example, eating four servings of low-fat dairy products a day is a good choice. In addition, eating cheese or fortified orange juice is also good.

Too much sweets can make people unstable, even anxious, so it’s better to eat less sweets or not. Secondly, we should drink more water and eat more fresh fruit.

Fiber is able to make the body digest better, and can remove excessive estrogen. In the fresh vegetables, legumes content is larger, can eat this kind of food more, also can play a very good preventive role.

The nutrients needed by human body are complex and diverse, including but not limited to vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium and magnesium, which are also helpful for prevention!

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