Some constipation yoga movements effectively eliminate constipation troubles

Core tip: lack of exercise is one of the important causes of constipation, especially in spring when constipation is high. So what about constipation? I recommends a set of constipation Yoga course for you. Through three Yoga actions, it can help you stimulate your abdomen, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and make your defecation smoother.

Irregular eating habits and life time, time is easy to have constipation. Students and office workers who need to sit for a long time have constipation. Cold weather reduces exercise and is prone to constipation. Indoor yoga exercise can help you, increase the amount of exercise, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, make your defecation more smooth, and discharge toxins.

1. Turn the right knee cover to the right, then pull the right calf to the body, and press the right leg to the body with the hands clasped. Hold 5-10 breaths, then return to the original position, change legs and repeat the same action.

3. Kneel on the ground, hook up the foot board, point the toe to the ground, and separate the legs with shoulder width. Bend your elbows to hold the back of your waist, press your elbows back, and open your chest. Raise your head and chest, straighten your waist, and keep your upper body and thighs perpendicular to the ground.

3. Tighten the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, bend the waist backward, release both hands at the same time, press the right heel backward with the right hand, stretch the left hand to the right and up, turn the head to the right, and look at the right heel. Hold 5-10 breaths, then slowly return to the original position, and repeat the same action on the other side.

4. Sit on the mat, straighten the left leg forward, bend the right leg, and straighten the instep. Hold the right foot palm with both hands and place it above the root of the left leg. Raise your head and chest, and keep your back straight.

5. Keep the leg position, and bend the upper body forward until the forehead and chest touch the left thigh. At the same time, bend the elbow with both hands to the ground, and grasp the left foot palm with both hands. Hold 10-20 breaths, then return to your original position and repeat on the other side.

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